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Cpanel Analysis And Log Files Part 4 of My 7 Part Tutorial

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This Tutorial will be divided into 7 different parts, and this is the first part, when i get the other parts together, i will post the links under here :lol: Enjoy.
Part 1: E-mail Management
Part 2: Useful Site Management Tools
Part 3: Useful Site Management Tools2.1
Part 5: Advanced Tools
Part 6: PreInstalled Scripts, Extras, and Cpanel Options
Part 7: Fantastico

Detailed Cpanel Tutorial Part 3: Analysis and Log Files

Posted Image

In this tutorial I will, in detail explain all of the features of the current cpanel version of Xisto.com hosting going from the top of the screen to the bottom.. I have completely written this up myself.

Analysis and Log Files
Posted Image - Web/FTP Stats
With this feature, you can view the statistics of your site. You can view which pages are viewed the most, you can view how many hits your site gets per month, you get monthly Stats, daily stats, hourly stats, and basically anything that has to do with your websites stats and the visitors.

Posted Image - Sub Domain Stats
This feature will do the same thing that Sub Domain Stats will do except it will give you the stats for the Sub Domains Instead!

Posted Image - Error Log
With this feature, you can view the error messages that your visitors get, for instance if they click on a link in index.php that leads to a 404 error page (not found) then you can see that error there as well as which error it was.

Posted Image - Bandwidth
With this feature, you can see how much bandwidth your site has used for this month, as well as all the months it has used up previously.

Posted Image - Last Visitors
In this feature, you can view By IP Address which pages that specific IP Address viewed, as well as where they referred from, what browser they were using.

Posted Image - Raw Log Manager
With this feature, you are able to tell the server whether or not to save or delete the Raw Access Log's somewhere on the server at the end of every month.

Posted Image - Raw Access Log
With this feature you can, view the Raw access logs which contain all the hits that your site has received. You can make it to where the Raw Log Manager to archives this information every month and delete the previous month's log. This is all done through graphs and charts.


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