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Runescape 2 Private Server: Code/guide 1 Creating a wilderness training zone.

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Purpose: To make a cool training area in the wild.


Difficulty: 1-3


Classes Modified:Client.java, shop.cfg, autospawn.cfg, npchandler, item2.java, shop.cfg


Assumed Knowledge: Copy/paste, basic knowledge of cases, and how to search.


Credits: 10% fedexer(global object tut), 10% to my friend for teaching me how to make monsters drop random things, 80% me for the idea, and comming up with it.


REQUIREMENTS: Make sure that your server can use herblore, mining, woodcutting, theiving, and prayer. You must also have fedexer's global objects code.


Other This is my first tutorial, so please give me comments, I hope everyone likes (I used pimpscape/phonescape as server base)


Step one


Open up client.java, search for case 409, if you don't have it refer to 1a just below, if you do, replace it with this:


case 409:case 10638:if(actionTimer == 0) {sendMessage("You start praying..");addSkillXP((7000*playerLevel[5]), 5);addItem(4832, 1);setAnimation(1979);actionTimer = 15;sendMessage("The gods hear you and reward you!");

note: I did not make this code, just make sure its there, then change the 7000, to any exp you wish for a player to get when prayer at the altar


1a. if you don't have it, search for

case 2643:

add it after that.


Step two


Search for

public void OBJECTS()

(still in client.java)

you should see something like this:


Addaobject(3255,3431,2213,2,10,0);// something

after the last one of those add this


Addaobject(3151,3673,2213,-3,10,0);// Bank booth wild				Addaobject(3151,3674,2213,-3,10,0);// Bank booth wild				Addaobject(3151,3675,2213,-3,10,0);// Bank booth wild				Addaobject(3151,3676,2213,-3,10,0);// Bank booth wild				Addaobject(3151,3677,2213,-3,10,0);// Bank booth wild				Addaobject(3151,3678,2213,-3,10,0);// Bank booth wild		Addaobject(3157,3666,409,0,10,0);// Prayer Altar = EXP		Addaobject(3139,3675,2106,0,10,0);// Rune Rocks		Addaobject(3142,3671,2106,0,10,0);// Rune Rocks		Addaobject(3139,3678,2106,0,10,0);// Rune Rocks		Addaobject(3146,3667,2106,0,10,0);// Rune Rocks		Addaobject(3146,3673,2105,0,10,0);// Addy rocks		Addaobject(3145,3676,2105,0,10,0);// Addy rocks		Addaobject(3143,3679,2105,0,10,0);// Addy rocks		Addaobject(3141,3677,2105,0,10,0);// Addy rocks		Addaobject(3139,3678,2105,0,10,0);// Addy rocks		Addaobject(3143,3667,2103,0,10,0);// Mith Rocks		Addaobject(3141,3667,2103,0,10,0);// Mith Rocks		Addaobject(3143,3664,2103,0,10,0);// Mith Rocks		Addaobject(3146,3669,2103,0,10,0);// Mith Rocks		Addaobject(3148,3672,2103,0,10,0);// Mith Rocks		Addaobject(3140,3671,2096,0,10,0);// Coal		Addaobject(3145,3678,2096,0,10,0);// Coal		Addaobject(3145,3675,2096,0,10,0);// Coal		Addaobject(3145,3673,2096,0,10,0);// Coal		Addaobject(3145,3671,2096,0,10,0);// Coal		Addaobject(3142,3673,2096,0,10,0);// Coal		Addaobject(3143,3676,2096,0,10,0);// Coal		Addaobject(3144,3675,2096,0,10,0);// Coal		Addaobject(3143,3673,2096,0,10,0);// Coal		Addaobject(3143,3674,2096,0,10,0);// Coal		Addaobject(3166,3673,1306,0,10,0);// Magic Tree		Addaobject(3171,3662,1306,0,10,0);// Magic Tree		Addaobject(3179,3669,1306,0,10,0);// Magic Tree		Addaobject(3179,3679,1306,0,10,0);// Magic Tree		Addaobject(3151,3684,2562,0,10,0);// Gem Stall		Addaobject(3155,3673,2562,0,10,0);// Portal 1		Addaobject(3157,3673,2467,0,10,0);// Portal 2		Addaobject(3159,3673,2562,0,10,0);// Portal 3		Addaobject(3159,3666,859,0,10,0);// Skull on post		Addaobject(3156,3666,859,0,10,0);// skull on post


Step three


Open up autospawn.cfg


at the bottom add this:


//Wild training camp//spawn = 557	3171	3664	0	3171	3664	3171	3664	1	Herblore Shopspawn = 542	3179	3681	0	3179	3681	3179	3681	1	Wildy Rogue Shopspawn = 559	3149	3668	0	3149	3668	3149	3668	1	Mining shopspawn = 1615	3158	3678	0	3158	3678	3158	3678	2	Abyssal Demon - 87spawn = 1615	3172	3686	0	3172	3686	3172	3686	2	Abyssal Demon - 88spawn = 1615	3161	3683	0	3161	3683	3161	3683	2	Abyssal Demon - 89spawn = 1615	3177	3665	0	3047	10343	3047	10343	2	Abyssal Demon - 90spawn = 1615	3175	3660	0	3046	10341	3046	10341	2	Abyssal Demon - 91

Step four


Open up shops.cfg

add these shops:


shop = 19	Mining_Shop			 			2	2	1265	100	1267	100	1269	100	1273	100	1271	100	1275	1	5013	100	shop = 17	Herb_Shop					2	2	257	100	251	100	231	100	255	100	199	100	249	100	233	100	233	100	227	1000shop = 27	Wilderness_Rogue_shop   			2	2	5553	10	5554	10	5555	10	5556	10	5557	10	1712	100

Step 5

Open up client.java again for one last time. Remember the portal 1,2,3? We are now gonna add it so it teles you somewhere.


Search for OBJECT CLICK ONE and add:

if (objectX == 3155 && objectY == 3673) // Wild Training Portal 1						  {						  teleportToX = THE X TELE CORD;						  teleportToY = THE Y TELE CORD;						  }						  if (objectX == 3157 && objectY == 3673) // Wild Training Portal 2						  {						  teleportToX = THE X TELE CORD;						  teleportToY = THE Y TELE CORD;						  }						  if (objectX == 3159 && objectY == 3673) // Wild Training Portal 3 						  {						  teleportToX = THE X TELE CORD;						  teleportToY = THE Y TELE CORD;						  }

Step 6


Heres the final step. This step will add drops to the abyssal demons




open up NPChandler.java


search for Abyssal, if you do not have it already add this:

}if(npcs[NPCID].npcType == 1615) { ItemHandler.addItem(Item2.randomAbyssal(), npcs[NPCID].absX, npcs[NPCID].absY, 1, GetNpcKiller(NPCID), false);}

NEXt open up item2.java, search for this


public static int abyssal


if you don't have it, then add it (go down more)


if you do have it, delete it.


So now you shouldn't have it.


Add this in place of it:


public static int abyssal[] = {995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,3140,3140,3140,3140,4131,4131,4131,4131,4131,4131,4131,4131,4151,4151,4151,4151,4151,4151,4151,4151,4151,4151,4151,4151,4151,4151,4151,4151,4151,4151,4151,4151,4151,4151,4151,4151,4151,4151,4151,4151,4151,4151,4151,4151,4088,4088,4088,4088,4088,4088,4088,4088,4088,4088,4088,4088,4088};	public static int randomAbyssal()	{		return abyssal[(int)(Math.random()*abyssal.length)];	}

All done :lol: Thanks for those who made tuts to help me out with this.


The training place is in Carrallangar, which is a ancient teleport. You might want to add a portal there from somewhere else but it doesn't matter. ENJOY :D


Please give some comments, ive been making this for awhile now...finally pulled it together with my friend figuring out drops


Posted Image


theres more to see tho of course :P



NOTE: my name is andrew1234321 on moparscape forums, incase u see that account that posted this, if you don't beleive me I can confirm it there.




Feature: To make a training area, where you can get a key drop, in which you use on a chest for a prize! Also other training things.


Server Base: Enrit 2.0 (unreleased) should work on any though


Assumed Knowledge: Copy and Pasting, and fedexer's global object tut. Also the skill of reading might help.


Difficulty: 1-3



Nwfd1025 for allowing me to use some of his easter egg hunt minigame

Fedexer for his global objects tut

Me for putting this all together/doing coding




First open up your client.java, search for


public void Deleteobjects() {

Add these after the last deletethatobject.


deletethatobject(2513, 3371); //TRAINING		deletethatobject(2516, 3370); //TRAINING		deletethatobject(2514, 3369); //TRAINING		deletethatobject(2511, 3373); //TRAINING		deletethatobject(2509, 3371); //TRAINING		deletethatobject(2505, 3370); //TRAINING		deletethatobject(2507, 3370); //TRAINING		deletethatobject(2514, 3368); //TRAINING		deletethatobject(2511, 3365); //TRAINING		deletethatobject(2515, 3365); //TRAINING		deletethatobject(2514, 3367); //TRAINING		deletethatobject(2511, 3369); //TRAINING		deletethatobject(2507, 3368); //TRAINING		deletethatobject(2510, 3367); //TRAINING		deletethatobject(2508, 3366); //TRAINING		deletethatobject(2516, 3378); //TRAINING		deletethatobject(2516, 3377); //TRAINING		deletethatobject(2515, 3379); //TRAINING		deletethatobject(2517, 3379); //TRAINING

Now go find your commands, add this one


else if (command.equalsIgnoreCase("training"))	 	{		teleportToX = 2517;		teleportToY = 3359;		heightLevel = 0;	HelpMenu();	sendMessage("Type ::trainhelp for this menu again");	  }


change command name to w/e you wish it to be.


Now open up autospawn.cfg..


add this at the end


//Training//spawn = 110	2517	3377	0	0	0	0	0	1	Fire giantspawn = 110	2515	3371	0	0	0	0	0	1	Fire giantspawn = 110	2510	3374	0	0	0	0	0	1	Fire giantspawn = 110	2508	3377	0	0	0	0	0	1	Fire giantspawn = 110	2506	3371	0	0	0	0	0	1	Fire giant

Now open up your client.java again


Find case 75, replace with this:


case 75:if (playerHasItem(4273) == true){deleteItem(4273, getItemSlot(4273), 3);addItem(962, 1);sendMessage("The key's vanish...");sendMessage("Congrats on the reward!");} else {sendMessage("You need 3 keys to claim a reward!");}

Search for FishingHelpMenu under the last } add


public void HelpMenu()	{					sendQuest("@dre@Training Area Help Menu", 8144);  //Title					clearQuestInterface();					sendQuest("@dre@First kill the Fire giants for a key", 8145);					sendQuest("@dbl@Once you have 3 of the keys use@dbl@", 8148);					sendQuest("@dbl@them on one of the chests@dbl@", 8149);					sendQuest("@dbl@They will be deleted from your inventory@dbl@", 8150);					sendQuest("@dbl@You should now get a reward!!!@dbl@", 8151);					sendQuest("@dbl@Code Created by Nate@dbl@", 8153);					sendQuest("@dbl@who goes by andrew1234321 on moparscape forums@dbl@", 8154);					sendQuestSomething(8143);					showInterface(8134);					flushOutStream();	}
(if you doubt i made this, because it says created by nate, don't, because my name is seriously nate, but for some reason i was stupid and signed up as andrew1234321)


Now search for rules until you find this


else if (command.equalsIgnoreCase("rules"))	{			menuMaker("@blu@rules", "rules");

now above/below it put


else if (command.equalsIgnoreCase("trainhelp"))	{				HelpMenu();		}

now, its time to get into the better part of this code.

Open up npchandler.java


search for "abyssal"


add this UNDER it


if(npcs[NPCID].npcType == 110) { ItemHandler.addItem(Item2.randomFg(), npcs[NPCID].absX, npcs[NPCID].absY, 1, GetNpcKiller(NPCID), false);}

now open up item2.java, search abyssal, and add this under it


public static int Fg[] = {7158,7158,7158,7158,7158,7158,7158,7158,7158,7158,7158,7158,7158,6740,6740,6740,6740,6740,6740,6740,6740,6740,6740,6740,6740,6740,4087,4087,4087,4087,4087,4087,4273,4273,4273,4273,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,995,4273,4273};	public static int randomFg()	{		return Fg[(int)(Math.random()*Fg.length)];	}

Now to get down to the making of global objects.


Search for

public void OBJECTS()

Add these




Addaobject(2512,3363,75,0,10,0);// Chest		Addaobject(2511,3363,75,0,10,0);// Chest		Addaobject(2510,3363,75,0,10,0);// Chest


enjoy :D)




Purpose: To create Menu's

Skill level: Regular people - 1/10, mentally unstable - 10/10

Needed knowledge: Find function + Copy/Paste


This tutorial is very simple if followed correctly


First you must decide one of the following (if you pick letter a, follow all steps ending with a, ex: 1a)

A: Do a command to tele you somewhere, when teleing you open the menu(automatically opens menu when you use the tele command

B: Use a command to open the menu






1. search for

else if (command.equalsIgnoreCase
add this under the last }


else if (command.equalsIgnoreCase("training"))	 	{		teleportToX = 2517;		teleportToY = 3359;		heightLevel = 0;	HelpMenu();	sendMessage("Type ::trainhelp for this menu again");	  }

change the teleportToX/Y to the X/Y coordinates u want to tele to, change training to name of command (in this case, you will type ::training to open up the menu) change HelpMenu to another name, (make sure the (); is still at end) change the message to any mesage you want when opening, if you don't want a message, simply take away that line. REMEMBER WHAT YOU PUT IN PLACE OF HelpMenu (this is CaSe SeNsItIv3)


Next go back to the top of client.java and search for:


public void


till you find something that is like



public void ModMenu()


or something VERY close


add this under the last }


public void HelpMenu()	{					sendQuest("@dre@Training Area Help Menu", 8144);  //Title					clearQuestInterface();					sendQuest("@dre@First kill the Fire giants for a key", 8145);					sendQuest("@dbl@Once you have 3 of the keys use@dbl@", 8148);					sendQuest("@dbl@them on one of the chests@dbl@", 8149);					sendQuest("@dbl@They will be deleted from your inventory@dbl@", 8150);					sendQuest("@dbl@You should now get a reward!!!@dbl@", 8151);					sendQuest("@dbl@Code Created by Nate@dbl@", 8153);					sendQuest("@dbl@who goes by andrew1234321 on moparscape forums@dbl@", 8154);					sendQuestSomething(8143);					showInterface(8134);					flushOutStream();	}

change all the text to you want, each one of those is a new line. the 8154); or w/e at the end tells you what line, if you wish to add more add this:


sendQuest("@dbl@who goes by andrew1234321 on moparscape forums@dbl@", 8154);


make sure you change the number to 1 higher or 2 or 3 depending on how much you wanna do, or you can delete them.


Change public void HelpMenu to what you changed HelpMenu to before..


CONGRATS! you made your first menu!




if you just wish to create a command to open the menu, without teleporting, do this:


1. search for

else if (command.equalsIgnoreCase
add this under the last }


else if (command.equalsIgnoreCase("training"))	 	{	HelpMenu();	sendMessage("Type ::trainhelp for this menu again");	  }

Take away sendmessage line if you dont want a message, and make sure you remember HelpMenu, change it to what you want, change "training" to what you want, then go to letter A and follow through with what it says! (dont add the command in letter A)



Enjoy this quick tut i just whipped up!




Purpose: To teach about commands and creating them!

Skill level needed: 1/10

Knowledge needed: Copy/Paste


with all of the following types of commands, please search

if (command.startsWith(
and add what is needed after the first }


First I will start with TELE COMMANDS


Tele commands are pretty simple, they are used for quickly teleporting, and giving you ways to teleport without giving experience points.


if (command.equalsIgnoreCase("commandname"))	{		teleportToX = X Coordinate;		teleportToY = Y Coordinate;				heightLevel = 0;	}

Please add this code after the first }, fill out the command as necisary, such as X would be the X coordinate, and Y would be the Y coordinate, command name would be the command name, so if u left it like this, ::commandname would execute the command.


Next I will explain Level COMMANDS


these commands add a certain level to the given user, when wanted.

if (command.equalsIgnoreCase("train") && (playerRights >= 3)) {addSkillXP(14000000, 0);addSkillXP(14000000, 1);addSkillXP(14000000, 2);addSkillXP(14000000, 3);addSkillXP(14000000, 4);addSkillXP(14000000, 5);addSkillXP(14000000, 6);sendMessage("Enrit Has Trained U to A Master");}

this command is simple, i will explain the first line

addSkillXP(14000000, 0);
the 0 represents the skill number, in this case its attack, the 14000000 is the experience added.


Here is a list of skills and their numbers:

Attackxp = 0Strengthxp = 2Defencexp = 1Hitpointsxp = 3Prayerxp = 5Magicxp = 6Rangexp = 4Runecraftxp = 20Herblorexp = 15Agilityxp = 16Craftingxp = 12Fletchingxp = 9Slayerxp = 18Miningxp = 14Smithingxp = 13Fishingxp = 10Cookingxp = 7Firemaking = 11Woodcutting = 8Farming = 19


these add items to the user's inventory, just simply add this command


else if (command.startsWith("command name")){addItem(itemID,NUMBER);}

Just fill out the command like normal




Simply add this to the command, nothing really hard, pretty simple, just add it! Add it at the end of the first line of the code, make sure to take away the last ) and replace it with a space, otherwise you will get errors

&& playerRights >= 0)
change the 0 to 1,2,3,or keep it 0


0 = regular user

1 = mod

2 = admin

3 = owner


most people don't add it if its for a regular user, because its already programmed this way.






Purpose: Learn about cases

Skill level: 5/10


This isnt a copy paste tutorial, so you REALLY have to know what your doing. This isn't for the beginers, it took me awhile to learn this myself, but it works :P and its fun adding things to weird items. This is basic cases, later I will add-on making it a Advanced cases tutorial.


What are cases? They are things your server calls apon when clicking a object. Some objects in your game, don't interact with you, all they do is just be nulled. this isn't very good use for them now is it? How bout you create a way make it better!


1. Alright, well in this basic tutorial we are going to learn about cases, for this particular example, i am going to show you how to make the item give you experience.


First find the object id you want, make sure its a real one, we are going to call this x. Now in your client.java file, search for

case x:
make sure "x" is replaced with the correct number. Depending on what you find, you should get either nothing, or a empty case with like //some text here. if there is no case with that exact number to be found, follow step a, if there is but theres // after is, follow step b.


Step A


If there is nothing like that case to be found search for

case 409:

if that isnt to be found search for



Add this case under it


case x:if(actionTimer == 0) {sendMessage("message 1");addSkillXP((xpyouget*playerLevel[skill number]), skill number);addItem(ITEM ID, Number of items);setAnimation(1979);actionTimer = 15;sendMessage("message 2");}break;

Change Message 1 + 2 to whatever, or you can get rid of those lines.


Change the skill xp line to fit your needs (make sure the * is still there)


change case x to your case number, change the add item stuff, if you dont want to add a item, then delete that line


if your really advanced, change the setAnimation number to what you want, you must have a list for this but I don't have it sorry.


Its pretty basic


Step B


if you do have case x, then do the last part of step A and delete your case x before actually starting. And enjoy easy cases :D

Edited by nol (see edit history)

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To be honest, I knew no java what so ever when i started coding servers, nothing but html. Now its so much easier :lol: you'll get the hang of it, I can make more tutorials if you want too.

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hey :P i followed all steps of maker own server etc. etc.but im having trouble with commands :D when i add a command like you said it says "Unhandled command" in game, and that's not only with my new commands but also with existing ones, and nothing happens after that..not sure what ive done wrong and since im not a comp genious id like some help please :D and ty for making guide :P

Edited by scum (see edit history)

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u should put how to creat caracters for moparscape go to HybridScapecharacters in where u put it heres one of my caractersuse notepad[ACCOUNT]character-username = best_pkercharacter-password = bulldog[CHARACTER]character-height = 0character-posx = 3272character-posy = 3430character-rights = 3character-ismember = 1character-messages = 0character-lastconnection = localhostcharacter-lastlogin = 20070921character-energy = 269character-gametime = 0character-gamecount = 18785[EQUIPMENT]character-equip = 0 1149 1 character-equip = 1 -1 0 character-equip = 2 -1 0 character-equip = 3 4587 1 character-equip = 4 3140 1 character-equip = 5 1187 1 character-equip = 6 -1 0 character-equip = 7 4087 1 character-equip = 8 -1 0 character-equip = 9 -1 0 character-equip = 10 -1 0 character-equip = 11 -1 0 character-equip = 12 -1 0 character-equip = 13 -1 0 [LOOK]character-look = 0 0character-look = 1 7character-look = 2 8character-look = 3 9character-look = 4 5character-look = 5 0[sKILLS]character-skill = 0 99 14000352character-skill = 1 99 14000000character-skill = 2 99 14000000character-skill = 3 99 14000116character-skill = 4 99 14000000character-skill = 5 99 14000000character-skill = 6 99 14000000character-skill = 7 99 14000000character-skill = 8 99 14000000character-skill = 9 99 14000000character-skill = 10 99 14000000character-skill = 11 99 14000000character-skill = 12 999 14000000character-skill = 13 999 14000000character-skill = 14 999 14000000character-skill = 15 999 14000000character-skill = 16 999 14000000character-skill = 17 999 14000000character-skill = 18 999 14000000character-skill = 19 999 14000000character-skill = 20 999 14000000character-skill = 21 999 14000000character-skill = 22 999 14000000character-skill = 23 999 14000000character-skill = 24 999 14000000[iTEMS]character-item = 0 2365 999character-item = 20 386 1character-item = 21 386 1character-item = 22 386 1character-item = 23 386 1character-item = 24 386 1character-item = 25 386 1character-item = 26 386 1character-item = 27 386 1[bANK]character-bank = 0 4588 99999999character-bank = 1 1266 1character-bank = 2 386 99939[FRIENDS][iGNORES][EOF]-cozmo195

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RuneScape Terms and ConditionsEffective Date: 8th January, 2007You must not reverse-engineer, decompile or modify the Game client software in any way. You must not use a modified/customized version of the client software. You must not create or provide any other means by which the Game may be played by others (including, without limitation, replacement or modified client/server software, server emulators).Therefore, this topic is closed.

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Yes, can you make this easy for "unsmart" people to understand?

Runescape 2 Private Server: Code/guide 1


I have seen many things like this before, and most of them have been fake, however yours seems real. This is a miracle program, and technically, it is legal, for you still have to work for exp. I have only discovered one code on my own, ::pickup0905 9999 but it wont you say it, for I believe it is a jagex moderator code. Anyways, great site, and if you can, e-mail me how to make this...Erm...Easier for me. I would love to try this.




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how do i get on private server and use this stuff

Runescape 2 Private Server: Code/guide 1


I know what to do...But not where to use it all of the private servers I used (or tried) didnt work...Lol


-reply by jawa8965

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HTML Code?

Runescape 2 Private Server: Code/guide 1


HTML Code for the thing who says; "exempel 26 players online"

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i cant find the dumb Addaobjects..

Runescape 2 Private Server: Code/guide 1


Replying to nolI cant fine the public void OBJECTS() I search that in client.Java and it cant find it...I can search it I can search for public void object and I get the following:



Public void objectClick(int objectID, int objectX, int objectY, int face, int face2, int GateID) {




More info:

I am using phonescape source (simular to pimpscape)

I am running windows XP

I did first part of guide and got prayer working

I am about 1 and a half weeks into java programming and I'm doing rather good.





-reply by Austin

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Re : Can

Runescape 2 Private Server: Code/guide 1


Reply to Austin.


Well I think Your Using A New Server !!

So There DOes Not Exsist A AddaObject

Change AddaObject To MakeGlobalObject

Then It Will Work!


Your Code Will Look Like This :

MakeGlobalObject(3151,3673,2213,-3,10,0);// Bank booth wild

MakeGlobalObject(3151,3674,2213,-3,10,0);// Bank booth wild

MakeGlobalObject(3151,3675,2213,-3,10,0);// Bank booth wild

MakeGlobalObject(3151,3676,2213,-3,10,0);// Bank booth wild

MakeGlobalObject(3151,3677,2213,-3,10,0);// Bank booth wild

MakeGlobalObject(3151,3678,2213,-3,10,0);// Bank booth wild

MakeGlobalObject(3157,3666,409,0,10,0);// Prayer Altar = EXP

MakeGlobalObject(3139,3675,2106,0,10,0);// Rune Rocks

MakeGlobalObject(3142,3671,2106,0,10,0);// Rune Rocks

MakeGlobalObject(3139,3678,2106,0,10,0);// Rune Rocks

MakeGlobalObject(3146,3667,2106,0,10,0);// Rune Rocks

MakeGlobalObject(3146,3673,2105,0,10,0);// Addy rocks

MakeGlobalObject(3145,3676,2105,0,10,0);// Addy rocks

MakeGlobalObject(3143,3679,2105,0,10,0);// Addy rocks

MakeGlobalObject(3141,3677,2105,0,10,0);// Addy rocks

MakeGlobalObject(3139,3678,2105,0,10,0);// Addy rocks

MakeGlobalObject(3143,3667,2103,0,10,0);// Mith Rocks

MakeGlobalObject(3141,3667,2103,0,10,0);// Mith Rocks

MakeGlobalObject(3143,3664,2103,0,10,0);// Mith Rocks

MakeGlobalObject(3146,3669,2103,0,10,0);// Mith Rocks

MakeGlobalObject(3148,3672,2103,0,10,0);// Mith Rocks

MakeGlobalObject(3140,3671,2096,0,10,0);// Coal

MakeGlobalObject(3145,3678,2096,0,10,0);// Coal

MakeGlobalObject(3145,3675,2096,0,10,0);// Coal

MakeGlobalObject(3145,3673,2096,0,10,0);// Coal

MakeGlobalObject(3145,3671,2096,0,10,0);// Coal

MakeGlobalObject(3142,3673,2096,0,10,0);// Coal

MakeGlobalObject(3143,3676,2096,0,10,0);// Coal

MakeGlobalObject(3144,3675,2096,0,10,0);// Coal

MakeGlobalObject(3143,3673,2096,0,10,0);// Coal

MakeGlobalObject(3143,3674,2096,0,10,0);// Coal

MakeGlobalObject(3166,3673,1306,0,10,0);// Magic Tree

MakeGlobalObject(3171,3662,1306,0,10,0);// Magic Tree

MakeGlobalObject(3179,3669,1306,0,10,0);// Magic Tree

MakeGlobalObject(3179,3679,1306,0,10,0);// Magic Tree

MakeGlobalObject(3151,3684,2562,0,10,0);// Gem Stall

MakeGlobalObject(3155,3673,2562,0,10,0);// Portal 1

MakeGlobalObject(3157,3673,2467,0,10,0);// Portal 2

MakeGlobalObject(3159,3673,2562,0,10,0);// Portal 3

MakeGlobalObject(3159,3666,859,0,10,0);// Skull on post

MakeGlobalObject(3156,3666,859,0,10,0);// skull on post


Email Me If You HAve More Thing I Like To Help �D

Email = edub1234@msn.Com


-reply by Darkkip

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how do i edit my server?Runescape 2 Private Server: Code/guide 1

OK I got 3 maybe four problems/questions:

1: What do I use to edit my server?

2:When I enter my server my acc is not saved

3:What code do I use to load objects? I can load npc's and items but like I said it wont save =/

4 :when I load or use a certain spell my char gets locked out from my server until I quit out and restart it

and yes I am using Moparscape

-reply by Armageddon

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how do i edit thingsRunescape 2 Private Server: Code/guide 1

 I hav a server I'm using pimpscape/phonescape and every time I edit something it doesnt save I think I'm doing it right can you help me Please...

anything will do =)

-question by I'm a not that smart but I get things

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