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Hydrogen Cars

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Does anyone know how much polution is created from burning hydrogen?

Ive already posted in this topic but im back becasue i love it so much!!!

The burning of hydrogen is a very simple equation:


Hydrogen + Oxygen = HydrogenOxide which is h2o which is water !!!


no pollution at all just pure water. that i like.


Also some research info just to show that hydorgen has go what it takes for power. UK based ex-MoD research company Qinetic have a current project to build a hydrogen cell powered sport racing car. The project is not for commercial interest just to product a good looking powerfull ecological sports car to get those old petrolheads over to the green side!


yeah i've heard of that. Man all i could say if that ever happens thank God! U know how much money it'll save everybody? Unless this is more expensive than gas. And whoever invented that is a lucky person.


Hydrogen + Oxygen = HydrogenOxide which is h2o which is water !!!

So you're saying if I burn Hydrogen, all that it puts out is steam? Then why are so many people worried about burning it... most of what I see is people wanting to convert it using chemistry. I see all these "fuel cell" ideas, which granted for some stuff is good, but for cars, from what I see, fuel cells don't have the "get up & go" that people want.


Know of anywhere I can get more info on this?


The original YB!! :)


I recently saw a show on nova that was describing China's polution. Much of it comes from burning coal, which are fossil fuels. This is a cheap and easy way to get energy, but the consequences are severe. The concept of hydrogen cars are considered, but actually do not "save" energy or polution. Supposedly, the only thing that comes out of hydrogen cars are water vapors. The process of getting liquid hydrogen takes up more energy and causes more or equal pollution to coal.


Then we have to find a way to use hydrogen as a gas. Or a more efficient (non-poluting) way to make hydrogen liquid. It may be more expensive and polluting, but in the future coal is gone, and hydrogen is not, I presume...


Here in Barcelona there are a lot of BUSes and public transport that runs with Hydrogen.It seems to be the future... or... not?Petrol companies are strong and do not allow others to catch a piece of their business. Sadly...


hydrogen fuel , its cost,, its convience

Hydrogen Cars


If Hydrogen as a fuel source is to make it on the you.S. Market, that effort will have to come from the grass roots of the country. Presently oil and natural gas is king for the car and most energy conversion/consumption.


I do want to know more about hydrogen. Hydrogen cars, buses, site construction of hydrogen facilities and the energy required to maintain such facilities.


Will the hydrogen facility, the on site production of hydrongen be able to produce its own energy to produce the hydrogen needed for public use?


Oh yeah, so back to the grass roots: the public school systems are now having to cut back on the school bus routes due to the price of fuel. In the rural areas, some school districts have a bus route covering anywhere from 50 to a 200 mile area.


If hydrogen is to make it as a fuel source for vechiles, cars and buses, then the best way to have a grass root revolution and evolution away from petrotulum bases methods of transportation is to have the school system build on site facilities which produce hydrogen for the hydrogen ran buses.


The public can then begin buying hydrogen cars and look for the next school having an on site hydrogen facility to fuel up. The neat thing there, the school's hydrogen facility can then produce a means to self suppo0rt finically, the initial cost of building the hydrogen facility if they sell their excess hydrogen to individuals who do buy hydrogen cars.


This may be too radical an approach for a grass roots upstart. But the kids really do need to get to school.





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