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  1. yeah i definately think drugs should be held illegal unless its for medical purposes...why the hell should they be legal...what drugs would do you good but make you high n feel good...there are thousands of ways people can feel good by doing positive things...doing drugs are just disgusting and definately aint good in my book...i think people are just lazy to feel good the right way and just wanna lay back and just shoot themselves up with the poison
  2. heh yeah theres like thousands of retarded pick up lines...and unfortuntealy i can only think of one right now that ive never used becuase i never needed to lol haha...its goes "i seemed to have lost my number, can i have yours?" yeah i bet most of you have to have heard that one
  3. hmm yeah ive worked with fireworks abit...n it defantely cannot compete with photoshop...photoshop is soo much better becase of the 100s of tools it provides for you...it can pretty much allow you to do nething you want...i dont really know where fireworks shines like whats its best known for but i dont really recommend it...macromedia is pretty much owned by adobe...litterally
  4. well it looks pretty hot...i like how the light is being used n the some of the texture or what not..i see you have some patchwork done to it...well just keep up the good work n hopefully every new sig you make will be better than your last
  5. hmm well im kinda in the same situation abit but not too much...its not like im white and shes black...but im part asian n black...but i look more spanish than anyhting else...like PRish...sometimes i feel like i get the stares...but i can only assume what theyre starin about i can just straightly assume its about the color...i mean it could be something else...like what if they feel attracting towards my girls or me...they could be watchn to see some kissing or w.e...because you know people are nosy like that...so i dont really try to run into conclusions till i really know what its really about
  6. hmm id just beat her up i dont know...i dont have any sisters hah but i bet they sure can be *BLEEP*y...i kinda wanted a sis here n there just to see how they would look lke n act like lol...o wells gotta be careful what you wish for
  7. uh back in those days they prolly used leaves i guess i dont know...if not they prolly had to spread their **bottom** cheeks mad wide n let it all out without leaving anything behind lol because thats just too uncomfortable to be tolerating with that sh-- lol
  8. heh well your not gunna find the "real truth of the population" from here in Xisto..by the way you spelt where wrong with were haha...but anyways i live in New York, Longisland....just about 45 mins from New York City...if any of you are also from longisland...i live in Suffolk County and thats all the information ill give out..lol sry
  9. hmm yeah i dont really like the new internet explorer 7...i had it for awhile thou but there wus something with it i didnt like..i forgot thou lol...but im pretty much fine with 6...so id rather wait for teh actual 7 version...no betas
  10. heh tell the templates seem really neat from what i can see in the images...although i cant seem to download them...but are they all only just html?? or what...i used to donwload html sites...wuts fun about html is that you can really design how you really want your site too look...where you want your tables and everything...but downloadn obviously is comin from some1 elses creativity
  11. thats really kool...your site really seems to be attracting alot of people...i wish i had that much for mine..although my site is not related to yours or in anyway but just to get that much poeple coming in into the site would be great...keep up the good work and hope everything turns out right n that you dont mess it up by doing something crazy or have anyone hack it lol
  12. i would spend a million on lke amillion things...first off get my self a house to pay off...a nice sexy car...uh quit my job lol...help out my family...get w.e i desire at any store...maybe open like my own breakdance studio lol i dont know it would be really great ownin that much money...its like a fantasy for me heh...but whatever i do...i would definately watch the amount im spendin till the day i die...
  13. haha looks like a kool site...too bad i dont understand a word on that site...it sure does have alot of traffic going on in there ill tell ya that...wonder how long its gunna last
  14. my hobby right now is breakdacning...i started in the winter of 05..im not relatively good lol i def dance lke a breakdancer now...i really want to get serious into it although its not the only thing i want to do...i want to b a graphic designer and b able to manipulate things and be creative...i also want to become a model/dancer so hopefully wut i learn from my hobby as breakdancing helps me out in the long run
  15. i have a job as lifeguardn which im thinkn of ending because its been a *BLEEP* for me...soo boring but the pay is good...i already have another place i can apply to...theyve asked me to work there..its a gymnastics center that im tryin to get to in a daily basis to practice my own acrobatic stuff so hopefully everything works out n that i wont have to go bak to lifeguardn
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