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Is Free Energy Or Electricity Possible? PMAs or Cosmic Rays can free energy be done

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firstly I would like to create a distinction between over unity and perpetual motion. basics of the two is that the latter does not have to produce extra power and in fact if not all of the extra power is extracted from the former then it will destroy itself thus ending the possibility of being perpetual.

Now about the permanent magnet idea.

every design I have seen has ignored the fact that moving a magnet past another magnet requires the same amount of energy as it will generate once it is past the resistance of that magnet. so how would one get past that? Eliminate the initial resistance that exists by moving it away until the other is past the resistance field. this would create a sort of effect much like say a person riding a bicycle and the hills he rides up or down are flat until he is at the area of which the top exists then to have the hill rise so he can coast down and out over the flat area next to another said hill. It is an idea I am going to attempt at some time in the near future using old waste hard drives to supply my materials.

and on another note if one is interested in something very easy to build and supply say light to cut down those electric bills try looking into the flapper technology.
I believe the official term is windbelt and here are a few links


I honestly believe this is the easiest to build electric generator and with basic electronics knowledge you can even power an entire house while using then generators to make say a fence (that is a friend's idea so I can't claim credit there)

just so you understand magnets are not producing their pull magically from nothing but instead are simply aligning a lot of some sort of background energy on a specific frequency thus the reason they only effect similar materials (you can read up more on how each atom has frequencies it responds to and how it "ignores", or is transparent to, others by going here (bose-Einsteinum condesation site) which by the way is probably how true cold fusion will be accomplished


what really makes me wonder is if there are other forms of material attraction that if one but has the frequency maybe a magnet for aluminum r other materials could be made? this I think would be a far more important discovery than even over unity as this might give us the control over materials to allow for manufacturing technics that would rival what we are led to see in say even star trek shows. there are more things I could write about but I think I am getting of topic so I will leave with this one final thought. Who cares is the free energy device you make will power a city? just take care of your power needs and let others do the same. if you can get free or "green" energy for your needs then you have removed your self from the burden that society currently places on our ecology. If you want to do more then write photograph and document your success so others can at least mimic you. and Luxeon's all the way!!!!


Nuclear power is a limited resource, but the limit is very high. Wikipedia puts it at 1500 years. It presents a chart of it here, and cites an internationally-recognized study (pdf).


Solar cells are also becoming much more efficient. The Department of Energy last December reported 40%-efficient solar cells. The trick is to "tune" individual components of the solar cell for different wavelengths in the solar flux. Nanotech allows dense packing of these tuned components.


If I can rephrase the objective of this topic, consider "unlimited energy" as an objective. I just ran across the description of a method that is currently being scaled up to produce a lot of oil products (gasoline and deisel) from organic waste. I find it interesting because of the possibility to scale it down and provide household, or individual community, sources of fuel.


The article I ran across has the headline: Anything that grows 'can convert into oil'. The inventor is J.C. Bell. He has a website under construction. (Just the home page.) His invention is very simple, yet profound.


Cows can eat almost anything that comes from plant life. From it, they generate a lot of methane. In fact, they generate so much methane that it contributes significantly to the hydrocarbons in the atmosphere. The implication of the article is that he has engineered stomach bacteria from cows so that they produce chain hydrocarbons.


The objective is that one can take waste food, grass clippings, agricultural residue such as cornstalks, and any other organic residue, and persuade the bacteria to convert these things into oil products. His view is that he should be able to scale this technology up to provide for the oil needs of the U.S. To me, what makes even more sense is to scale the technology down so that every home, or if the chemical processing is complex, every community can have a facility that will be able to convert waste products into useful fuel. It can even reduce the amount of waste that goes into the local dump.


From the environmental point of view, it is carbon-neutral. It neither adds nor removes carbon from the environment. It simply converts waste into fuel. From an energy point of view, it converts sunlight (which grew the plants) into chain hydrocarbons, which can be used for whatever oil is used for.


Sounds like a win-win idea. The energy isn't free, because it requires work to do the processing, but it offers the prospect of producing usable fuel at low cost, and recycle waste in the process!


I'll admit, it's stories and breakthroughs like this that make me wonder if I should have followed the biology/chemistry route instead of the physics/electronics one that I'm currently working my way down. I'm not going to comment on the science of the idea - as I'm horribly inexperienced in the fields needed - but the economic impact and implications of that process are colossal. On the scaling sense of things, I understand docduke's thoughts about scaling the process down to make it usable by households/communities, but surely having dedicated plants where the process takes place would be far more effective? The way I see it, a vast majority of an organic product is wasted before it reaches our homes: unused plant material from a crop; in the areas where the raw foodstuff is processed, and so on.


Once this sort of thing has hit industry in general (making J.C.Bell ridiculously rich in the process, of course :)), and I'd imagine the sort of financial backing the process will get will be more than enough to make that pretty rapidly should it turn out to be a success, and the effects seen I'd imagine more localised and smaller (whether that be citywide plants or household waste processors) will certainly be the next step.


Regardless, this sort of discovery could well be one that does indeed change the world as we know it. Well within my lifetime the energy crisis will be sorted one way or the other, so here's to it ending up with mankind finally producing its own fuel!


Mordent, your skills will still be in demand. It has been said that the last person who knew most of everything worth knowing was Leonardo da Vinci. In today's world, really useful things are done by groups of people. J.C.Bell's invention will require lots of electronics to make it work.I am interested in the potential for scaling it down rather than up to (1) compress timescales and (2) make it harder for governments to regulate. If there is one thing that has been obvious since the first oil shock in the 1970's, it is that we need to diversify our energy sources, yet government is still standing in the way of nuclear and other potential sources. I read recently that there are of order 25 applications for new coal plants, yet most were put on hold by the power companies when Congress dropped a "carbon sequestration" bill in the hopper. Those coal plants, much less nuclear plants, require 5-10 years to build. I could (in principle) put up a fermentation plant in my back yard in a week. Developing a uranium mine takes 3-5 years. Doubling the number of microbes in a fermentation tank is an overnight process.Big business, especially big energy business, is often in the crosshairs of Congress. We feel their bite in things like our cars, when they are built by big businesses. If each community or even each household had slightly different versions of energy production plants, it would make mischevious regulation much more difficult. It would also allow designers to quickly determine which of the different designs was most productive.


I read something on shoutwire about a guy who created a lamp powered by gravity, and nothing else... gravity is something that we get for free and if we can turn that into electricity or energy then... well, here's the link


It is very annoying when in the most unexpected time the light bulb in your lamp passes out. If you do not have a spare one, you would be left with no choice but take it from other lamp in your house, or go shopping. But what if the lamp's lifetime will be around 200 years? Or let's think of another problem that comes along with light bulbs; its energy consumption. However, imagine that a 200 year lifespan lamp that needs no electricity to run. You probably thought that this is unbelievable and such a bulb does not exist. But it is real!
Student from the Virginia Tech University has made an interesting concept that has already won the Greener Gadget award. The LED lamp that uses the most infinite energy source possible - the Earth gravity! The lamp, called Gravia, is about four feet tall, and it looks like a tube made from glass. Ten built-in LEDs are powered up by energy, produced by the movement of weight that slowly lowers. Just as an old grandfathers clock that needs to be rewind to operate, this weight must be raised up every day. Sounds like a hassle, but thinking of its 200-year lifespan and absolutely no electricity drain it seems like a good idea. No wonder that it won the Greener Gadget award, because it is hard to think of any more "green" sources of energy than this one.

If it is ever mass-produced, we will possibly be the observers of a death of usual light bulbs market. Of course, why do you buy a usual lamp that needs to be replaced every half of a year when there is a lamp that will operate more time than you ever live? But the question is will the mechanism endure such challenge?


ok that last post is most annoying (not the poster but the person who claims the light runs off of gravity. instead of running off of gravity it is running off of stored kinetic energy, and once again gravity is merely the means of extracting the energy. how ever it does raise the question of a "Cell" like a solar Cell that instead of light is agitated simply by the passage of gravity though it thus having it positioned right to maximize the potential is all that it would need and potentially could be buried under a house to protect it from the elements, vandalism and any other threat that might shorten it's life span. also such a device would most likely not be diminished noticeably if another stack were placed over it (unlike a solar cell) so an entire stack could be boxed and placed under a chair or couch or any other such item in an apartment. Any ideas on what sort of materials that could be used?


I was introduced to an energy idea that was a reintroduction to a part of chemistry class. anyone here done the distillation of wood with the result most important being the extraction of methanol? if so do you remember the tank with liquid to measure the gas that could not be condensed and if so did your class ignite this gas? it is mostly hydrogen and thus has given me enough input from experience to realize that a method called

Wood gasification, is a very believable process to replace gasoline for ones engine with out a ton of costly and continually draining work. basically you just put a pressure cooker on your vehicle with limited air intake start a fire and let it burn down to coals. the base to the unit allows the coals to fall through and then you lay on top of the grate and close it up. very quickly the heat from the coals cause the wood above to break down and the gases that result are pumped to your carburetor or fuel injector, and the gas burns just like gasoline or even better. ofcourse all of this requires adjustment so unless you can adjust a vehicle you may want to get some help with it but apparently it works well enough to allow it to replace as much space as the gas tank on a normal vehicle with only a marginal excess of space and a very small amount of wood will allow the vehicle to drive a long way while producing the same or less emissions that are regulated.

here are some links on the subject. (also dont forget one could be set up on a property and used to run a generator for electricity too.)

http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ -20222/gengas/monorator-eng .html
http://www.motherearthnews.com/ /Green-Transportation/1981-09-01/Wood-Gas-Update.aspx
http://www.intergate.com/ ~mlarosa/images/woodgas/?M=D
http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ _alexandersson.htm
http://www.gengas.nu/bilder/ /index.shtml
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I don't think no one has mentioned it but I've seen cars drive around (Volswagon bugs/Volvos) that have a modified engine that run on the contents of grease traps from fast food places. I'm not sure what's all involved.It seems energy has to come from somewhere. Converting energy from one source to another with minimum energy loss in the process (from heat, friction, energy efficiency, etc.) I've had some energy producing ideas before but I'm no inventor. It seems all the best ideas thought of were bought by government agencies or energy/oil companies cause of new breakthrough in technology - which may alter their financial/regulatory/authority stability. There are technologies developed which the general public will never even hear of.Well one of my ideas since we get light from the sun. And we know the speed of light. We need to create some sort of artificial material which can slow down the light yet still capture all it qualities. Then once we harness the light in this material we can then project this material among our prisms, mirrors, various lenses to whatever photosensitive energy producing material we have. Or have it reflect in permanent circle/sphere which can will provide illumination, heat, or other light frequencies which we may benefit from.


Well one of my ideas since we get light from the sun. And we know the speed of light. We need to create some sort of artificial material which can slow down the light yet still capture all it qualities. Then once we harness the light in this material we can then project this material among our prisms, mirrors, various lenses to whatever photosensitive energy producing material we have. Or have it reflect in permanent circle/sphere which can will provide illumination, heat, or other light frequencies which we may benefit from.

The physics of that strikes me as dodgy at best. The idea of "storing" light by reflecting it around in a permanent circle/sphere is surely more of a "delaying" tactic? Let's say you work out a way of reflecting a beam of light in what is, effectively, a big hollow spherical mirror indefinitely. Getting the light out by opening a small part of the mirror would just cause the light beam to come out at the same rate it went in, surely? Assuming no energy is lost by reflecting it time after time, why not just have solar panels in the first place, or am I missing some key point to your idea?

Still, I think the idea of harnessing the Sun's energy (whether via solar panels of some description, or via mass usage of plant material to generate energy) in some form is the only way we're going to be able to sustain our energy levels for any real length of time. Plants are perhaps one of the best means of this idea, if not also due to the fact that they "recycle" the carbon in the process.


There are some interesting post in this thread thus far. Of course there is no such thing as "free" energy. The laws of physics simply do not allow for it. I thought trying to compare a cow to a machine of sort was interesting though flawed by the fact that a large organism like a cow is massively more complex than any machine mankind has built. To add my bit to the discussion I believe we will not get close to endless energy unitil we have a stronger understanding of Quantum Physics.


Is Free Energy Or Electricity Possible?

I am not scepticus and I think it is possible.

Moreover, it have been already used - Sun energy is free, we can take it as much as we want!

In the the time of global warning, it will great to use more energy coming from outside the Earth's sphere instead of producing additional warming on our own!

The reasonable question: "Is sun energy relly free?"

Certainly, there are some maintenance expenses. But I think the word "Free Enengy" means "Free source of energy".

Maintenace expences will be always, I do not see any way to prevent them.

Zable LLC.

Mythbusters tried this myth and they came to the conclusion that you can get free energy but the amount produced is very small so almost not worth it.


Mythbusters tried this myth and they came to the conclusion that you can get free energy but the amount produced is very small so almost not worth it.

With current methods, most likely. We're refining the technology used to gather this "free" energy all the time, however, so given 10 or 20 years I can see it being far more economical to use solar panels and the like. Don't get me wrong, I'm almost certain that the Sun is a fantastic source of energy that we've barely started utilising, but right now we just haven't done the research and development necessary to make the lot worthwhile. While we've got some of our oh-so-clever scientists looking at harvesting the Sun's energy, we've got a lot more working on reducing the amount of energy we waste, with others coming up with ways of getting more energy in clever means (like the biofuel idea). Each method has its own merits, and if we really want to get "free" energy then the more ways of collecting it we have the better.


If you mean free energy in the next 100-150 years, then the answer is a resounding no. However, as technology gets more advanced, we will see huge leaps in energy efficiency, which will help the 'free electricity' idea.


has anyone seen this page?


if it is what I think I actually had the idea a while ago but there were some complications with how to generate and store with out having a up hill stroke. a coil of wire will not offer resistance if it is not hooked up because it is not generating any magnetic field, my idea was to use a delay in releasing the power produced back by using caps and a transistor that required a certain amount of power to be able to open up the gate. thus it would allow also for a variable resistor being used to regulate the speed and there for the Hz rating of the power output. this design according to the math and allowing for real world loss of power to various things like friction and counter resistance should still produce over 40 amps of power from something the size of a Hard drive. of course I am not done with the complete unit so there may be things missing I have not accounted for and being told over and over that it will not work has made me more than an little slow at working on it, finding other things to work on.


Great, I just had to follow up on this topic cause I'm not going to get my mind off it till I share my ideas. Okay the light sphere... In case someone likes to product this further, name it the Levi Sphere or Riggz sphere. Anyway, I would not release the light, I would just like it to sustain its self. Then I thought you wouldn't be able to see it illuminate, But what if, the shell was made of a photosensitive material or some kind of clear transparent solar cells. Just think about a computer processor - how the processor dies are made. I read about this when the Pentium MMX was being made. And now sizes of processors are even smaller - people back then didn't anticipate it being this small. If someone can perfect that technology for a 3d sphere applications. Light energy within. And heat energy can be drawn from the outside... like your processor heat sink. Then if you can some how alter or amplify the stored energy, or channel to other methods - gravitational effects, motion, magnetics, path of least resistance. It can then be adapted to somehow maintain or be a component in some larger energy producing system.Yea..... I picked my brains... not my nose :(


dennis lee free energyIs Free Energy Or Electricity Possible?

Replying to ScepterDonFettiIn reply to the message about Dennis Lee saying he can make free electricity. Yes, he has been saying that for 20 years now, always promising to have the definitive proof .

. . . In a few months. At least 7 states attorneys general have taken action against him and lots of people have lost a lot of money to this particular ex convict. There are actually a lot of different con men who have earned a living for years making this same kind of claim. Where they get interesting is their excuses for not quite having it yet. Dennis does a lot of Jesus and patriot talk for hours on end but always says there is a big conspiracy out to stop this and other cutting edge technology - but if more people would just sent him money to sign up and register to get the free electricity machines . . .

 You get the idea.More on his fascinating scams at http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

-reply by Eric Krieg


Of course! remember "the energy only transforms itself" there are many people doing experimnts even on their homes,most of them use magnetism in order to generate infinite energy,if some one can do this at home dont you think the goberment can to?


I simply thing nothing on earth is free. If you have a cow for making *BLEEP* and gather the methane and burn it in a motor, this is not free because you had to feed the cow, which needs grass, which needs rain, which is not available in a lot of countries.The real question would be : is there a way for having energy without allowing some people to get scandalously reach ? Then, some solution like solar cooking devices could be an answer.

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