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I'm sure everyone knows about the Amazon.com Wishlists, but what about other sites? What sites do you like to go to for them? Which ones do you find people actually having a higher chance of picking stuff from? For me, I have wishlists at Amazon, Hot Topic.com, and Playboy, though I'm working on one for the Express website as well, since I've found A LOT of stuff there recently that I have absolutely fallen in love with. So, what about the rest of you?


This is not so mucha a website review, as a general topic. You may find it being moved.However, whilst on the subject of wishlisting, I only take part in online offers, at myoffers.co.uk, so far I have won squit, but that is my luck.I find that I do not have the time nor patience to put forward a wishlist to the likes of Amazon, where I have no interest, and do not have the time to follow up.


I apologize, but I felt that this fell under the topic at hand, since the discussion is about the availability and versatility of online wishlists on websites. Thus, people's views on them are valid, and I personally have found that no, I really don't like Amazon's wishlist much either, but it's the most understood out of all the ones I have, since it covers a wide range of topics, so that everyone can find something there that they can afford to buy for the person with the wishlist. Other, more specialized wishlists, such as Hot Topic, for example, may be a little harder for people to find others to get stuff for them on, since the other person may not understand and/or appreciate why they have that on their wishlist....just my two cents on the subject....besides, since there was already a topic about the best wallpaper sites, why would this be any less applicable?


Have you checked out Tallwish (http://www.tallwish.com/)? It's wish list is not tied to any stores and is great for families. There is a group that everyone belongs to. I noticed it is completely free too. They also have event reminders. I like it because my entire family is part of a group. By clicking on a family member's name, I can get to their wish list. Definitely worth a look.


Ryt GiftBest Wishlist Sites


I just came across a new wish list site called Ryt Gift. It cost me a $1.99 to sign up but that was it and it is really really good. Easy to navigate, you can upload pictures. I was looking for something user friendly and I found this to be one of the best sites I have come across. 

-reply by Nancy


Do wishlists even work? I've had some Wishlists on both Amazon.com and Tshirthell.com and I think they just exist to make me wish that someone would actually answer a wishlist.