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  1. My current motherboard: MSI 865PE NEO 2 MS-6728 Ver.1I've done quite a few tests and it's unable to boot up. I replace the PSU and it still doesn't help. Wondering if anyone on here could help me find a reasonably priced MOBO for an alternative. I know nothing when it comes to this sort of stuff, I was hoping someone on here could offer some insight to a cheap replacement. The board is fairly old, I just want to get the pc in working order again. Hope someone can help.
  2. Yes vujsa you are correct. I find it a bit strange too to save data as html than just pull from the database, but there are underlying reasons. 1.) Hard drives now days cost a lot less.2.) Rather than wasting server resources on pulling from the database we could include an html file 3.)The forms are dynamically generated, and the display of the forms can be altered...with that being said, the structure of the form would require more database entries to retain the past structures of the forms. It's much easier to simply dump the past forms than repulling everytime.Yes I do have a naming scheme in order to make sure every form is uniquely named with a purpose. Not to mention we're going to gzip the file. Rather than hold all of that in the database we're just going to file it away.I like your idea of doing the temporary file, but I'm doing an entirely seperate pull to write the file itself. This seperate pull basically cuts down on all the html it has to write, and is kept in a function, so we can use it anytime we want to backup that particular form. If we ever need it that is. A temp file is a good idea. I like that. Would save on database resources, it would just use server resources to strip the html of any characters we don't need.Thanks for the advice,-Brad
  3. I think something like this would help with my problem.
  4. Thanks for the reply, but it's not exactly what I was looking for. I'm looking for a way to take the already html that exists in the document and save it to a file. The problem is the include files we have in place just prints html out and builds the form for us. Now lets say we want to capture that data while it builds it. Is there a way to do it?I've been playing around with file_get_contents($URL); but it's turning out to be a lot of trouble. I'm trying to pass the session data because I can't keep the same session open or something.Maybe someone could help me with that instead. How (when logged into a system) can I use file_get_contents and use the same session/session variables to retrieve a new file. I ended up passing the session variables in a query string then undecoding them once I got it over there. However it's still not functional. Some strange things happening, but overrall I receieved my variables and rebuilt my superglobal $_SESSION variable.I tried to simply pass the session id and then change my session id, but it didn't work too well either. Very confusing.
  5. System: Activity System for use in UniversitiesUsers: Faculty membersScenario:User fills out a list of activites they participated in. Example: A faculty member attended a seminar about Object Orientated Programming. They record that seminar into their records by filling out a form and adding that activity into the database and identifying it with a designed term id. Spring terms are different than fall terms etc etc.We want to create html snapshots of these forms that can be included by a simple include('oldForm.html') into another form for review. We want to be able to include multiple files into the same page as well. In other words, we will be able to look at multiple "old" forms at the same time.I'm curious on how people would attempt to solve this problem.Below is sort of a simple diagram of what happens in order. We want to create the snapshot at step # 4.1.) Administrator informs everyone to fill out their forums2.) Faculty member fills out DYNAMIC form, and submits it for review3.) Administrator reviews form and decides to reject or accept4.) If accepted- snapshot is recorded of the Faculty members formIn order to build these dynamic forms we have lots of include files for different sections. IEWe have files for all the different activities:ScholarlyServiceCommitteesDevelopmentHow can I capture the content of all this and dump it to a html file? Is there anyway to do this?One way I found would be to use a URL to rebuild the form when it's time to make a copy, in the file_get_contents() method (as well as fget i believe). The only problem with this is each user has to login to use the system, so when I use that method and pass a url I just capture the login screen.I'm sure I'll need to clarify some things before there's a good answer, or you actually understand my problem.I hope someone can help, or offer advice.
  6. I edited my post. Perhaps you could place in the javascript and make a working copy. Once I tested it inside the html it seemed to work. But I was modifying it from the url address wtih a javascript injection and it didn't work. IE. URL : java script:void(document.title='Changed title') Did not work. But the <script> tags inside the html did. You can attempt it, but as I said it has a few flaws.
  7. I don't know how to do this either. I was thinking javascript with document.title to change it dynamically, but it doesn't change the title on the fly. Well it does, but not visually, well it did and didn't. I think the form has to resubmit in order for that to happen for all browsers to do it correctly. You can attempt it however. Place that into your content includes...well a modified version of that. <?php $SomeVariable = 'This would be the title'; ?><!-- This goes inside your include file with your variable--><script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript"><!--document.title='<?php echo $SomeVariable;?>';--></script> For testing purposes here's what I used <html><head><title>Some Title</title></head><body><div>Example</div><script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript"><!--document.title='Other Title';--></script></body></html> Note: This presents 2 problems. 1.) User does not have javascript enabled. 2.) In IE user gets that annoying yellow bar to disable javascript. I tried in firefox and IE, both worked. ------------------ Other Solutions ------------------ There are several solutiions to this problem if your title is static for each section. I assume you wanted to use the variable because the title will be dynamic. In that case I'm not sure what you should do. The only thing I could think of would be to re-do your include files. That way you could include them before your title. Your include files would look something like this. //Logic and all data gather - not text output//Variables and data goes here that can be passed into the function to outputfunction print_content();//This contains all your <td><tr> or w/e you're outputting Then simply instead of doing your case inc etc etc you just call your function with standard variable names for arguments. An array to hold your data would be easy to walk through in a standard way. There's plenty of ways to do this. Let me know if you need any help with it or don't understand what I'm talking about. But to do what you need to do you have to declare the variable first I believe. EDIT: You replied before I finished adding my new findings =p Reread
  8. Played neverwinter nights 1 before. It was alright, but lately I'm not into any kind of rpg. Very time consuming. I've played sacred, diablo, and morrowwind to name a few. They're all alright. Looking forward to neverwinter nights 2 but honestly I'll probably never play it. I remember baldur's gate. Loved that game. Beat it a few times, then I got into baldur's gate 2 but never finished it. If I ever get back into a RPG I might try to beat that one. Got to the same spot both times I played and never finished =/.Anyways looking forward to seeing screenies at least. Whether I play it or not I'm sure it'll be alright. The first one seemed cool.
  9. I played GTA 1 when it was in my demo of PC Gamer I had. That was the free issue of PC Gamer I receieved and I was lucky enough to get the demo. Then I ended up getting the full version. I loved that game. I thought it was great. Now the graphics have improved tremendously. GTA 2 was alright, but when GTA 3 came out, I couldn't believe the graphics. I haven't played GTA 3 much but I plan on it in the near future. I've beaten GTA:VC and got pretty far into GTA:SA. The ones recently provide good gameplay but they're starting to get repetitive. Still provide hours of gaming experience.
  10. The game looks good from what I can tell. I've played red alert, red alert 2, tiberian sun, and generals. I loved red alert 2. Had some good games in there. I love strategy games but I'm sticking to FPS for the most part. I still haven't played AOE 3 so I don't know really what's changed in the strategy world.All in all I like the command and conquer series. I might give this one a try. I remember going out and buying tiberian sun and was very disappointed.
  11. As stated on here there's all kinds of free shoutboxes available on the net. I found one called tagbox that fit my needs. It's simple and doesn't really take much to implement.It depends on what you really need. I would advise you searching through some of the links here and decide what fits your needs. If you really want practice with php/ajax or something I would definately recommend writing your own. You'll get a lot more out of it, and learn a lot more than implementing someone else's code.
  12. Link us to your page. Also make sure you upload the file with a .php extension. If you have a .html extension it will not parse your php code. <?php include 'pagerank.php'; ?> I'm not too sure if you should be getting an error since it's only one statement, but it's good practice to put a semicolon at the end of each statement. Not only is it good practice, but it's necessary in most languages. What exactly does this include file contain? If it contains some type of html content then you would have to include it after establishing your <body> tag. Please post your content of your file or attach your file itself so we can have a better look at it. Knowing the contents of the include file would also be helpful.
  13. I'm not too sure what you mean by Design? Coding and designing are two seperate steps. For design people like to use things like UML diagrams and use cases etc. Possibly even an activity diagram or site map. VISIO and SMARTDRAW are two of the main programs that people around me use. I personally need to do more design and documentation and I'm trying to get a grasp on the idea. Usually I just walk through the site in my head and maybe jot down a few diagrams or notes on plain paper. Then I start coding away. Studies have shown that you're much more productive if you do more design work before coding..which makes sense.As far as coding up the application I use notepad++ or notepad. I've used a few other things out there but I like how notepad++ is clean. Not too much in it other than what you want/need. Also has the ability to add plugins such as html tidy, which is very helpful cleaning up someone else's mess?
  14. I have a few topics out there that can explain my situation. I posted in another support forum, which seems kind of redundant, but I suppose in one forum anyone can post, and only members can post in this one. So here I am in this one as well. http://forums.xisto.com/topic/91521-topic/?findpost=1064357876 That topic will explain my situation and link you to my first post in the programming section that explains a little more. So far I have 3 topics out there about this with 2 of them being in support. I've also emailed support@Xisto.com with no reply. I'm just curious if this is possible or should I set up my own server and run it locally? Our group consists of 2 members and my local server wouldn't be running all the time, that's why I wanted to have it hosted for me. Please someone help me with this if you can.
  15. I downloaded it as well. So far not much changed as stated. Same appeal to me. Perhaps with time I'll get to know the features a little better. Until then I'll just stick to the times and keep using it.
  16. Typo in the name of the title: Postgres not postgrest I have access to build a postgres database from cpanel, but once I tried to connect to it from php it wasn't enabled. the command pg_connect()turned up an unknown function error. PHPInfo (according to tavoxperu) also shows that postgres is not supported. Is there anyway that support could be enabled for postgres, or at least on my server? Please let me know as soon as possible. If you have any questions about the problem then please refer to this thread. http://forums.xisto.com/topic/91519-topic/?findpost=1064357851
  17. Thanks for the quick replies. Indeed, I have access to the postgres database as you do TavoxPeru. I'll probably make a post in the support section, but I need the support fairly soon. I need postgres to do the project. I already have the database in place on the server, but I can't access it from this server =). I believe the arguments passed to the function should be correct, so I'm pretty sure it's just a support for the database problem. For my senior project, the company that I work for has sponsored our group to do an online exiting survey. This survey will integrate with an existing postgres database, and since they will use postgres as their database once the survey is developed, that's what I need to use. I need the flexibility of having schemas so I can dump a few of the tables I need to integrate with it into the testing server.
  18. I was building a simple database to login to a survey I was writing for class. Before I ever started testing the actual survey I came across a I'm just curious is Xisto supports this function. In php.net it says that as of php 3 it was supported, but maybe there's something extra to turn it on. I use a DBI to connect to the database and I haven't had any problems before. I'm sure the code is right, but here it is for clarification. function DBI ($db, $user, $password, $port=5432) { $this->session = pg_connect("user=$user password=$password dbname=$db port=$port"); } This is part of the constructor for the class of my DBI. the pg_connect is where it's giving me an error...so I just typed in pg_connect and threw that upon the server as well and it complained giving me the same error. I also tossed in a if(function_exists('pg_connect')){echo 'FUnction is available';}else{echo 'function is not available';} I assume I used that right..was my first time ever using that function. But I got a out of it. So it's looking to me like the function isn't available. Any ideas?
  19. I agree with the above post. I use it as a form of free, fast communication method with my boss. Archivable information in a chat program that isn't installed on your pc. Gmail is good, and this is just another thing that will make it better.Google's innovation team must be pretty good. Not to mention their programmers. We also use the google spreadsheet software that they offer as well. Good stuff. You can't beat the price on it. Considering everything's still in beta you can't expect much I guess, but there are a few bugs here and there. I noticed that they've already fixed a few of them however.I like it, and I'll probably use it. While I'm working I tend to stay logged into my gmail now since I don'thave google talk. I already have xfire, msn..and did have AIM and yahoo. I should just get one of those universal IMing clients.
  20. Apparently the function you're using wasn't added until PHP 4.3 Check php.net and search for the function and you should get some info on it that might help. I also found this article that could be of some use, since you already have your script written, you might be able to use this technique. Hope this helps. Good luck to you. Maybe some of the advanced users here at the forums will have more to offer you. I haven't gotten too far in manipulating files with php. Still on my TODO list. http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/
  21. Actually there is a game called warpath. http://www.gamespot.com/new-games/?game_filter_type[platform]=98 There's a link to a review. It didn't score very high but I do agree that the graphics look good. It reminds me of prey. Probably has all the graphics etc in it but lacks content. That's how most games are going now days. The developers focus on graphics and miss the single player portion. That doesn't mean it doesn't lack in multi. Actually the review states that it can be fun. Perhaps if it gets popular and if it doesn't lag too bad then I guess it wouldn't be a bad find (for multi). However, in my experience if I'm looking for graphics in a game, I want the single player experience. I can do without all the bells and whistles if I'm looking to multi a bit. All in all, if I had the chance I would prob play it, but I don't think it would be one of those games I would go back to.
  22. Most of the online resources will be primers and beginner guides. The best way to learn what you want is to ask such as in a place like this. As far as expanding your overall knowledge, you can't go wrong with an advanced php book. I have PHP in a nutshell and really haven't had time to go through it. Seems like a decent reference/ advanced book. Refer back to php.net as for online reference, if you're comfortable with php it can't be beat.http://www.htmlgoodies.com/ offer's a basic primer for php, but I'm sure that's not what you're looking for. Google the topic you're looking for and you're bound to find something.I'd love to learn more about php with images. Perhaps someone will recommend a nice tutorial site on that topic. Also I'm not much for networking, but there's a chapter in this php book I have about php in dealing with sockets and such. That would be nice. Last thing I need to learn to do is create a pdf file on the fly with php. I could do with a few tutorials as well. Hope to see some advance responses.
  23. Googles the ad-king. I guess it makes sense. I have to admit google's online stuff is top notch. I like the spreadsheet thing. GMail is great. I don't look for them to really do anything to youtube. Since it's already got plenty of visits, they'll just maintain it and continue to profit from the ad-game I guess.Crazy google and their world domination scheme.
  24. In response to the last post. I don't think this is what he requires. Re-Read his post and mastercomputers post. I believe he wants a calculator to retrieve statistics and numbers from the game. I would have to see one of the calculators in action to fully understand the project. If you want it for personal use then perhaps an app coded with VB or something would be more appropriate. I like web programming with php, but how would you retrieve those numbers? How would someone have access to those or do you know tha algorithm to generate the numbers? The more insight to the project we have the better we can evaluate the scope giving you a better project definition.Good luck with it.
  25. Basically that's all they're for. Games. It'd be great I guess to experience gaming on one of those machines, but as stated before there's really not much use for it. Unless you're trying to make up for something you lack. Sorta like the "cool car" theory.All in all I'm happy with my machine. It'd be great to upgrade, and I do intend to. I'm a gamer as well, but as far as for shelling out for a joystick. I prefer a keyboard and mouse. Much more accurate than those analog controls. Especially for FPS, as for other types of games i guess a joystick wouldn't be bad. Pentium 4 2.6 ghz1 gb dual channel ram120 gb hard drivegeforce 6800xt agpsound blaster livexp proAbout it I guess. I'm not too technical. I don't know all the differences and what's good and not, but mine still runs decent after about 2 1/2 years now.
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