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  1. I currently use Norton AV 2005, for PC, and it works like a charm :rolleyes:I dont use a firewall, nor a Spyware protection program, because I am the only person that uses my computer, and I am trained to what is spyware, and what is not. I dont use a firewall because I am behind a router, and I dont forward ports to the computer, so I am fine.
  2. I think the main concern is to keep an eye on our host files, since the majority of us use a Windows-based operating system.I would recommend anyone that uses Internet Explorer still, to switch over to Mozilla Firefox as soon as possible, to prevent ActiveX scripts from running on your computer.If people still need Internet Explorer for whichever reason, you should have good knowledge of what ActiveX scripts to accept onto your computer.I wouldnt say that this is a vlunerability for Internet Explorer, because it is up to the end user to accept any ActiveX scripts to run on your own computer. You do so at your own risk, and you never know what that script might do to your computer.
  3. I would choose Teamspeak any day, mainly because I have used it in the past, and I have a clear understanding how it works. And it has an extensive permissions feature, which I can limit of what my Admin's can and cant do.
  4. I wouldnt recommend restoring any files from the Windows XP cd rom, mainly because you are replacing the files with older version of files from the CD rom. Its not a good practise to run 2 different versions of system files.I would just reformat, and that would make it easier in the long run.
  5. I used to use the Web Accellerator, but lots of people say its spyware, and are having problems with it. So I am not going to take the risk of anything happening to my computer.Its still is in the beta stage anyway.
  6. I dont mind using Windows XP, but XP is intended for a decent computer.Theres parts of Windows XP that arent designed to well, for instance, Luna. I think it was a bad idea to design such a complex theme, mainly because people are used to the previous looks of Windows. They should default to the classic look when installing Windows XP.I dont mind the redesigned start menu, epecially when it is organized properly, it is extremely useful.Theres options like System Restore that really take a huge amount of unneeded disk space. If everything drastic happens to a computer, I would reformat and that would fix all of the problems.Service pack 2: I dont like it to much, and as I said, its intended for a decent computer. The only feature I like is the wireless utility. There has been quite a lot of incompatibilities with Software and Drivers, and I dont want to take a risk, just incase anything happens. In the long run, I think XP is a decent operating system. All OS' have their Pros and Cons
  7. Yeah, this seems very interesting. It might be a UFO, but I have a hard time believing that for some strange reason. Interesting when Google updates their satellite images if there are any more of them.
  8. I currently manage the servers at my school, so I dont need administrator rights.At my school, everyone has their own unique user name and password to login to, and they have limited rights, which is good enough for them.Also, we have DeepFreeze installed, so it should be all ok with people trying to install software, btw, we use Roaming profiles
  9. My current choice of browser would be Firefox, mainly because of the current flaws in Internet Explorer, so I make the switch to firefox. I remember the beta of firefox, code named Firebird.
  10. I wouldnt call any of this spyware. Windows XP has that feature enabled by default anyways, and that reports back to Microsoft if a prgram crashed. I am sure that Longhorn has an option to turn that feature off, just like how Windows XP currently has.I will probably stick with Windows XP anyway because I dont like the new feel of Longhorn, but the new Windows FileSystem seems to be nice.
  11. Yeah, I just logged into cPanel, and have noticed the unlimited Disk Space. I was shocked at first, then I realized they might be doing maintenance to the servers.
  12. If you are going to be sharing an interent connection, its sometimes better if you purchase a router, it is good in the long run. I used to ICS my connection, but when I got my router, it was so much easier because I have more options to chose from, and as a add'd bonus, it also has a built in firewall to prevent malicious users from entering your computer.Buying a router is good for the long run because you can add attitional computers in the future easily and conviently
  13. Interesting problem, but it also makes sense beucause that was a possibility of happening. I will wait untinl Google fixes theese problems.
  14. Major key between those boards are, that phpBB is open source, and easily customizable. IPB is more secure, but cant customize fully.
  15. Nice. I got my invite near June, because my friend received an invite. So far I like Google, havent got spam email yet, and I expecially like the storage.
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