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Found 4 results

  1. You can download .torrent file without the torrent Clint like bittorrent or utorrent. There are some website who will download the .torrent file for you and give their direct links to download just like premium link generator for free. Here are some site:https://filestream.me/ (best and recomanded)http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ wait, I will add some more link..Thanks
  2. So this link was recently posted on reddit /r/entreprenuer and got alot of attention http://www.ashtonfrost.com/2013/04/12/7-days-7-posts/ basically this guy says that the people telling you how to market are telling you all wrong because they are telling you what worked for getting web traffic back when they got it. And things have changed so much since that it is irrelevant. How do you guys feel about this, and what do you think should be done in order to increase web traffic in 2013?
  3. Most of us have the habit of going through the important news of the day or the previous one, the traditional and the widely used mode of receiving news is a newspaper, that is a part of print media, it was depended upon hugely in the earlier decades,next was the turn of the radio, but it had the disadvantage of not presenting any visual details, yet it turned out to be popular among the masses, then came to take away its popularity, visual media, which had news sessions telecast on the television. People found this option far more appealing as the news would be accompanied by a video coverage as well. For any news updates people would resort to their television sets and this form of news representation met huge success.Then came the era of internet, the whole world got connected via the world wide web. As the structure of internet is mainly constituted of websites, its phenomenal success can also be attributed to the presence of these websites. The next series of events saw the attraction of the masses towards the internet and as the media is always alert about the changing trends of people's inclination, most of the companies that had earlier concentrated on spreading news on television channels, released versions over the internet as well. As soon as you log onto the internet you will find that a lot of reputed news channels have something to present to the users of the internet, some of the big names are also those that only can be viewed over the internet like Yahoo and Google. We rely heavily on those sources and cling to the internet for hours.The possible reason for the development in the mode of spreading information might be that the convenience of spreading the news is considered,like for example; if a correspondent is present at the location of an event, then he can immediately upload the developments in the incident via his cellphone over the internet and in moments thousands of people can have their share of information and can even put in updates. There might be other causes also, but I found it to be the strongest.What form of news representation do you prefer? Also share your opinions and ideas on the developments of the various means of news communication.
  4. I'm looking to make some games for the website I'm building but I can't find any FREE software that allows me to upload, or embed my work onto the website. I heard about YoYo Game Maker. It has this HTML5 version, but I don't know very much coding and it cost money. Does anyone know of a program that would allow me to put my work online?
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