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The Mentos And Diet Coke Reaction

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Doesn't explain WHY it happens in Diet Coke and not in Regular Coke. I'm not a pop expert, but what is the difference between regular and diet?? That difference could be the reason why it erupts!


Also, who on earth thought of putting MENTOS in DIET COKE?? I never would think of something as crazy as that... :unsure:




that would be me..

me and me alone..


i wont waste any mentos moments that i can have. all of them..


I didn't quite realize that it was unique to diet coke versus coke. perhaps the sugars greatly stabilize the CO2; something which aspartame cannot replace? clearly, if there is a difference in the way mentos reacts with coke versus diet coke then it must lie in the differences of their ingredients (or in their amounts). if someone wants to test this, try 7up versus diet 7up. would this change the game? what about pepsi?


What? It doesn't happen with regular coke? Wierd. I was hoping of trying this out pretty soon, but now I've got to hunt for diet coke cause it isn't all that easily available near my home.


did anyone tried that on regular coke?i read some letters and comments months ago that they also work on other kind of soda drinks such as regular coke and even pepsi..i never tried to verify that, put simply.. i was lazy to even try if it will work..


well let all of us know once someone tries this with a non-diet soda. heck go purist. Try club soda! that should be different. also... add just a little bit of soap before you add the mentos. make sure the soap is fully dispersed and when you mix it try not to make too many bubbles or release too much CO2. The soap may change the chemistry.... Let us know what you find!


Did you know the guys who made the mentos video netted at least $30,000? That's from one website.
here's an article on it from Silicon Valley.com

YouRubes ... Here's a metric to chew on: YouTube accounts for 60 percent of all online video viewing. That's an astonishing achievement for a site just 17 months old, but one that's not without its problems -- two in particular: copyright and artist compensation. In July, Robert Tur sued YouTube after video he shot of the beating of trucker Reginald Denny during the 1992 Los Angeles riots was posted to the site without his permission. Others like him will surely follow. And while YouTube says it's protected from such legal attacks under a federal law that shields online services from liability for copyright violations its customers may commit, that argument loses potency if the service profits from infringements. One could argue that YouTube is doing just that by running ads in its search results, and someone surely will. The courts will almost certainly end up deciding that one.
But the bigger question here, and to my mind the more interesting one, is this: How long will the people who create the videos that are YouTube's lifeblood be satisfied with attention as the only form of compensation? How long before they demand payment, or leave YouTube for video-sharing site Revver, which shares advertising revenue with clip makers? According to BusinessWeek, that video of the Mentos fountain that was an Off Topic here back in June made its creators, Fritz Grobe and Stephen Voltz, about $30,000 when it was posted to Revver. But Grobe and Voltz estimate they could have made double that had fans not posted copies of the video to YouTube. Suffice to say, they're not too happy with YouTube right now. And I'm sure their are plenty of others like them. How long before more clip makers catch on and begin taking their content to an outfit that will pay them for it? Seems to me, user-created content is finally beginning to come of age.


There's one on Google videos of about 1000 menthos tablets, but on the first go the guy had menthos gum, quite funny.


I'm pretty sure it works with regular Coke too. Sugar is sticky, so it's hard to clean up when you do the trick. I was planning to try with Sprite and regular carbonated water.


I do not understand what is so great about doing these mentos experiments. It lasts for what, about 5-10 seconds? I am sure that carbonated beverage companies are loving the profits that people are giving them to do these experiments. I never even heard of this until about 5 months ago. Now, it seems like the coolest thing to do.I've watched a couple of people try it out, but it really becomes old after watching it a few times. I just wish someone could give a good scientific explanation of what happens. That way people will know what happens when they do whatever and the current fad will be over. :-)Have a great day everyone!


I just wish someone could give a good scientific explanation of what happens. That way people will know what happens when they do whatever and the current fad will be over.

Well, actually there is already a scientific explanation given. You just do a search on the web and i'm pretty sure you would find it. Briefly, it is about a reaction between the substance arabic gum found in mentos and carbon dioxide in the water/cola. All the Co2 is forced to be released and thus you see a fountain spouting out of the Coke.

Anyway, I personally feel that the experiment is pretty cool. And it is precisely that reason that people are conducting the so-called mentos experiment. Heck, i think for years to come, people would be conducting the mentos experiment, unless of course something happened to mentos or CO2 is outlawed in our beverages. Something like that...


anyhow, i quite dont understand that why its only Coke that is suffering the Mentos reaction problems...Isnt Diet Pepsi too in the ring of reactionaries? well i guess it should be. But however coke is the only one being used in experiments by people all over.I think this reaction doesn't happen with general coke. Also i wonder wat would happen if a person drank quite a bit of diet coke and had a mentos???


IT WORKS ! IT WORKS! ... one tiny one that i discovered REQUIREMENTS:1) Colgate dental gel2) Potassium permaganate3) Calcium carbonate4) Wateradd them in small quantities and in the acending order....take care and dont blow ureself up, because the reaction though harmless is exothermic and gives out a very harsh minty odour.....


IT WORKS ! IT WORKS! ... one tiny one that i discovered
1) Colgate dental gel
2) Potassium permaganate
3) Calcium carbonate
4) Water

add them in small quantities and in the acending order....
take care and dont blow ureself up, because the reaction though harmless is exothermic and gives out a very harsh minty odour.....

idk if the Potassium being "Potassium permaganate" would make a difference, but when you mix potassium and water, it does create an explosion, maybe adding the other stuff destablized the potassium a little, but not enough to cause a large explosion.

Anyways, there was something on mythbusters a few months back with mentos and soda and they actually came up with the whole formula and exactly why it would cause such a violent reaction. Unfortunatly I can niether remember what it was or find it on their site. But their site does have a link to a video of a chain reaction of like 1000 2 liters with mentos you might be interested in.


Is it make difference what mentos to use? And how do you thinks will it work for coke and mentos made in another country thank USA? And sorry, but where find Diet Coke ? And saw only Coka-Cola.Will it work for Pepsi or Pepsi Lite (the last is diet... )


i found this about the science behind mentos and diet coke from the makers website!

Making Lots of Bubbles
These chemists are saying that the primary cause is physical, not chemical. Their explanation: nucleation sites. If you have a liquid that is supersaturated with gas (like soda, which is pumped full of carbon dioxide), a nucleation site is a place where the gas is able to form bubbles. Nucleation sites can be scratches on a surface or specks of dust â anywhere that you have a high surface area in a very small volume. That's where bubbles can form.

Mentos seem to be loaded with nucleation sites. In other words, there are so many microscopic nooks and crannies on the surface of a Mento that an incredible number of bubbles will form when you drop it in a bottle of soda. Since the Mentos are also heavy enough to sink, they react with the soda all the way to the bottom. The escaping bubbles quickly turn into a raging foam, and the pressure builds dramatically. Before you know it, you've got a big geyser happening!

quoted from http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

its pretty amazing how it works! but its a very simple explanation


People. what's about russian coca-cola? We haven't got diet coke.


Ok i've done this quite a bit and watched lots of vidoes. Eppy bird are the people who originally created the massive chain reaction video. It's on their website somewhere.Also, the reaction does work with non diet coke, pepsi, and diet pepsi. It works with other soda but isn't as spectacular as using coke. As to why and all the science stuff, i have no idea.I've looked for the active reactant in mentos that causes this on the web and haven't been able to find one. So as far as scientific usefulness goes, coke + mentos is probably useless. But you have to admit, it is fun.Has anyone managed to put the cap on a 2 liter before the reaction takes place? I've tried but it all happens too fast and I just end up soaked. If you could get the cap on, the reaction would have a little more time to reach explosiveness before it blows everything out of the bottle. Theorically, it would either blow up the 2liter entirely, or launch the cap an insanely far distance. <Legacy2007>


My teacher tried to do it at school, but it became a complete failure.Our ingredients were:2 Litre diet coke1 regular mentosby the way, I merged the two topics into the original one.xboxrulz


My teacher tried to do it at school, but it became a complete failure.
Our ingredients were:
2 Litre diet coke
1 regular mentos

by the way, I merged the two topics into the original one.


that's your problem. it takes about a full tube of mentos to get a sizable reaction all dropped in at the same time.


if you wanna know the reaction between mentos and diet coke all you would have to do is search on google video or youtube Mythbusters and pick the diet coke and mentos episode they did this experiment and they thought it is quite cool and they also did some other experiments with bubbles and stuff.