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  1. oh yhea.. i rmember doin this kinaf tutorial b4... and it worked!... =)
  2. hhmp.. great idea... once I've got my domain set up... I'll sign up to this program!
  3. wahhhhhhh.. nice tut.. i never knew how to access to "start up" programs... i even had to buy a software to manage my "startup" programs!.... cool!
  4. woow.. great post.. I've never been aware about hackers lyk this b4.. thank for the infos!
  5. I think google is the best so far tho I've tried some other search engines suggessted by teachers and librarian
  6. wahhaa... thats funny... cool songs too.. lolz.. nice effectss
  7. i wan y'all to post any great site you know that offers the best pay per click service!... and share your tips of making money out of your website!
  8. hmp.. i never knew that PS CS2 has a panoramic option!
  9. i know.. Norton sucks sometimes... it doesnt delete all your viruses!...
  10. woow.. this is a great tutorial... smart!... it actually worked
  11. Photoshop for me is the best graphics software I've ever had, I've started desginin wen i was 12...since then I've use photoshop up to now~
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