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Which Is Your Preferred Antivirus Poll Just out of general interest

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So it's time to choose which of the following anti-virus software you prefer to use. Kaspersky Zone Alarm Norton Mcafee AVG Nod32 If you prefer to use a different anti-virus then post it here and let us know. I personally prefer to use AVG, it's free, easily used and extremely safe. When ever I buy a new pc or laptop it always comes with either Norton or McAfee on it, and I find both of these slow the computer down by an incredible amount. Also they seem to integrate in to every single part of your computer. I've used AVG for years now, and as long as I'm not stupid and install some rubbish on my computer then I have remained virus and adware free now ever since. So what's your choice and why?


Personally I use for some time now and am happy with Microsoft Security Essentials which are free, even though it seems that the product is from Microsoft, it's quite light and powerful, doesn't have a lot of options, but it works.But I voted for Nod32, as it's used at my job and it's really good, it's light and I can't remember someone getting a virus, but of course a lot of whom are using limited accounts for safety, because most of people does not require administration rights.


Other: Avira. The user interface is nice and simple. Also, the size of the program itself is pretty lightweight. Only thing is that it conflicts with other Anti Virus programs such as AVG.


I'm using Microsoft Security Essentials at the moment but my favorite antivirus software is Panda Cloud antivirus. It is not on the list of antivirus software that you provided but this is my favorite since it is lightweight and doesn't take up all of your RAM. I have tried McAfee and Norton but they take up too much memory and it gets annoying. I haven't tried any of the other antiviruses on that list.


I think Avira should not fall on Others selection on the poll.I used to use it because of it's simplicity. You can also update its ivdf manually if you don't have internet connection.I'm just using it on my guest OS XP...!


Other because Avast! (https://www.avast.com/index) is not shown in the poll.


Norton Internet Security 2011 , i use this now and is 1 of the best.Very light.


I like NOD32 and i use it for 3years.

grim reaper1666

zone alarm i used it for while now and it has never let me down on stopping and finding viruses even the free version is good at its job. it comes with some excellent features which are good for keeping your computer running at good speeds. i have used others but none of them can match zone alarm i even used the panda beta for windows 7 beta when it came out and that didn't come close to zone alarm. i like the ip address hiding thing as well means my isp has more trouble spying on me which is something i hate people doing is spying and helps to prevent people from getting direct control over my computer.


Linux guys don't need AVs. :PBut if needed to scan a computer of someone in my homenet, I'm using ClamAV. The best antivirus in my opinion as it is free, open-source and cross-platform.


personally i always take off whatever anti-virus has been put on any computer i buy or recycle (i repair and upgrade older computers and sell them cheaply to in need families) and install avast, it is free, and in my opinion as good if not better than AVG.i do find it a little sensitive at times when it classifies threats out of things i know are virus free just because of the nature of them but i would rather it be too sensitive than not sensitive enough.


norton ftw!!! i've been using it since it was out :P no viruses!! very good tech support as well


mine is not even on the list, lol I would go with ZenOK Free Antivirus it provides real-time protection for your home PC that guards against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software.

and it is a free download that is simple to install, easy to use, and always kept up to date so you can be assured your PC is protected by the latest technology. Itâs easy to tell if your PC is secure â when youâre green, youâre good. Itâs that simple.


I personally prefer Avira. Much more better in cleaning virus. AVG now not so effective in cleaning. It can detect but do nothing if it a new virus. Totally the same but much more effective. Both are free to use. But Avira has some problem in updating when you freshly install. But once you get update, all smooth out. Try it. Can be combine with other antivirus too. No conflict unless the other antivirus you use won't accept Avira. But no worry, just install the other antivirus first then Avira. Try it. 5 star from my thumb :P


Linux guys don't need AVs. :PBut if needed to scan a computer of someone in my homenet, I'm using ClamAV. The best antivirus in my opinion as it is free, open-source and cross-platform.

Are you kidding ? ClamAV is the worst I've ever tried :o . No offence, but ClamAV lacks the resources to have an up to date virus database and decent scanning engine.
Personally, I prefer Avast Home edition. Imho it's the best free av solution available. First of all, it doesn't have annoying ads like Avira has and it's a lot faster than AVG. It may not have the best scanning engine, but it's fast, has a nice up to date gui and since I'm not using a lot of high risk applications or visit risky site it perfectly suits my needs. MSSE isn't bad either, it's faster than Avast but performs a bit worse in detection rates.

I'm not considering buying or paying for a commercial av-solution as the free versions do exactly the same :P (especially not McAfee, man, it sucks bigtime).


Hi.Me personally I've done work for companies and non profits which usually use Norton, McAfee, Trend Micro. I've also seen some oem's use limited or lite trial versions of from the respective vendors. Me personally, since I do computer consulting and troubleshooting, I usually use what the OEM vendors has installed on the workstation or laptop till the evaluation subscription runs out.In the mean time I take note of how the program runs. Is there a performance hit, is there unnecessary scanning when I'm trying to accomplish anything, does the software background scanning/cache engine competing with me? I also let the program do it's updates and occasionaly I run some myself. I HATE THE NORTON PRODUCTS OR ANY OTHER SOFTWARE OTHER THAN THE OPERATING SYSTEM REQUIRING A REBOOT. I check to see how much of a typical download size takes, etc. and what permission are required for the software to install it.Looking at the customization options and features are a big plus for me. The more control I have, the more happy I am. I use to like the ablility to create recover disk/cd's, but that feature is always almost removed from modern packages. I HATE THE SUITES WITH ONLINE BACKUP THAT CANT BE CUSTOMIZED OR DISABLED.Once the trial period is over, I notice Norton and McAfee although still running and providing limited protection till that last update, is nearly disabled. All options, reports, histories, and manual update/scans are not selectable. (You can still initiate scanning by right clicking a SINGLE drive letter to scan).What's left is just a software suite with is not operating at it's intended capacity. Strange though 3rd party programs report the software still does program updates but not the virus definitions. The software is more annoying now, it always connects online even more that when it was activated, and keeps pushing out ads with the first option selected to redirect you the website or be reminded later.ONE MORE THING I HATE IS WHEN YOU TRAIL AV SOFTWARE SUITE TRIES TO IMPLMENT A FIREWALL OR NETWORK DETECTION/HANDLING, AND YOU HAVE YOUR OPTIONS DISABLED. TALK ABOUT BAD PLANNING FROM VENDOR. I ALWAYS HIT UP HOTSPOTS AND WIFI'S IF I CAN GET A SIGNAL.Then all the pros and cons are added up, and you get your 1st virus or un removal spyware infection my typical means, or you are tired of all the hoop la. Just uninstall it and try AVG Free Edition, or AVIRA, or which ever package is FREE and possible has the best support for 32 and 64 bit modes, Windows Vista/7 optimizations, and support for multi-processor or Mult-cores.Be weary though one of the FREE AV suites (not going to mention which one) had a problem after a reboot which rendered your Windows 7 64bit operating system disabled, till the patch came out. I'm not sure if it was a Live recovery CD or the actual av suite, cause I'm still on my trial.I haven't posted in a long time and well that's what I have to say about the topic. :PLevimage


You might not need an antivirus for linux due to the passworded root tree, however there are more viruses out there created for linux than any other operating system, followed by windows and then mac os. The majority of "viruses" for windows aren't viruses in the slightest, they are ad-ware. There is a big difference, virii cause damage and ad-ware just pi**es you off. There are more viruses for linux simply because of the amount of different versions there are. People develop these rootkits for all kinds of different versions of linux, and although the exploit they use are usually repaired within hours of it being discovered (advantage of an open-source community) you are still not 100% protected.