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  1. it didnt create any databases on the install. i have managed to remove them now thanks. Although still says i am using my full 20mb space even after i removed stuff, that was yesterday, gonna check again in a mo
  2. ok when i log into my cpanel it is showing that i have used all 20mb of my space, this is because i tried to install phpnuke from fantastico and didnt realise it was over 20mb untill after, but when i go into the file manager and try to delete folders/files it doesnt work just says timeout error even hough it does it instantly. i have tried chmoing but no joy
  3. ok, well, i was kind of aware of the law that you cant get more energy out than what you put in. So whilst i am reasonably happy that the idea has fallen flat on its face, i have another twist to the same theory. Now i already think i know what you are all going to say...BUT... going back to the same battery dynamos motor and bulb... If you connect a 12v battery to a 12v motor which powers the dynamo which in turn powers the bulb it will power it for 12 hours (all just for arguments sake) now if that 12v battery powers the same sequence of things along with another dynamo charging the battery how long will the battery last?Whilst it is quite obvious that you will say the same again i really am not sure you are right because whilst i know the extra dynamo will slow the motor slightly it will not "half" its speed therefore it will surely make the battery last longer?
  4. lol @ eat less move more. That is an obvious answer but these things arnt always as easy as prehaps they shopuld be to do. I have started by going for a run when i got home from work tonite, not particularly far but its a start, i have decided if i can just get into the habit of taking a bit of time each day to jog/run/cycle then i can look at extending the length afterwards when i am used to getting up and dsoing it. as for the food i think i am gonna do the same there just slowely change things i.e will start taking fruit instead of crisps to work. one thing i would like advice on though, what would your suggestions be for a healthy alternative to sandwiches?to think 5 years ago i was cycling 20miles nearly every day without fail, would struggle to do that as a one off now i think. time to get back to how i wascheersjohn
  5. ok, i have had this idea for some time now but seems a little bit 'simple' to be viable, on the other hand the best ideas are usually the simplest. Well see what you think about the following idea i had ,its in a very basic form just to try and make it understandable...To start off you will need a small electric motor 2 or more dynamos bulbs and battery.ok i will assume this is a 12v system, i.e. battery bulbs dynamos ectif you conect the battery to the motor it spins right?so... if you connect the motor to a dynamo via a small pully on the motor and a large one on the dynamo then you can use the dynamo output to power a bulb right?so...if you add a pully and dynamo to the motor and connect the dynamo to the battery it will charge wont it? Thus giving you free energy via the bulb!The reason I think this will work is because the motor should spin no slower having 2 pullys so each dynamo will produce the same amount of power, i accept that 1 dynamo wont charge the battery but it was to get the point across, you could add another 3 or 4 pullys and dynamos in theory thus creating enough combined energy to power the bulb for freecan anyone give there opinion? am i wrong?
  6. ok, Just wanted to start this as a new year has come in and its time start taking a grip and losing the pounds. Since giving up smoking i have put on a fair bit of weight and i am planning on getting married later this year and really want to look my best, i currently look the worst i ever have done im sorry to say. I have a fairly active job outside doing a wide variety of things from fencing to digging holes to driving machinary so the general activeness of it does vary week by week. What i am curious about is the methods people have found most usefull for losing weight, as much as i would like an easy system with no effort we all know they dont work. so what does???I find it hard to commit to an excersise routine daily as sometimes its been a very active day in work and i am truely exhuasted but sometimes this isnt the case.Also i am concious that i eat alot of cheese, bread and crisps pastrys.what should my next move be? any ideas?
  7. Well i have to agree, all to often i see people that have a completly negative aura about everything, having this constant negative attitude will drag down everything about you, things that seem bad probably arnt at all, and things get worse and worse hence how depression starts. It works both ways though. by keeping fit, excersising (sp??) or doing any kind of activity that you enjoy and gets blood flowing will eventually lift your negativities. once they start to lift the whole world will seem to have a differant outlook altogether.This is based on personal experiance whereby i was digging myself into a deeper and deeper hole and geting more and more negative all the time. Eventually something had to give though and i started walking more and doing more of the things i enjoy and now i can look back on that time as past
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