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Astahost Bonus Credit System?

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Having said this, I will forward your thoughts on to OpaQue and see if his opinion has changed with regards to this subject.

It's pretty calm in this topic :)!Anyway, Vujsa have you had any response from OpaQue on this? Or did you completely forgot about it? :)
I think it's pretty dead in here. So I'll keep it short.



I was debating whether or not to reply to this thread or not.But I agree with the reasons "not" to do it. I think all the credits we receive are bonuses anyway.My 2 cents. (Well I'm Canadian ... so my 1.85 cents.)


The bonus system here could work great as people would be encourages to write good post and would also lead to increase the quality of posts at Xisto and would also help to get them good page rank as well as good posts indexing and more people coming to use this service of posting for hosting ,thus leading them to the best free host, the bonus system i feel is a good idea, it would encouage everyone to make good quality posts which are really useful and not just writing bid stupid posts whic are only for earning credits and not for helping anyone


I would have to say that that Idea would be pretty nice. It will benefit both parties. (Xisto and the referrer)


i agree with the best post idea, no objections here!xboxrulz

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