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Cant Burn Files To Dvd-r Disc how to burn files to dvd-r disc

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Hello there,I have a Vista Home Premium program on my computer. I have the NTI CD/DVD maker program on my computer. I have files like avi, wmv, etc that I can esily burn to dvd-r disc in the computer. But as I cant find the FINALIZE step in the NTI orogram, I cant FINALIZE the dvd-r disc in the NTI program. The disc will not playback on the Panasonic Z28 dvd recorder/player unit that I have. When I play the disc on the panasonic this popup says " The disc is not formatted. Do you want to format the disc? All existing data will be erased if you format the disc". I have no choice but to format the disc in the Panasonic recorder.But when I insert the Panasonic formatted disc in the computer the same prompt from the computer that showed in the Panasonic recorder shows up"This disc is not formatted etc," So this is a viscious circle that i cant cope with, as its the dog chasing its tail repeated forever. The instructions book on the Panasonic recorder says that the Panasonic recorder will play AVI files as well as 4000 other files. It does not name the other 4000 files. But since the bulk of my downloaded files in the computer are AVI, I am happy with that. Any help in telling me what program to use, to convert my computer files to dvd-r disc and play on my dvd unit is greatly appreciated. I am at my wits end and with a SUPER MIGRAINE dealing with this problem FROM HELL!!!I am new on this site, as well as a beginner learner on the computer. Your help is gratefully accepted. It is very difficult for me using a computerThank you very muchsanted


Your post looks like an ask for help for piracy.Remember that downloading commercial movies in avi format is against the low in most of countries.If the files you download are badly pirated so that their format is not recognized by your player, this means that you are a very bad pirate.And we will not help you becoming a better pirate, because this is against the TOS of our forum.If you buy a movie DVD in a shop and you cannot play it on your DVD reader, go back to the shop with the reader and the just purchased DVD.If you did not pay the commercial movie you are trying to watch, this is illegal, we will not help you.

grim reaper1666

can't you use another program with which to burn files to a disc. i am talking generally here and not as much about illegal files more about videos you record yourself (as in recording you and your mates doing something in a park). or anything it could even be if you bought a movie from an online download service which makes it legal because you have paid for it.


I am answering this question only to help those who genuinely need support in burning dvd´s for a legal purpose. So, Santed assuming that you are asking this question for a legal purpose, to convert avi to dvd format, use a small utility called Avi2Dvd. You can download it from here. Convert your avi´s to dvd format and then burn that converted video onto your disc.


I am always amazed when people say something like: it is illegal to do this kind of sutff when no one use their real name. Anyway I would like to say that there is a lot of software that will take your M4V and convert it to a dvd then you can use NERO to burn that video on a dvd after tthat you can play it on any type or dvd player. The reason why you should do it is because if something happens to you hard drive then you loose everything and also all the money you spent buying these movies through itubes. And it is legal to do this as long as it is for your own purpose and not for resale. 

-reply by Claude


To add my two cents, when wanting to create a DVD from a movie format like mpg or avi, if using Windows, you can use a program called DVD Flick, which has a quite simple GUI and can burn the image, just usually it takes time.. Even though usually a DVD player knows how to play avi movies when you burn a data disk with it, in some cases you need a real DVD..

I used DVD flick to create a DVD from a quite good HD camera of one party and I really liked it, it can create a menu and all the stuff, even though it's really simple to use it, the only thing is that it takes quite a while to create an image and burn it into a DVD..

You can get DVD flick here, it's free: http://www.dvdflick.net/


Maybe I could add my two cents too.I had once a stupid standalone DVD player. It was stated able to play DVD movies as well as avi's and jpg photos and mp3 music.However, it was able to play only DVD's from DVD's, mp3, jpg and avi it could play only from CD's !So, if you have some CDRW (rewritable CD's in order to avoid wasting media) try your mp3 or avi on CD's.And, of course, be careful with the codecs, some players can play DivX4 codecs, so can't play divX5-encoded avi's.

Soviet Rathe

Nothing santed said pointed to piracy lol. anyway if he was a pirate he could just pirate Nero and use it. :D


But I recommend using Nero. the free trial should do the trick.

Or you could google an online file converter where you can upload the files and then download them after their converted


Google Search


my problem ...Cant Burn Files To Dvd-r Disc


my problem is when I burned some data over my old photoes on my DVD using nero software so I lost the photoes , could you help me to recover the old photoes

-reply by Danny