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Changing File Permissions

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I want to change permission of some files.
Please help me how to do so.

Sohail Ahmed

Have many ways to change permission files ! I will talk two ways to that work !
The first way :
- You can enter in your cpanel
- Enter into file manager
- Click mouse on filename which you want change permission
- Choose Change Permissions on right panel
- Now , you can change permission of it
The second way :
- Connect to your host by ftp programs
- Click right mouse on files , which you want change them
- And final , you can change permission them

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If a name registered by another people ,then you can't register it ! You can waiting untill it Abandon ! You can hack uni.cc to abandon acc register that name ! But , fastest , you register a other name !

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the errors can come fomr Cpanel or from uni.cc you must make sure that your uni.cc domain name and your Xisto hosted domain name are the same or your website wont work.Make sure about that. You can go to your uni.cc account and currect it from there. make sure to set your NS settings to ns1.trap17.com and ns2.trap17.com I believe that should solve your uni.cc domain name problem.

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If you've been Inactive recently in the forums, they may disable your acct. I try to post at least once a week, mainly alot more, cuz I don't want my acct suspended :rolleyes:. If that's the case, try talking to the admins, because they could work something out with ya.

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