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Massive Rpg List Thanks to Xx Dragon xX

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Anarchy Online
This game is a great one if youre looking for lots of Sci-fi stuff. Can be played for free until January of 2006. This doesnt include the expansions.
(Requires client download)

Another World
Sci-Fi MMORPG currently in development. Graphics are somewhat 3D, but look promising.

Coke Music
2D MMORPG themed around Coca Cola. This game lets you make lots of music and buy items to put in your own apartment.

Conquer Online
2D Arabian-ish fantasy game, involving Chinese Kung-Fu fighting. Features four different character classes, and guild and PK systems.

Dragon Court
Small Medieval-ish java game. More fun than it looks at first site. Recommended.

2D Medieval game, daily events happen, things like, boxing, jousting, fishing, and lumberjack. Prizes can be won. Many quests to play.

This game features talking and walking animals. Game is in a medieval setting, with many players to interact with. More of a socializing game than anything.

Worms style 2D turn-based shooting game. Lots of avatars available to boost your characters power, but it has a horrible community. Recently updated with lots of new features.
(Requires client download)

Gunz Online [The Duel]
It's like that TS mod for HL1. The beta is free and amzing, but all the servers are full! They are putting up more servers soon. So just wait for an update.

Kal Online
Lots of players, lots of monsters to fight, and huge environments. Quests can be tedious, but most are fun.
(Requires client download)

Kingdom of Drakkar
2D MMORPG. Features a guild system, but killing other characters is not allowed. Killing non-hostile creatures affects your stance within the game.

Kings of Chaos
Text-based MMORPG. You can choose to join the Humans, Dwarves, Elfs, or Orcs, and fight your way to the top. Gold is used to buy all items and weapons in this game.

Knight Online
3D game, fully functional party system. Large-scale wars between players can be arranged. Game focuses more on graphics than on game play, however.

Maple Story
Side-scrolling MMORPG, with helpful NPCs. Lots of mini games are included in this, and theres plenty of places to explore.
(Requires client download, beta testing still in progress? [unconfirmed])

MU Online
Korean based game. Many unique character models and classes. Self-proclaimed 3D RPG leader

This game features a world to explore. Test your skills! Can you defeat all foes and become the ultimate warrior? Start from killing caterpillars and go to killing green dragons! Will you survive?
(Not downloadable, just click the connect button at the bottom)

Project Entropia
This game features a real economy system, and the players directly influence it. This game is fully 3-dimensional, and there are many quests to play. The land area is also very large.

Risk Your Life
A very fun Korean MMORPG. 3D graphics, highly detailed and large gaming world, plenty of skills to advance and quests to go on.

ROSE Online
This game is still in beta testing, but there is still lots of things to do. Players can go on their own adventures and create their own stories within the game.
(Requires client download)

Rs Battle
An online text-based game very simular to RuneScape. Free to play, but also has a Premium Membership option.

Rubies of Eventide
Your task in this game is to recover the rubies of Eventide. The gates of the capital have been sealed, after a group of bandits raided it. You must rely on yourself to survive in this game, as everything is in a state of chaos.

Players will compete against each other in this game, and work with each other, in order to achieve the rank of starship captain. This is one of the few MMORPGs that is winnable. Each game lasts for 2 weeks and keeps track of the players in the lead.

Survival Project
More of a RPG/Action online game than MMORPG.

Tactics Arena Online
Turn-based MMORPG. Not a very big gaming world, but there's plenty of ways to play your character and lots of monsters to kill.

Thang Online
Full screen, addictive Korean MMORPG. Tons of fighting and level up opportunities but there is a massive selection of weapons and armour available to buy, find or upgrade. Requires client download. Set in an oriental environment.

The 4th Coming
Elves, dwarves, and humans are the main focus of this game. Many environments to explore and monsters to take on. Fully 3D fantasy MMPORPG.

2D Medieval game featuring magic spells, and large battles to take part in. Also features a multi-user dungeon.

No Monthly Fee

Guild Wars
A new MMORPG, which is fully 3D. This is a highly recommended game, as after purchasing it, there is no montly fee. Quests are easy to complete with friends, and leveling is made a lot easier in the game, in that you can still have great adventures without being high leveled. Also, the skill system allows you to experiment, rather than making a small mistake and permanently ruining your character.
(Client can be downloaded, but, you purchase this game in stores to activate it. Alternatively, you can pay and download the client all online.)

No Retail Price (free trial)

Priston Tale
Fully 3D MMORPG, with a free floating camera. Combat sequences are real eye candy because of this. A class changing system is also included in this game, allowing for a lot of open-ended game play.
(Requires client download)

Ragnarok Online
Large player community for this game. Nice looking 3D background with 2D character models. Most of the game features can be custom-tailored for the player.
(Requires client download)

Monster & Me
This game, not surprisingly, includes both playable humans and monster characters. Pets are ownable in this game, and theres plenty to fight using your pet. Plenty of equipment and weapons to choose from.

Puzzle Pirates
Another cartoonish game with many pirate-themed puzzles to solve. Completely 2D, but a lot of different clothing can be purchased and worn.
(Requires client download)

Ashen Empires
Your typical 2D MMOPRG. Skills can be easily leveled up, and the player can follow the story line and create their own stories in this game.

A Tale in the Desert II
The goals in this game are different from other MMORPGs. You must advance in 7 disciplines by passing difficult challenges. You also must maintain a financial empire. Great works can be completed to make an impression on the civilization.

This list was compiled by my freind Xx Dragon xX all credit is due to him all i did was add BB code and mosify lis slightly Big thanks to him

Sticky Pl0X?

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Anyone can use SO long as they let me know , Post it here, PM me, or Email me at Mithshark@gmail.com I JUST NEED TO KNOW WHOS USING!Xx Dragon xX told me to do whatever with it. I didnt even have to give him credit but they wouldnt be nice would it?SO ya just let me know so i dont through a hissy fit :)

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Sory, I don't know if these has been inserted, at least here arethe MMORPG that has been released in my country:1. Nexia: Kingdom of Wind2. Laghaim3. Ragnarok Online4. Xian Online5. ROSE Online6. GunBound7. StarGate Online8. PangYa9. MU Online10. Vital Sign11. O2Jam12. Knights Online13. TS Online14. Risk Your Life15. Tantra Online

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I have an online RPG im pretty sure hasnt been mentioned: http://queosia.com/ You play as a country in that one.

And of course the RPG I am building myself that is text-based http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

You explore a text world and I have added items, stats, and various elements of interaction with other players.

And anyone who wants to help build it, I'm looking for some volunteers too.

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Shadow Fleet

Massive Rpg List


Replying to azoundria


Hi there! I just wanted to tell about my online forum based RPG called Shadow Fleet. It's set in the Star Trek universe, in the 2380s, and we currently have two ships and a station, so if you are interested, come and check us out!


WEBSITE: Shadowfleet.Info

FORUM: Shadowfleet.Info/forum


-reply by Shadow Fleet Representative

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