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  1. I have been using paypal for years i have never had any problems with it. So i say go with Paypal
  2. Thats werid Mabby try Reinstalling ( lol i dont no much about FireFox) sorry i use IE
  3. I created my 1st website hear i had no idea what cpanel was and a sql or FTP i got it and i had a blank page but then OpaQue helped me out and got me into HTML and stuff
  4. When i was like 11 or somthing i was going down a steep hill on a friends bike and i wanted to make a skid mark so i pressed the break at the time i had no idea what a front break and back break was so i pressed both I went flying over the Handle bars and broke my coller bone Hurt alot But i got up and said damn no skid mark Then it started to hurt lol
  5. I have made manny forums ( none took off to well)Best bet is to get friends to tell there friends find something to talk about and be a good AdminKeep up with the forums update them Thats all i can say
  6. I think it should be legal but it also makes it so people dont want to do anything but sit on there **bottom** all day and that could cause truble no one working could be bad... but thats just me
  7. welcome have fun and also i love your name lol
  8. Well what can i say i was a Moderator
  9. Hard boss with a bunch of people is Cthun in World of Warcraft (AQ 40) But i got to say Simpsons Road rage i could never beat Bart But mby i just suck :/
  10. This post has been edited by jlhaslip: Today, 10:55 AM LOL i did not see that one comming
  11. Lol whats up this is like what my 4th time comming back mby now i will be 1. A better Speller ( I can only Hope) Also i was only 11 when i 1st came to trap 17 lol 2. Mby i will use the forums ever day like i did back in the day Also i no i will get a warning for this or some *BLEEP* so just do it and move it Notice from jlhaslip: Moved to Introductions.
  12. Also i did not post it in hear a Mod moved it in hear so .......
  13. It is also for people who do not have t17 hosting its for ANYONE not just you guys
  14. Yea ok this has nothing to do with tra17 at allI wont put the t17 ads on it or any ads on itIts if you need a forum i will host it for you........
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