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Atlantis Journey to Atlantis

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Maybe there was a city called Atlantis, and it may be gone, but I don't think it was as told in the story. I don't think they're going to find anything.


Today I saw a very interesting program on Discovery Science about Atlantis. And they had a very reasonable explanation of the Atlantis Mystery which I didn’t know. Plato wrote about Atlantis in his two dialogues, Timaeus and Critias. Plato was one of Socrates’ students which means that writing about Atlantis very well could have been an exercise.Socrates could have told his students to write a story about an extremely advanced civilisation in the city of Atlantis – and most important: How Athens was able to defeat this civilisation!Plato’s Atlantis could therefore very well have been the product of an exercise assigned by his teacher Socrates.Now what do you think about that? Is it pure rubbish or could there be some truth in it?

Shadow X

Wow! I wonder what scientist hope to find or what they will find. I really hope they find some interesting artifacts because it would be nice and intriguing to solve the mysteries surrounding Atlantis. Personally I believe that Atlantis did exist and that part of it still exists on the ocean floor.

Kid Saiyan

Oh Yes...Im so glad that this is a topic!lolI always wanted tyo know about The Lost City of Atlantis...I believe that It is an ancient city that was drowned down to the sea ages ago. In more detail, i believe that it is lost! lolI mean, it is somewhere in the Atlantic Sea but no-one has ever found it before. I saw a program once about Archeologists finding remains of it but i believe that it was all fake. As the archeologist only found rocks. I mean, sure the rocks were engraved but people said that the City of Atlantis had electricity before the electron was discovered. It apparently had more hygenic bathrooms and toilets than a five star hotel nowadays. Thats just too fake to believe...although i still believe in it...O_o :blink::PB)


This is interesting. I think Atlantis has a special connection with Greek Mythology if I am not mistaken. Many people claim that Atlantis could have been located somewhere in North America.


the city of atlantis would be cool...they say that the smartest of beings were there...other theorys come about the 10 planet.planet x is a planet that is full of intelectual life and when it comes into orbit every so xxxxxxxnumber of years that it is close enough to travel to earth within a year or something...so....they say that they first inhabited atlantis..the supreme continent and intelectuals...they also say that ed the guy who made coral castle was a reincarnated spirit or had visions from people who used to live there (forgot which one it was) and this is how he was able to make coral castle....this is a place in florida that hads these huge pieces of coral some wieghing i believe over a couple of tons on top of other peieces and people who knew him said there wasnt any machinery involved at all.....do a google on it...its amazing...also there is paths i believe i saw on tv that has ancient columns that lead into the water toward and ont eh other side there are the same columns leading up to land...like it was the path to atlantis and the other side of the ocean...pretty cool shyt if you ask me


This is a strange thread, because I read in an article that Atlantis may not be anywhere near the Atlantic ocean, rather near the bay of Mexico instead, where root forms of the word Atlantis can be found.Atlantis, as a myth has always facinated me. The prime of Greek technology and logical thinking at one point. A place submerged by tectonic activity or a tidal wave of some sort. I personally think it was a massive city on one of the small islands in the Atlantic ocean, a place where greeks had ventured to, away from the main land. If this so-called Atlantis was built, it would be strategically more sane to put it in the middle of no-where, to protect against Roman uprising.If anybody is unsure what Atlantis is thought to be like, the imagine several concentric circles. The circles are the walls, creating small sectors within each part. When I say small, they are thought to be very large, city-sized spaces, where clusters of villages could be based.


For being in the Science and Technology section, this thread is rather unscientific. This is pure speculation. Ask yourselves, if Atlantis was in or near North America, how would the Greeks have ever heard of it? Are you proposing that the Greeks discovered the New World? Doubtful. And aliens? That's even more unlikely than Atlantis having existed in the first place.Plato was a writer. Is it so hard to conceive of him writing a story about a fictional, futuristic society? The literary tradition is filled with those kinds of stories. A great many science fiction novels depend on this idea.

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