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  1. In the beginning, Google cared only about indexing every website on the Internet. It managed to accumulate over 4 million pages in data. This was at the start of Google.com around the year 2000. Over 10 years later, Google.com has acquired over 4 billion pages on the Internet. It has been the most successful website on the Internet: its purpose: to deliver to billions of eyes easily accessible information. Google is getting smart. And that is a good thing. Google used to chase after meta tags, have websites submit their data. They no longer need to do this anymore. Google has bots that crawl through sites and eventually discover them either through link exchanges, clicking of links, sites with Google Analytics discovering links from other areas either from or to these websites. Google will eventually find your website. Whether your website is relevant or not.. has now become part of the Google algorithm. Google noticed something a while ago. Something that was never meant to be. A search query returned all of the same content on the first page. Each page had copied content on it and yet all of these pages were seen as relevant enough to be on the first page. In reality, none of these pages contained any useful information or only one contained it, because all the pages were the same. Keyword, Tags, SEO and many other tricks to get Google to put your page first became all too easy, but that did not mean that these pages pulling these tricks were actually relevant, and this led Google to come up with an algorithm to defeat these websites. There are several algorithms at work with each query on Google. And Google is only getting millions more bytes of data each day with query the world is searching. Googleâs new algorithms began eliminating these websites, deemed duplicate content. Unfortunately, there was some collateral damage and some websites that did not contain copied content were hit. They found their websites no longer appearing on Google at all. Google states they are trying to improve their algorithm, but those sites now must find a new way to exist and be seen. Google wants original content. It is very understandable. It is very annoying to search for something and get the first few pages of results giving you the exact same content. If you do not find what youâre looking for within these first few pages, even if the information does in fact exist, than the authentic information is lost forever. If there could be some way to eliminate all the websites that have no relevancy, than what Google is doing is completely understandable. This guide was meant for honest webmasters who do have original content but may have somehow messed up somewhere along the lines. A while ago, my site received a penalty for duplicate content. It went from 250 visitors a day to 30. I checked Google Webmaster and realized I was ignoring all the suggestions on the HTML page. However, this page of âsuggestionsâ were not suggestions at all. They were warnings. And if nothing was to be done about them, than Google would penalize the website. So here are several steps that can be taken in order to recover your website from any Google penalty. 1. If you do not have Google Webmaster (https://www.google.com/webmasters/), sign up for it. Upload your sitemap.xml and ensure that a Googlebot has crawled through it. If not, give it several days. Use the Fetch as Googlebot under Diagnostics. 2. In Google Webmaster, click on Diagnostics and check your HTML Suggestions. If you have duplicate content, remove it. Do as many of the suggestions as you possibly can! 3. Validate your CSS. Go to a site like http://www.cssportal.com/. Validate and optimize your CSS! I went from 316 errors down to 17 after I was done. It took me about an hour manually to do everything. There is an automatic optimizer, but be careful and make sure you back up your CSS file! The optimizer may change things, especially when you begin to check for Cross-Browser compatibility! So I suggest you run the automatic optimization, but make the changes manually. If you do not already have them, depending on your web browser.. get these tools: Google Chrome: Inspection, Refresh CSS Firefox: Firebug, Refresh CSS They will save you a lot of time because you can see changes and make them before you actually change anything with the Inspection/Firebug tool. And then once you make changes, often times, browsers will cache the CSS and it will not always refresh with an F5 or refresh button. The refresh CSS plugin will show you immediate changes. 4. Write your own content! ONLY WRITE ORIGINAL CONTENT THAT IS YOUR OWN! In college, you were not allowed to plagiarize your papers. This is the same concept with Google! So get rid of anything on your site that might be on other sites. The only way to bypass this is if you provide a link to the original content. This may still affect your site. 5. REMOVE DUPLICATE TITLES AND META TAGS AND DESCRIPTIONS! If you have several pages on your website or thousands, and they all contain the same exact Title, Google will read these pages as duplicate web pages on your site and your site will receive a harsh penalty. 6. Do not stuff your keywords. There are many tools that can detect keyword stuffing. Use keywords to explain your page, your website, but donât over do it! And certainly donât hide it with CSS or hidden text, because bots will detect this. 7. If you link exchange, make sure youâve exchanged with good sites. Remove your site from Bad Neighborhoods and Link Farms if applicable. Use this tool to detect what sites are in bad neighborhoods, or contain links to them. If they link to some bad neighborhoods, this will affect your website ranking greatly. (http://www.bad-neighborhood.com/text-link-tool.htm) 8. Creating authentic content in subdomains and making those subdomains popular visitor areas may help your site. 9. Understand how SEO works, specifically Google SEO. (http://www.seobook.com/learn-seo/collateral-damage.php) 10. Stop putting all your eggs into one basket! Utilize all your resources! Yahoo Site Explorer, Bing Webmaster Tools, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Digg, StumbleUpon, and every social media tool you can think of to help your website! Google is not the only resource out there. There are so many other places you can help to recover your site and get more visitors, even in the eyes of Google, especially since your site is being seen through eyes of popular websites. These are my own suggestions and things Iâve come across from researching. I hope these suggestions help everyone to avoid what I went through.
  2. Xarex


    I like http://www.co.cc/ the most because you can redirect to your site and you can either have it do a redirect to your exact domain, or have it keep the mydomain.cc. I noticed I get traffic from co.cc, either through their site, or through search engines.Another thing is basically.. if i wanted to create a subdomain on my website for someone else, and I didn't want people to know that they were coming to my site, than I could just give them a link to that domain.For example...mydomain.comPerson subsection is:myfriendsarea.mydomain.comThe domain I give people:myfriendsarea.co.ccWhat people will see:myfriendsareas.co.ccAnd then through .htaccess you can just have all your links look like they are actually on that domain. So then your friend can get a free fake domain and be hosted on your site.This could also be a service anyone could offer.. and charge a few bucks a month for it.I tried dot.tk but it didn't seem to work for me.
  3. My only complaint about your site: Google Adsense. You have two ads placed almost right next to each other. What is the point of this? One ad at the top is fine. There should be a picture by "What is Human Anatomy?" It looks unprofessional to have two of the exact same Google Ads by each other. Maybe not exactly alike each time. But put a picture there. At the moment, my page rank is 3. Some days, I don't add anything. Some days, I add 100 videos. Each week or at least once every 2 weeks, I'll add an article to my site. It's not bad that Google has ranked your site as informative. An informative site would be deemed as say.. me typing something like, "Pangaea" and the first result is? Wikipedia. You want it so that when someone types in "Femur", Google knows that the content on your site is easy to read and relevant to this topic, so your site comes up. Again, the Page Rank drop probably means less people are coming to your site at the moment. Look at the season. What day is it? What month? It's July. It's summer time. Not too many people are searching about parts of the body. Whose in school right now? Come September-May, your site will probably get a spike in hits. If you don't get spikes and the number is regular, than I guess everything is normal. You need to manually submit your site to these search engines. Search Google or even search their own search engines for submitting your site to Yahoo and Bing. A suggestion if you want more traffic and to get your site name out.. something I would do.. sign up and gain a small reputation on major forums. If you have an hour extra per week, put aside this time to do exactly this: Go to Yahoo Answers, people will ask questions on there about Human Anatomy. You can even search for questions people have asked -- monitor the new questions and answer them. It asks for a source (where you got your information from), put your website down and Google and other search engines will index it quick, especially if people click on it. Make it a priority to answer quite a few of these questions that people ask. The more, the better. Search for other major sites related to your subject, things that you might be able to answer -- and sign up for them - and make sure you have a signature to your website in your link. Even Xisto forums and Xisto are heavily indexed sites -- I search my site, and I always find a result "youtrippy" from here on a google search. Ultimately what you're doing, more people will click from OTHER SITES. And Google will notice the traffic from these majors sites GOING TO YOUR SITE AND GOOGLE WILL LIKELY INDEX YOU FASTER AND INCREASE YOUR RANK. Since my site is related to music and it could even be related to drugs, I often post about music-related topics, or I might even comment about some type of drug or whatever, and in that, I always include a link to my site. If you can do this on major sites -- your site will get indexed and noticed in no time. The more people that go to your site, the more likely your results are going to come up as #1 on Google. But just remember, you're definitely going up against giants -- such as WebMD or SymptomChecker.. these sites are hard to bypass. Heavily indexed with a reputation. Be happy if you're #3.
  4. Google dropped a lot of page ranks. Your site might not be keeping up. Ever since Google instilled their new Panda Program. A search of Google will provide you with a load of information as to what happened: https://www.google.com/search?q=Google+Panda But I think you should agree with your responders on the Google forums. Your page is extremely informative without being too cluttered. It's even less cluttered than a Wikipedia page on the same information. And it's very simple and beautiful to the human eye. You're likely not going to attract the average adult (unless they are curious) or child to your site. YOU WILL BE ATTRACTING MEDICAL STUDENTS, NURSES, DOCTORS, etc. Google has probably ranked your page as an informative website that doesn't change too often. How often do you add new content? Google loves pages that change daily. Don't worry about the drop. The only way you can ensure that your site doesn't drop: Google hates duplicates and plagiarism. If your site is copying information from another site that isn't your own words. Google will eventually detect it and classify your site as a copy of another site or something like that. I assume that your site doesn't do this. And add new content! Keep your sitemap.xml file up-to-date. How's your Google Analytics? Do you get spikes? And how's your site in competition with other sites on the Google search engines? If you search for something in a related area, what page does your site land on? Maybe develop a randomly changing tags area with human anatomy keywords and when clicked, people are taken to that page? Or FAQ area at the end of each article on the page with questions and they can be taken to a FAQ area about the body? You need something more that attracts people and keeps them scrolling through your pages? Maybe more articles on different areas of the body? Or just how far the human body can go? It would make your site unique. If you want to attract people beyond the doctor or nurse or medical student, and start attracting a heap of average people... than you might just need to add these unique articles.. articles that teach people new things about the body.
  5. Great tips. I will contribute as well. This is a set of links to help you optimize your website: To speed up websites, here is a great article on Gzip Compression: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ It's a very easy compression method and just by adding a few simple lines of code, you can speed up your site using .htaccess. There is also another method called PHP Flush. Here is a link to an article on how to use code to do that: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ To test your website for SEO Optimization: http://seositecheckup.com/ Great site to help you improve your keywords, meta tags, and security as well as give you a little insight into what search engines are likely seeing. To get even more detailed insight into your webpage with a ranking: https://www.woorank.com/ Test your website speed and compare it with others (find other websites similar to yours and make sure the speeds match or are faster): http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ Check your Alexa ranking: http://www.alexa.com/ Check your Google PR Rank: http://pagerankchecker.com/ Great tools to use: Firefox - download a plugin called Firebug. Google Chrome - comes with a built-in plugin called Inspection. Also from both programs, download a plugin called CSS Refresh. You NEED THIS TOOL IN ORDER TO SEE INSTANT CHANGES ON YOUR SITE. If you don't have this tool, you could refresh for 10 minutes before seeing any changes. Use right click and look at some of the source code. Learn how to use these tools. They are your lifesavers! Especially to find and change colors or even how something is done. Also, look at sites that might be similar to yours.. and see what attracts you on their site. If you find yourself inclined to leave.. than they aren't doing something right. If you find yourself a bit more interested and everything is easy to go through and you want to stay, you might want to copy that method of style. I haven't written any official list, but definitely planning on starting one. #1: THE LESS - THE BETTER! #2: MORE SIMPLE - MORE BETTER! Lots of times companies think that by offering more tools and more things to do and more images and more things to click, they will attract more visitors and keep them there. But in fact, the less clutter there is with your website design, the more inclined people are likely to stick around. Clutter loses the eyes very fast. A simple design is very attractive to the eye. The eye will grasp the webpage and your visitor will be more inclined to return.
  6. Damn, that girl is hot. My first (ex) gf was a gamer.. no wonder why sex wasn't.. much topic of debate. But there are certainly a great amount of girls that are gamers. I remember when you could play a game and guys would play male avatars and girls would play girl avatars and you could flirt and not worry about who was actually behind the screen. Probably remember the same thing with a screen name! Haha. Boy, times have changed. Now girls hide behind the mask of male avatars and guys are playing female avatars.Girls enjoy gaming just as much as we guys do though. And there have been some that have become way too addicted to gaming. I know there are a few WoW Gamers who are actually celebrities.I wonder what would happen if they did the same poll for guys. Sex and Gaming.
  7. Thank you manuleka. I am discovering this too. A whole lot of potential. I realized this when I was always searching for videos and reading the comments to see the reactions of the videos. There is a huge subculture that is just so spread out. So eventually, I'd like to make it more social-community based -- as in -- making friends with these people who have very similar interests. Even just the domain name itself is a very good domain name. I am always creating subsections and experimenting with new ideas, different CMS, even posting on Twitter or Facebook to have people visit those areas for a week, and see if its working.. see the general reactions, how long people are spending on the site, and if they are involved or interacting at all -- through Google Analytics. Very awesome tool. But it can't determine everything, and a week isn't always enough time to really say anything. But it seems, no matter what kind of site I'm designing.. I'm attracting a certain amount of visitors, and always getting a few people registering. I'm sure it's frustrating for some of my returning visitors who have signed up more than once and seen multiple websites, but I was trying to find something that worked for me, that was easy to manage and maintain. And what I've come to is the video site. It was a video blog .. but that just happened to be too much work right now -- to deliver music and write about it. And maintain a forum sections (which was an extension of my blog -- for various different topics & articles such as psychology, philosophy, tutorials, etc.) -- a lot of work. And this is just a part time job (well, not paid actually) and a learning experience for me. But I'm taking a lot of what I'm learning and applying it to my professional resume -- such as the marketing and design of the site -- learning what attracts people, using specific keywords. Anyways, I appreciate your positive feedback. Always work to be done and when you think it's done... there's still always more. Probably for the best -- to improve the experience and attract daily visitors who hopefully "convert" (register).
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  9. Hello zenia, I thank you for writing this. Any contribution to anything helps. And it certainly seems like a Chan could be something useful. However, I do have suggestions for you.1. I had to read through your posts in order to find out what a "Chan" is.If you are going to explain how to do something, explain what it is first and the benefits of possibly using it. I had no idea what a chan was. Then I typed that in Google and the first thing that comes up, basically, is 4chan, which is a somewhat entertaining site, but also isn't appropriate for all age groups. So before you even explain how to install something.. what the heck is it that I am installing? What does it do?2. You wrote this manual or tutorial in many posts. I don't know why, but my Xisto Forums view is in a tree standard format and I have to click each link to open up your new posts. There is no limit to the amount of characters a post can contain. Your thread would've been much better had you included all the information in the first post. In the future, keep it all on the first post.3. Short list of actions. I hardly consider 27 numbers a short list. 5 or 10.It's a great thing you've done this in steps. It makes it much easier to understand. Though I think you could have narrowed down some of those steps of multiple tasks into one.4. I've tried to understand the logic behind your setting up 5 email accounts. When I first found a free host and started setting up everything, I realized the importance of not using my primary / business / school email address for anything any longer. I decided to set up a Gmail account after my site name. And then once I was with Xisto - Web Hosting, I got 50 emails from the package and set up 3 of them. I only use one away from the master "admin" account. Setting up 5 emails is not logical. Setting up one that isn't linked to anything else and contains a completely different password not related to your website or anything that anyone can guess about you seems much more logical.5. Why are you posting plane pictures in each post? Is it relevant to the topic? If it isn't, don't do it. It's more annoying, as I'm on a slightly slower Internet connection and it makes the page load slower.Don't mean to be harsh. But I am not the only one who sensed frustration of even opening up your thread. Even the site that you linked to hardly contains much information about itself. (The information I eventually found in its "Wiki" link) It looks like it's a good program that's starting up, but it also seems very "underground." A site like that usually contains people already backing it. I can log on to WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or another type of site and the first thing I see on the front page is what it is and what it does. The front page / news site and even the FAQ page doesn't even contain information about what it does, it assumes a person visiting will figure it out easily. So this site doesn't even look like it was designed for the average visitor.I am certainly not knocking you for this site's lack of information. I would just hope that you could have explained it better in your tutorial post. You kind of just jumped in like the site does with an expectation that everyone knows what you are talking about. And certainly, without even a link to a download, I was wondering why you wrote 27 instructions to install some program you didn't even include.That is just my advice and 2 cents for writing a better tutorial and informing people.Thank you for sharing. I'm likely going to check it out because this seems to be the first time I've seen a program like this ... and looks like, after a Google search, there aren't many of these types of CMS / Chan programs that exist.
  10. When I was with PHP Fusion, I gave that option to have like 5 themes to choose from. With the default theme being lighter -- and that's actually when reviews were being directed as the site was too bland. I am going based on past experience. When I had a default MySpace profile -- it was crap, it wasn't attracting people or anything. I then decided to make my MySpace profile a fan page -- dedicated to my favorite band, Pink Floyd. I spiced it up with a lot of my personality -- designed with the way I felt was comfortable. I really made it for myself, to express my love for Pink Floyd. BUT .. it happened to attract a lot of people. I get thousands of visitors a week and even at one time, I asked what I should change about it, and told people I was thinking of changing it, only to receive some critical emails telling me to leave it as is. I haven't changed it in over 5 years. MySpace has since updated their whole system and I can't even edit my profile anymore because it will force me to update it. So I just leave it. And still, it attracts so many people. So my point is.. I think when I stick to what I feel is more my personality, I am more successful with it. When I listen to others -- and believe me, I do my best to receive, listen to, and change based on visitor feedback -- because it is you who are visiting and can tell me the truth of my site -- so your feedback is certainly never ever ignored. But I also feel like when I change it too much, I lose interest in it myself, because it's no longer my personality, but someone else's design that I am catering to. The only thing I can think of is to try a slightly lighter black color, and I will try this and see if it works. I am just wanting to generally make it work with that top image. It is the theme of the site -- perhaps there is a story behind it that I just haven't revealed yet, but maybe someday I can figure out how to incorporate the story in with it. I am using the Google Analytics tool to determine bounce rate. If it was so horrible, I'd have people leaving immediately. I also put my site on Linkreferral and another forum that I've been posting at for like 10 years. I get a lot of general advice about user experience from those. One of the hardest things with using black is finding a font color that is easy on the eyes. White is the easiest to read abut reading large amounts of texts with white on black hurts. I established a light blue color that seemed to be much easier on the eyes. It is interesting to discuss this -- when does personal become professional and when does professional become personal? Years ago, I might make a website with tables, some graphics, and writing, and that was my personal website. Hardly professional. A professional website would be typing in AOL.com or CNN.com and getting news and other stories. What is the personal now considered, with so many advanced websites and tools to make those websites? Is every website professional now? I want my site to look professional -- more YouTube style but with my own hint of personality within the mix. So that it remains personal yet still looks slightly professional. However, my goal is not to really attract businessmen or someone at work. My goal is to attract these people when they are at home, winding down, looking to relax, watch a few videos and listen to some great music. This way, they are more inclined to stay on the site longer when they are relaxed and not at work. Okay, so perhaps I could attract that audience as well, but as Ahsaniqbal111 put it: start small. But my expectations that they will stay on the site longer is even less -- because I observe my own behavior on YouTube. Once in a while, I might be more inclined to spend a lot of time on YouTube, listening to songs one after the other, while others -- I watch a video and leave. I would love to just attract a daily fan base who want to contribute music to the site. My site is now -- for now -- a YouTube / Dailymotion portal. I could add others but for now, that's where the majority of everything comes from. I know it's small. This is my first site and I'm just doing a lot of experimenting. I consider my site more of a categorization site -- of music. Something YouTube does not do. And probably a good thing because it keeps it so general, and has given me a reason for making such a site. I'm actually liking the CMS I'm using because I can create categories and subcategories of music. The only thing the user has to do is submit the link to the specific category. If they don't see their specific category, than they can just upload it to the general category and I'd move it to a specific category. What is lacking -- and the CMS isn't extremely advanced -- is the ability for users to create their own subcategories. But that could also become chaotic, if a user comes along, thinks he doesn't see a specific artist (subcategory), and creates one on his own, while it really does exist. I guess a more advanced system would determine what the user is submitting and actually automatically create or insert it into the existing category. Definitely a project I'm not up to messing with right now. I guess that's what makes it slightly more personal. So for starting small, I think it's good the way it is. And I will experiment with a few lighter colors.
  11. Hey Ahsaniqbal111, sorry it took me a while to get back to you. Real life and the site. I did away with the adult section. The VIP section is for people who make a certain amount of posts -- it encourages users to be more interactive with the site. To participate more and earn enough points to "buy" VIP with the point system. You could easily sign up and post blogs and have them on my site. That wouldn't be a problem. There was more to do on the site than just music. It was philosophy, psychology, and other types of discussion on the forums. I must admit, it has been several weeks since I've posted this and I remain very enthusiastic towards my site. But I decided to go back with my original idea and stick with something a bit more simple. ocPortal is an amazing CMS with a lot of built-in features. Comes with nearly everything. And I noticed more people were sticking on my site longer -- around 10 minutes rather than what i have now - a video site, where people stick around for about half that time. However, it was getting to be just too much for me and my heart lied more on what i currently have at my website right now. I still highly recommend ocPortal to anyone looking for a CMS with a lot of built-in features as it comes with nearly everything. But again -- each CMS has its own great features and sometimes, we find more of those features more advanced or pertaining to our needs more in one CMS than another. And now I'm just using a simple Video CMS. I originally wanted a site like YouTube or Break.com. My site isn't as perfect as those two. As I want to attract more visitors and get a general flow of people coming. Then I'd definitely consider buying a more advanced Video CMS. I am very open to taking your advice, and your absolutely right. I was thinking too big all at once and it was getting to be too much and more than I could handle. I was also pulled between a blog & video site among other things within that site and just having a video CMS. I decided to try my original idea only -- the video site. I think if things go well, I'll add a blog section or go back to using ocPortal again. Everything is new to me. I am still learning greatly. About what works and what doesn't. I'm using Google Analytics heavily to determine the underlying logistics. Starscream - thank you for your suggestion, some others had mentioned that too, and in fact, one person went as far to say: "Introduction pages are for porn sites..not regular ones." I loved that video and it was the only way I could show it. I've since done away with an intro page and now go directly to the content. Also, I had tried a lighter theme - and had a few comments that it was too boring and bland. It's very hard to figure out a lighter background. The darkness represents more of what the site is about -- it's psychedelic. The site is for anyone, but more directed at audiences who love music and also the world of psychedelia. And sometimes -- its easier to look at and watch these videos when the surroundings are dark -- I made it that way so there is not as much distraction around. The site is also more personal than professional. I completely understand the idea behind having a lighter website. Nearly every professional website has lighter background. But again, I'm not running a personal business and selling products. It's more of my personal website and just attempting to gain visitors and members with similar interests. I have since made a website that is much lighter -- using WordPress that looks very professional and clean. I've looked at gimp.com and the colors go together - for that site. It doesn't seem to mesh well with mine. I am probably obsessed with the header -- and that determines my entire site. And it's dark, therefore I need colors that mesh with that. I had given WordPress another chance and learned that when you install the most essential plugins that you need and good ones -- everything is fine. I will probably play around with Joomla again soon sometime. Thanks for your input everyone. Your suggestions for my site are always considered. I don't know everything! I'm always learning! So I do take your feedback as constructive and use it to help me make better choices for my site. And in discovering other CMS as well!
  12. I don't know how true it is, but Google released a report on a page that loaded slowly.. I think it was something about.. regular page load is about 4 seconds vs slow page load is anything after 10 seconds -- and it was enough that people actually left the page. It's crazy to think that even 10 years ago, when DSL was the connection and things were a bit faster -- although you still had to wait for things to load, we had the patience to actually wait for it.And then go back even further to 56k and you were actually waiting almost 5 minutes for an image to load. Images that load in seconds today.It is quite amazing how fast our Internet speed is becoming, specifically in America. I've been living in another country for the past year, and although not the slowest, certainly not up to American standards. We are basically spoiled in America. In the US, I was on a server at my university where I could download a movie in 10 minutes. I am now in another country where it takes about two hours to download a movie. And while I can remember when it took me anywhere from 3 or 4 days to a week to download a large file like that, it is certainly faster than what it was.As Internet has become fast, we expect things to be instant. That's just the way it is. If it takes longer, we presume it's broken, though it probably isn't.I've been doing all I can to speed up my pages.. using the htaccess gzip method and setting image expiry dates, and attempting to compress pages, so that they use the cache from the users' computer, and the visitor will only see the latest pages if they have been updated. There are a lot of things to do to speed up your own site.One of the hardest things that a webmaster must do: Be critical of your own website. It's hard -- a website you spent hours doing, making sure it works, gathering code, and finally adding content, and also making sure it's good content and updated content.But after all that, you must return to the frame of mind where you are not the webmaster, but just a visitor.I try and go on to my site using different browsers and different computers to see the load time. I like to think of myself as a visitor when I'm doing this. Do I have the patience to wait? What happens if I get that occasional error? Or the other error.. "MySQL server has gone away." Would I really be a visitor whose going to click the refresh button in hopes that it works? Or will I just close it out and go somewhere else? Creating a webpage and being a webmaster is not easy. I'm always checking out my bounce rate.. and for my blog, it was 38% with an average of 8-10 minutes on the site and about 6-10 page visits.I have since tried a few different ways of presenting my site.. and now it's ONLY videos. The bound rate is over 50% with an average of 5-6 minutes on the site and about 4-5 page visits.Is this higher bounce rate okay for my current site? I would think so. For my blog site -- people were reading content and then going to the videos that I linked within the content. Not only did you read the blog, but now you could look through the videos, head over to the forums for more discussion, check out the wallpaper section I had.*No longer using my blog site at the momentFor my video site -- there is no content to read. Only videos to go to. After your done viewing a video, you either view more videos, you comment, or you leave. That's all.So the bounce rate makes sense.I also wonder ... how much of a bounce rate does YouTube, Facebook, or other popular sites have? I mean.. and how can you even compare your own site to these sites? My site gets maybe 100 visitors a day, if I'm advertising my site. If I don't, I get about 50. So the accuracy of the bounce rate in comparison to my site.. probably shouldn't be compared.On my blog site, I was getting a ton of hits .. almost 1000 a day, but these weren't hits from Unique visitors. But Google Analytics said very different. I was only getting about 30-80 unique visits a day. So I'm not sure what the CMS was counting.Many count banner, clicks, visits themselves (so refreshing might count as a visit -- which is not a good way of doing it)I think Google Analytics does the best job to give you the most accurate details. And you can get a lot of details from it.So I've since set up a new Google Analytics tracking system for my video site .. and one of the most important features I like is the New vs. Returning. Very useful. I usually have around half. I just started it 2 days ago .. 66/33 new/return. It's not too bad for only 2 days. My hope is that people will understand what my site is about and keep coming back to view the videos or check it out.But as for errors and other things .. slow page loading.. I really try and put myself into my visitors' place -- and I get upset when I do come across an error and try to fix it as fast as possible. It's just like walking into a store or learning in a classroom -- you expect things to run smooth, be professional, and work. If they don't.. you question the credibility of everything.------As for my blog site.. my speed score was around 71/100. I was using the Google Chrome Speed Test addon.Interesting enough.. my results for the video site... 38/100. Though it looks like it loads fast.. think about 10-13 seconds.
  13. Hey Ahsaniqbal, the website is free to view for guests. But every user who wishes to get more involved and post a blog must register. Every account comes with blogging abilities. Each person can have their own personal blog and choose to display it publicly or not. If they choose to make it public, the blog is posted to the main section [front page] of the website (either through a required validation process [my approval] or I can grant access for auto-submissions - more trusted users have this privilege. Once the blog is posted to the main page, their name is also added on the side.. "By .... " While my primary focus is on psychedelic music and artists, blogging about everyday topics can also be posted, but I've made the forums an extension of blogging. So people can post articles in there and it will also be shown on the first page. RSS also feeds the blog and specific topics in the forums which function as blogs. ocPortal also has a Point System, and I've pre-set the amount of points I want my members to receive: So just some things about the point system: blog post = 40 pts forum post = 5 pts video submission = 10 pts vote in poll = 5 pts submit a poll = 40 pts submit image of the day = 30 pts upload wallpaper to the gallery = 5 pts participating in games can earn 5-100 pts. You can also gamble points and you set the success rate as well. For example, setting it to 100% wins all the time. Also logging in every day earns 10 pts. And so on and so forth. And I can use the default prize system, or I can set up custom prizes. For example, a member who earns 1500 pts can use those points to buy an @youtrippy.com email address. I also have a top prize which is a lot more points and probably for the most dedicated and loyal member who earns 15000 pts (I know this is a lot, but the prize is worth it), and that is an Invitation to the Demonoid torrent website. Other prizes include 100 pts = name change, 500 pts = name highlighting, 150 pts = topic pinning for a week in the forums, and so on and so forth. These are either options that come with ocPortal or I've got to actually manually set them -- such as the name change. I also have a VIP section with hidden forums -- such as an Adult links section and forums. Although my site is not an adult site by any means nor do I list it as such, it does have links to adult sites, but these are hidden to regular members and guests. If a member chooses to purchase this VIP access through the point system, they can gain access to it. I also require each member fill out their birthdate so I can keep an eye on whether they are allowed to have access to these areas or not. That is why I switched to something I became more comfortable with . Thank you for your insight into WordPress and BuddyPress. I would never just stop using them. Especially for business and job purposes -- a professional is more willing to hire you and pay you for your time and development if you are familiar with WordPress. I probably did install a few plugins that just didn't mesh well together and that may have caused BuddyPress and WordPress to malfunction. I will keep this in mind, and if I was just focused on blogging, my choice would have surely been WordPress. ocPortal runs on PHP and a mixture of their own personal developed code called Comcode which works exactly like BBcode. Brackets [ ] around a (reversed) ] b [ ... ] url="Hello World" [ https://www.helloworld.com/ ] / url [ While ocPortal does have some bugs, the programmers are very active in ensuring the code is bug-free. I have run into only minor problems - and every time I've always run to the forums and was helped immediately. I am glad I looked past those minor problems and developed a fully functioning website that I wanted. I doubt a bug-free system exists and the ones that do probably don't do much. But of the list of problems I've run into with others ... I've run into far less with ocPortal. ... Where was your site when I took Anatomy a few years ago in college? Your site looks great and definitely serves a great purpose. Very easy to navigate and very informative. I've actually bookmarked it as I found it useful. .... And I also thank you for your input and your sharing of your experience with WordPress .
  14. Hello everyone, For those who have been here for a while and still come by to post, lets have a discussion. If you're still using plain old HTML, Javascript, and CSS to do your site without any type of CMS, than I'm pretty impressed. And you should still include yourself in on the conversation and let me know how that's going for you. If you aren't so hardcore and using a CMS, than let me know some details. I am continuously searching for the best CMS out there. I have come across some top-notch stuff and I've noticed that each CMS is different and everyone likes a different CMS. There really is no single best CMS. It all depends on what you are trying to do with it. So this is the information I'm interested in finding out. Name of your site: URL: Details: about your site such as what its intended to do for the public. And what you originally intended for it to do. CMS: The history of all the CMS you have used and why you are currently using the CMS you are using. Also include some of your favorite things about the CMS and things you don't like. *Also if you want to give feedback about my site or if you want feedback on your site, I am always looking to improve my website. If you want a complete redesign of my website, you will have to do it for me. But constructive feedback is welcome. Name of site: YouTrippy URL: http://www.youtrippy.com/ Details: A portal into the psychedelic world. My website was designed with people who are into the world of psychedelia. It is a music website for those who enjoy the art of psychedelic music and all things psychedelic. A lot of this music is not always known and you have to really search and get into it. So I figured, why not just have one main area that reviews this music? And has videos that can be found in one place. With many people contributing.. it would help to get all these videos from YouTube into one place instead of having to search for hours on end, or finding them in the related videos after the video ends. People can blog about their favorite artists and listen to some great music. There are also forums, a chat room, instant messaging, a link exchange, a wallpaper gallery, a video gallery, and prizes. The major part of the site is the music. Most of it comes from YouTube. What I originally intended for it was just a chatroom, forums, and music for people to just come hang out and comment and rate their favorite music. Also a wallpaper gallery. While not much has changed, the main thing added and the central part of the site is the Blog area in which I, and encourage others, to write about their favorite psychedelic artists, bands, or find new ones and write about them, as well as share the music. In my reviews of these CMS, I declare that I am not: saying any of these are bad systems. Although I have some negative reviews on them, there are also positive reviews about them. And I would likely use them all again depending on what I might need them for. They all have their functions and purposes for everything and everyone. They are all helpful and can be used to build a professional website. But it all depends on what you seek to do with it and how it works for you. On the CMS: To each his own and what he feels most comfortable with. CMS: History PHP Fusion I started off with PHP Fusion after being introduced to it by a friend. It was my start into learning about CMS and PHP. I learned quite a lot, especially about modification, and PHP code. It started off great and I found many plugins to be very useful. I had a free web host at the time, and made the entire website. After doing this, I figured it to be ready for public use, although I had still been working on a few codes . So I eventually found Xisto / Xisto - Web Hosting and bought a domain. After setting up everything, I just was not satisfied with it. I was getting a lot of visitors, but no one was really signing up. I realized there was a lot of bugs in the code itself and even at one or two points, my visitors weren't able to register or login. The YouTube gallery was also very buggy and after the second page, no more pages would load up. And I attempted to fix the code, and tried to rewrite the entire code, but it just wasn't going to happen. So I made my peace and thanked PHP Fusion for its time and said my farewell. I was off to find another CMS. https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/home.php WordPress I wasn't really thinking about turning my site into a "blogging" site but I had read about all the plugins that could change WordPress into a type of Social Network - with help from BuddyPress. So I installed WordPress and everything was going well. The whole blog system worked great. Once I installed BuddyPress, however, along with a few other plugins, I began to receive errors in the code, so much that I actually had to reinstall it to gain access to anything again. After reinstalling it for a second time, I decided I would not install BuddyPress. I installed a few different plugins this time around, and still must've ran into a bad error, because the same thing happened again. So I really needed to move on and find a fast fix for my already-live site. WordPress is great for blogging and although there are literally hundreds of plugins, you must be very selective and picky and choosy about what you are going to use, because there are quite a few plugins that really just don't seem to work with WordPress. https://de.wordpress.com/ Joomla! Joomla is a CMS that I would have loved to explore more, if I had the chance to get past the plugins area. A new release had come out of Joomla and I read about a plugin that made old plugins work. I sought to install it but could not find it in the plugin list at all. What drove me to try Joomla was a website that I came across and wanted mine to be almost like it. I emailed the creator and he told me how much it would cost and what he made it with. Of course, while his price wasn't bad for someone wanting to build a site without any knowledge, I could've made the same thing in a few hours for less, and only the plugins would have cost me money. I checked out the plugin he made with Joomla for his site and read a lot of reviews -- all were very mixed. The fact was.. the plugin was just too commercial for me. It seemed to work well, but it just seemed it was too much of a social network. And there is a certain balance. I hate to say it.. and I hate that it is this way, but Facebook is the monopoly. It is best to compliment and work with the Giant than against it. So my motivations for wanting to create a social network were pushed aside to become something else. I moved on. In the future, I hope to get another chance to explore the realms of what Joomla has to offer. https://www.joomla.org/ ocPortal ocPortal has been the final major CMS that I've checked out and the system I've stuck with. ocPortal offered exactly what I was looking for: Video gallery (that worked), photo gallery, Point (reward) system, blog/news for the admin and for members, forums, chatroom, instant messaging, and more. It also offers e-Commerce shopping and a Ticket Support system. Although I ran into a few very minor bugs with ocPortal, mostly on the part of not configuring the system properly, I was on the forums and helped almost immediately by the programmers of ocPortal. Unlike with PHP Fusion (which I think has changed in the latest 7.02 version), ocPortal does its best not to show errors to your visitors, and only to you so you can try and fix the problem. You can also undo what you've done for mostly everything. Great SEO and security system. Monitor and logging. There is just so much about ocPortal that I liked. And it is a system that I stuck with and it works for me. More features of ocPortal can be found here: http://ocportal.com/site/features.htm http://ocportal.com/start.htm So that is my reviews and what I'm currently using right now. I am still always looking to see what else I can learn and what else is out there -- what else is just as good or better. Let me know the details of how you are powering your website!
  15. So it took me a while to find a CMS that suited my needs. I was into website design many years ago, in my teens, and left it, as I really had no good ideas for a website then. I am now older and had an amazing idea for a website and decided to just go with it. My website is a psychedelic music blog. Everyone can come and read the articles, blog about their new or existing favorite artists, post on the forums, chat, submit, and watch videos and participate in the occasional site contest/game. So a friend helped me make this idea a reality by showing me the world of PHP & CMS, which I had no idea existed. I'm now 3 months into it and have learned quite a bit. Though I have only tried out a few before stumbling upon a CMS that really fit my needs. He started me off with PHP Fusion. It was great. I could easily customize it, found just about every plugin I needed, and had everything set up and working great. Problem was... too many bugs. Many of my visitors had trouble registering, logging in, and the "infusions" (plugins) themselves were also quite buggy. I had learned PHP quite easily and made many changes to the existing code to make it work for my site. Everything was great, but I really wasn't satisfied. PHP Fusion also seemed to display errors to my visitors without really saying why.. such as a blank, white, or black page that wouldn't do anything. So I left PHP Fusion. I won't knock PHP Fusion.. it got me started, it has its uses but I think once you want your site to have much more advanced features, PHP Fusion can only go so far. I moved on to WordPress. But WordPress is really just a blogger with a lot of plugins to enhance it, and I was looking for more than just a blogger and more than just people being able to view videos, register, and comment. So I won't knock WordPress for its most basic use. However, I attempted to customize WordPress, I added BuddyPress and a few other plugins hoping to make a kind of Social Network, but soon after adding the Addons, the pages got corrupt and I couldn't even load it. I attempted to do it again -- this time installing one plugin at a time, only to run into the same problem again. So while there are literally hundreds to probably thousands of plugins, many are quite buggy and probably should have never been made, or at least been coded to work better with WordPress. After WordPress, I was looking for another one. I came across a site similar to what I wanted. So I emailed the designer of the site and asked him how much it would cost to make a site like his. He told me he used Joomla and the exact plugin. So I installed Joomla and since Joomla is out with a new version, there are not as many newer plugins for the new version - or at least at the time, there wasn't, but I read about a plugin that makes old plugins work. I attempted to install it but I couldn't find it for some reason. That kind of cut out a lot of the plugins that I was hoping to use for my site. So I logged on to the plugin site he sent me, and the only difference in the site was that the theme was changed, but everything else was just that same plugin -- so it seemed very commercial to me. I also noticed that, although his site was definitely very beautiful in design and does attract a member base, there just seemed to be something that put me off about it. So again, I won't knock Joomla. But it just didn't seem to be cut out for my needs, or at least, it seemed like it was going to take too much time to try and get everything to work. I haven't tried Drupal out yet but have read the pros and cons. So I won't knock any CMS but there are some that work for people and some that don't. It all depends on what you want your site to do and how you want to interact with your guests. I ended up redesigining my site completely after going with a CMS called ocPortal. This CMS was like a dream come true.. it offered everything I was looking for - chat, built-in forums, blog, photo and video gallery, shoutbox, easy-to-use & setup navigation/menu bar, and even games. So the features I'm using and needed: Forums Chat Instant Messenging News/Blogs Video/Photo Gallery Random Quote Random Video Poll Picture of the Day Points/Reward System Facebook / Social Network System login capabilities Link Exchange RSS feeds Displaying Active Forum Topics/Latest News/Blogs Tag Cloud Search Engine Site Statistics Archives Feature There are tons more features that you can read here including e-Commerce and Ticket Support:http://ocportal.com/site/features.htm It was quite overwhelming at first to learn and it certainly has scared away quite a few people, but once you get past the little learning curve, it truly is an amazing CMS that works pretty much right out of the box and comes with everything you need. Other than the addons that are already offered, there really doesn't seem to be a need for much more than that. I've read pros and cons.. pros being that it works out of the box, it's small, fast, etc. And the cons being that there aren't many themes and that the support community is small. But themeing is fairly easy after reading through "Jean's Tutorial." And also, despite there being a small community, you get individualized attention and support from the programmers themselves, among with many others who have remained loyal to the ocPortal CMS. Of course, I have become quite loyal to this CMS as well, because I was able to get a fully functioning website up that I wanted to display to my visitors. But I am always looking for just-as-good or better, to always improve my own site design and code to make the least buggy most efficient systems to my visitors. I am still working on little side projects such as a video section that is more like YouTube -- you can view that here: http://www.youtrippy.com/ (not currently being used for the public) You can view my website at: http://www.youtrippy.com/ So if you've come across a CMS that has really worked for you. Please list the following information: Your website and what its about or what you wanted it to do. History of CMS use: good and bad. Current CMS or the CMS you are loyal with and its features and why you became loyal.
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