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  1. Pros - All the ones listed already are good Open Source is probably the best because I don't want to pay for anything I don't have to Most of the syntax is pretty simple and straight-forward Cons - Not TRUELY objected oriented (except for maybe PHP5) It takes a long time to make something really good (at least it does for me) as opposed to something like doing ASP.NET in visual studio. You just design it visually and Microsoft writes the code for you. I think the fact that it is free and so easy to find information about outweighs all the cons. I taught myself how to program in php and mysql all from the internet, meanwhile I'm still taking the required html and dreamweaver classes at my college... oh and VB.NET (what a joke)...
  2. Nice job! Account suspended... So much for this topic.
  3. I agree that this isn't a very smart thing to do. If you're looking for lots of traffic and quality visitors and all the things we want from our websites, including monetary gain... then you shouldn't do this. But if you don't care about any of that and you really want to do this (and I'm sure you have your reasons) then I would just go ahead and use frames. They may not be very appropriate in web design these days, but if you're going to be so "standards-non-compliant" with the url, then you might as well break a few more rules. Using frames would be pretty easy. Just make an index page with a frame and keep all the links' targets to that frame.
  4. Super Mario All-Stars for SNES! DUH!!! That has all my favorites. If I had to pick one though, probably super mario brothers 3.
  5. 9 years is such a short amount of time for a company to have made as much money as google has. I wish I could have that kind of success.
  6. Pretty nice! I wish I could make a good blog so I could make some money off of it! I just suck at writing stuff for the web But I can program and design pretty good
  7. there has been a lot of password problems lately at Xisto.
  8. I gotta go with my home team. I guess there are lots of individual players out there that I like. But I just have a loyalty thing that makes me root for my home team. BUCS BUCS BUCS!!! woot! Even though we haven't been very good in the past few years.
  9. My guess is that you are probably doubling up on the includes. In other words you are "including" the file in two different files. The file is probably getting included and then including itself again which then includes it again and again...
  10. Man that's pretty good. I had to look at it in image ready to check it out. I can definitely see her going both ways. But the shadow tells me that she is actually going clockwise. Also the shape of her feet tell me that her right foot is out - making her spin clockwise. If her left foot were out she would be spinning counter-clockwise. I guess I'm logical like that.
  11. yeah, basically just check all your database info like user, password, db name, host, etc
  12. you should try making your html complete. Add the <html> tags and the <head>. Add a doctype too so that the browser knows what the hell it's supposed to do. If you do all that and make your page standards compliant it might work in more browsers.
  13. standards-compliant = better search rankings = more and better traffic = more money
  14. I worry every day about the condition of school systems these days. I know one day I will have to put my kids through high school. I don't want them to be exposed to all the things I was exposed to when I was in high school. I was strong enough and smart enough to not get involved with all of the bad things that went on. I hope my kids will be strong enough to do that too.
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