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Need Help For Hosting Site

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I've just created my account for Hosting in Trap. I am new to professional hosting. I dont have any experience with the Control Panel and its features. So Please someone teach me the procedure to setup a simple site here.

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Well I dont know what you already know about Hosting here but maybe this helps. If you dont already know, you need to log in to Cpanel. There you will find the "filemanager". You have to upload all your pics and documents for you site made in a program like Dreamweaver or Frontpage for example. You actually have to put all your files of you website in to the 'public_html folder' in the 'filemanager' I just mentioned, in order to see them.


Basically, your website base is the public_html folder. So, you click on "upload files' button and then you see a bunch of browse buttons you have to click on and search for the file you would like to upload.You need to name the page you would like people too see first: �ndex.html" If you mad such a page save it as "index.html" and upload that page, index.html into your public_html folder.


When you type in: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/


You will see that page.You can also make directories, too. For example, you can make a folder called images in your public_html folder, and upload all your images there. If you named your direcory "image", then, you can view your images by typing into your browser: yoursite.trap17.com/images/image.jpg or anything else you named your file.Log in to Cpanel this way:-




I hope this helped you if you didn't knew this already. Caus it's not like I know everything about Cpanel, this is just some information Im passing on to you that has been told me.

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I know all the basics of web hosting. Thanks for the reply.But actually all I need to know is where to upload my php files and jsp files.

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What Nani Cherri said, in addition to that, you can also use Fantastico to isntall phpnuke, which is very easy to edit and use. No need for any coding, you can download diferent kind of themes for free to use. Or you can buy the better looking ones. You can download many differnt scripts and all you need to do is install them, and change the settings.

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Go to the cpanel, select (click on ) the Fantastico module, then select the script from the drop-down list and a submenu will appear on the right-hand side of the page. One choice is to install the script. Others might be to go to the scripts's home page or support forum. Select the option to install. Most Fantastico scripts are fairly automatic. Most of them only need a name for the script Admin signon and some of them need to know the folder to store the script into. Call it Mambo or whatever you want. Hope this helps. Wander around in the Fantastico and check out all the scripts available. You won't break anything...

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Well you should really setup your e-mail first because that will give you updates and information about your hosting and things. Then you should just browse around which I am sure that you already have done. I am not exactly a professional either, but I will try to go through this stuff as best as I can...


Submit a Support Request- This obvioulsy submits a request to the Xisto admins and they might be able to answer your questions.


Add / Remove E-mail account(s)- This adds or removes account emails which like I said before are helpful for information.


Read Webmail- Think of this as your hosting E-mail inbox.


Default E-mail account- This resets your e-mail account I think.


Auto Responders- This manages your automatic responses to some e-mails.


E-mail Filtering- This filters the e-mails that you get in your inbox to certain settings.


Aliases / Forwarding- Not sure what this means to be honest.


Email Domain Forwarders- Not sure either.


Email Address Trace- I feel dumb. Not sure what this means either.


Mailing Lists- I think this is a mailing list like yahoo.


Change Password- Selft explanatory dude.


FTP Manager- This manages your FTP accounts, and FTP is pretty basic, but you should download FTP software first so that you can begin uploading things.


Disk Usage Viewer- Self explanatory.


File Manager- Manages files on your hosting account. Deletes, renames, etc.


Index Manager- Self Explanatory.


Frontpage Extensions- I have no idea what this does.


Web Protect- This is a way to help from viruses and stuff I am assuming. It should protect your website somehow.


Custom Error Pages- Do you know the 404 Error page you always get when you go to a webpage that does not exist? Well this let's you customize them and make your own messages to the public. This is kinda cool because you can have one like Xisto's that has this little server talking to you discussing the life of a constantly working server and the attention that he is neglected. It is quite funny.


HotLink Protection- This protects your webpages from being linked to other web pages.


SubDomains- This manages your subdomains. For instance... Gamerenders.com, the forum subdomain is gamerenders.com/forum This can make. Google.com and you can add a redirection to a new page like google.com/search. This makes the pages in your browser a little more organized.


Parked Domains- This is a domain that you already have like https://www.google.de/?gfe_rd=cr&ei=BwkjVKfAD8uH8QfckIGgCQ&gws_rd=ssl, there is a redirection that makes it so that when you type in something like hoohle.com, you get redirected to google.com, well you "point" the hoohle.com domain to google.com so that when someone types that in, they get directed there, but you can do this with a pre-existing domain.


Addon Domains- This adds domains before the actual domain. For instance. www.google.com would be changed to ilove.google.com.


Manage Redirects- This makes it so that when a person types in something in the web browser, they are redirected where you want them to be redirected to.


MySQL Databases- This is a bit more complicated. This manages SQL. You'll figure it out later.


phpMyAdmin- This is another program for PHP files.


PostgreSQL Database- No clue to be honest.


phpPgAdmin- No clue.


Backup- This manages backups of stuff. Like an SQL backup.


IP Deny Manager- Not sure, but I think that this denies certain IP addresses from accessing your web page. Might be wrong.


Leech Protect- Protects you from Leeches. Solid Snake should have had this in MGS3. Lol. Okay, I really don't know what this is.


Image Manager- Not sure.


Web/FTP Stats- Shows web and FTP stats in an easy-to-read chart.


Sub Domain Stats- Shows the amount of subdomain usage in a chart.


Error log- Once again, no idea.


Bandwidth- Shows how much bandwidth you have used in a chart.


Latest Visitors- Shows lates visitors, how? I am not sure.


Raw Log Manager- I am clueless.


Raw Access Logs- See above statment.


Cron Jobs- See above statement.


Mime Types- No clue.


Apache Handlers- No clue.


Manage OpenPGP keys- See above.


Networking Tools- No clue.


SSL Manager- See above.


CGI Center- This is somehow linked to the FTP CGI I believe.


Fantastico- Here are a list of web scripts that you can use.


Agora Shopping Cart No clue.


Java/CGI Chat Room This gives you the information to link yourself and others to your chatroom that comes with the hosting package.


PhpMyChat Room-Manages your chatroom.


Search Engine Submit- This is a search engine I believe and allows you to make one?


Language- This is the language that your adminCP is in.


Theme- This is the adminCP theme.


To be honest, I am not fully sure all of this is right, but I am only trying to help you.

Edited by arcalypse (see edit history)

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