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Change / Modify The Title Bar Text In IE6 Or FF custom text in titlebar in ie or firefox

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Changing The Text In The Bar (IE and Firefox Only)


This will allow you to change the text in the title bar of either msie6 (may work for ie7 beta or earlier versions) and mozilla firefox 1.0. By default this is set to Microsoft Internet Explorer provided by ##### or Mozilla Firefox. Here's how to change that.....


For Internet Explorer (6)


Warning! Changing the title for internet explorer requires editing the registry. Making changes in the registry in keys or values that are not listed here could cause your computer to crash or slow. Follow the following instructions exactly as shown and do not make any other changes unless you know you're doing. Don't hold me responsible for your mistakes...

Go to Start --> Run --> Type regedit OR if you can't find Start --> Run, open C:\WINDOWS\system32\regedt32.exe


Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main


On the right hand side move down to the value Window Title.


Right click on it and click Modify


Replace the text under Value Data and edit it to what you want. Click okay.

For Mozilla Firefox Users

Download and install firesomething.


This tool will allow you to randomise what goes in place of Mozilla Firefox. If you only have one list of words to randomise then every time you load firefox you'll have the same custom title each time.


Go to Tools --> Extensions

Select FireSomething and click Options.

It should be pretty straightforward from there ^_^ If you ever run into any problems then post a reply, but if no-one can help here, you can reply in this topic.

Yep, so that's it. Any comments or questions?


Btw google search hide real url or hide image url php or protect image url php. Surprised?

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A very appropriate tutorial for this time of the year. Using Regedit and Halloween.Both pretty scary... Be careful out there...

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Change title bar of the page in PHP

Change / Modify The Title Bar Text In IE6 Or FF




I need to change the title bar of my page ,inside the IF condition in PHP


-reply by Mohit Pranjal

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