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What Is So Special About The Black Rose?

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Roses come in a variety of colors - predominantly, red and white

Each color has its own meaning

Red for love

White for peace

and so on


But, history has it, that there is another color - black

Tales have been written about it - "Black", signifying death, revenge...


This is the holy grail of roses.


Of course, many people claim to have seen the black rose


But NO.


What they are reffering to is a dark red rose - not pure black.


A pure black rose has not been created so far.

Horticulturists have tried for years to create a new strain of pure black roses...

They haven't had success so far.


Is the black rose a mere myth?

It is possible considering the lack of physical evidence.

But, tales have been written about such a rose - the meaning it signifies, the legend it carries


Even today, we have video games and horror flicks carrying the black rose

A NAS poster has him holding one in his hand (albeit a fake one)


Ok... I know there is a question nagging in ur mind

Why the hell am I rambling on about this???? What is the worth of a black rose??


Ans: The last time I checked, a pure black rose could fetch you close to a thousand grand.

It is not a joke. A trader from Singapore reportedly paid $800 to get his hands on one, only it proved to be a fake.

It was a white rose, dyed with black ink. A nice technique - but it can easily be detected by squeezing the petals.


The black rose has come to symbolize slavish devotion.

A most fitting gift to one's lover

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I suggest you make sure your Lover knows that before you gift one of these Black Roses to them, otherwise you best be ducking and dodging while you leave... :P

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:rolleyes: The Language of Flowers originated in Persia in the 15th century, and was brought to Europe in the 18th century. In the 19th century, this floral code,became popular and people sent messages in bouquets to each other. Since each flower, color, and number had a specific meaning, conversations between lovers took place without a single word being used. Roses are the perfect gifts to convey your emotions.Throughout the course of time, black roses have conjured up a variety of symbolic meanings. From unnatural worlds to death, vengeance, farewell or rebirth, the black rose has come to be viewed in a number of different ways depending on the occasion. Though symbolic meanings may differ, the interesting truth is that black roses do not even exist. What many believe to be black roses are actually dark-red colored roses, which have such a deep color that they appear to be black. Perhaps someday not too far in the future a black rose will exist as many in the field are working with the myriad of rose varieties and colors to come up with the coveted black formula.In the meantime, there are quite a few roses come which come close, but not True to the Eye.Black Magic One of the darkest roses, this rose has black buds before it blooms into velvety garnet flowers. Black Baccara Perhaps the darkest, this blackberry colored rose also tends to be blacker before its blooms begin to open into velvety textured petals, growing up to four feet tall with flowers June through August. Black Beauty This small flower begins as a burgundy bud and opens into an almost black velvet bloom. Black roses signify death hatred and farewell. Used at funerals. A single black rose was used by a close friend and or loved one leaving for a war or on a journey he did not expect to return from Color Black Chakra - 1st Chakra: Root Chakra - Grounding, Focus, and SurvivalElement - AirDark colored crystals are very grounding, and deepen our connection to all things physical, (the natural being).They help relieve us of fears specifically associated with our physical existence here on earth. They act as a shield, protecting and deflecting negative energy.All dark stones - Black, Brown, and Deep Grey, are associated with the Root Chakra, and with survival here on earth. They govern our relationship with the physical world and our bodies.If you have trouble seeing yourself, your body and it attributes as they really are, or have trouble accepting your shape, height, weight, color, etc, wear a necklace or bracelet of dark stones will help you to own and accept your appearance here on earth.Black Rose ,It is often said that black color is always related and stands for revenge, sins, darkness, magic's and mystical as it is also said black magic. From the beginning, the black rose has been a powerful symbol in cultures all over the world. This magical flower can celebrate a cheerful birthday or make a strong case for revenge. It would have been very rare when we would have come across the black roses in our life or someone would have presented us with the black roses. A pure black flower is the sacred Grail of plant breeders worldwide and in reality no pure black flowers exist. The supposed black tulip is also actually a very dark purple color flower and the black rose is, in fact a very dark red color flower. As it is very rare to find black flowers but there are some less common flowers, which rarely occur in black forms. The description after the color indicates how you feel about the person to whom you are sending the rose. By the way, black does not always mean that you wish the recipient to be dead; it can also be a wish for your own death, perhaps if you just can't live with the way the situation stands.Really What one Feels and see through thier own eye's and believe in meaning through thier own mind ,makes up meaning of the True Black Rose. ;)

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I'd love a black rose. Whatever anyone says about it, I associate black with elegance and beauty.

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