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Do Aliens Really Exist? Hot Debate! do they really exist?

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It's a very hard question. Whilst the conditions of life are so delicate that it seems impossible that there be a planet that can sustain life other than earth, that theory makes it hard to believe there was even an earth. So, probably yes, there is, but almost certainly not as advanced as us, and probably just fungi or some other primitive life.


They are realBecause God can't really make all them other Planets and other Glaxes with other living things


I must agree that this topic has been really informative, although sometimes a bit naive due to usage of religion. I believe science and only science should be answerable to this.As so many others have questioned, how could such a big universe have life only on one random planet (OK maybe not so random, considering its well suitable for sustaining life)? But, then again, it might just be one of those gigantic Free Roaming Worlds being used in quite a few of the new games. Maybe it is huge just so we could spend centuries roaming through it (first we need to find faster transports).On a serious note, I think we are progressing quite well in terms of improving our existing and innovating new technologies. It might not be in this century or even the next, but some-days, mankind will surely locate their (inter) galactic neighbors.I have some weird queries, though. What if something doesn't require planets to live? What if the vacuum is not so empty? What if other life forms are not composed of DNAs and be like spatial rocks or some form that our machines cannot detect?


When you think about this, it depends on your definition of life. If you think for a creature to be living, it has to:Breathe OxygenExhale Carbon DioxideBe Carbon BasedHave Genes/DNA/ChromosomesThen you probably won't find anything like that out there, however, if you think of a living creature as something that:MovesCommunicatesMakes soundResponds to StimuliThen you most likely would find things like that.And there are probably planets out there with only organisms like plants on it, that don't move, breathe etc. But are still living.There's no way of saying if we'll ever see or come into contact with alien life, we may have already come into contact with them, and not known. And there are those mysteries like the Wow signal, which may be signs of alien life.We know comparitively nothing about our universe. We don't know what other life forms know about it (Or if the life's even capable of "knowing" at all).But you do wonder what the US Government have all these secret bases for, and there are alot of conspiracy theories around....


I know it may sound alittle strange but I think there may be other life out there. I mean, why would God create this immense universe, and only put us in it? I mean there has to be something else out there. Now some of you may be saying "What about those faked UFO sightings all over the world?" Well, some people are just dying for attention. Can any of you tell me how the Russian Air Force was deployed because a "Bogie" was sighted on radar? Of corse, but can you explain how the "bogies" performed impossible maneuvers and rose above the ceiling for any aircraft during that time? I DIDN'T THINK SO! I watch the Discovery Channel all the time and I watched a report on Area 51 and the alien crash site in New Mexico. By the evidence that they showed from the wreckage and the pieces that were actually delivered to a press conference, there is drastic change in both the material and the color!! I mean, if they wanted to try to cover it up nicely they could have atleast made the colors the same! All in all, I just find it hard to believe that God would create this vast universe that we can't even explore completely and not place other life forms somewhere in it.. I know there may be many of you that disagree with me so keep up the posting! I wanna here more evidence of weather or not aliens exist! ^_^


Is there a God ? NO. Its impossible to explain to a believer in fairy tales why their imaginary friend doesnt exist so If you dont get it nothing i can write here will help you. Are there Alien life forms ? Yes.Reason for opinion.Conservatively are about a 100 Billion stars in our local galaxy the milky way. (yankee billion) Conservatively again there are a 100 billion galaxys. There are a lot more but nobody really knows how many more. But lets start very low with a 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars.We know about one star the sun . That one star has 10 planets. One of those planets has life on it. Even if you assume only a very tiny percentage of the stars in the Universe are like our star then statistically theres a lot of planets with life on out there.Will we ever meet any aliens ? - I hope notReason: if evolution shows one thing its that if a stranger ever comes knocking on your door if you dont kill him he will eventually kill you. Ask any native american, australian aborigine or british red squirrel.If they have the capability to get to our planet they will almost certainly have the capability to kill us all.


Now I haven't read the entire 11 pages of this forum but personally I think there is life outside of earth. Not necessarily ET that everyone is hoping for however. I think that scientists in India are investigating organisms that they think came off of a comet that passed earth about a year ago. I don't know what they finally concluded but I think it is possible that there was life that can live in the environment of a comet. Now SETI (search for extra terrestrial intelligence) is just a waist of money in my opinion. Do we really care enough about ET to spend millions of dollars to investigate "radio signals" some scientist clam came from some far off place? If the Allen Telescope Array finds anything news worthy I will be very surprised.Psql I disagree with what you said. Not every form of life is out to kill. We don't know what they would do. Who knows they me be smart enough to not bother, after all if we were smart enough to live on other planets do you think everyone would be at war over land here on earth (assuming that we could find a way to make them into more of a livable environment)? Well I guess that is a bad example but what I am getting at is we have no idea what they would do. Just my opinion,Sparkx



Do Aliens Really Exist? Hot Debate!


It seems as long as there is oxygen and water available, as well as a nice heating source to keep the water liquid, life is quite easy to come by. I look forward to the future discoveries of life on Europa...Here's to hoping!




When you think about this, it depends on your definition of life. If you think for a creature to be living, it has to:
Breathe Oxygen
Exhale Carbon Dioxide
Be Carbon Based
Have Genes/DNA/Chromosomes

Then you probably won't find anything like that out there, however, if you think of a living creature as something that:

Makes sound
Responds to Stimuli

Then you most likely would find things like that.

I think Habbles comment make the most sense. Why restrict our selfs to what is just on earth.

I hope so. I think the thoery that life on earth originated from another planet is a nice theory (no matter how possible). Man, wouldn't we look stupid if we had been looking for aliens all this time, and it turns out that we are the aliens.

I think we would encounter one of two sorts of 'aliens'. One would be so far advanced that we'd look like mould growing on some rock, and the other would be mould growing on a rock. Either would be just as good, as long as the first one didn't decide to clean the rock ;)

Do I think we'll ever meet aliens? No, I personally think we'll take a blow torch to the rock long before they get here :P

My personal interest is artificial intelligence, and I wonder if anyone would consider AI (if it became self aware) to be an alien life form?


Aliens have to exist somewhere in the universe - maybe on mars, maybe not!How is it that the Earth a tiny dot in the universe is the only place that can support life. When there are billions of other solar systems out there, i would assume that there are millions of different civilizations out there in the vastness of spaceWhether they look like us, or talk like us, or behave like us etc is debatable, but seriously, if they have the technology to get here, they wouldnt shove some probe up your naught to check if your differentIt is arrogant to assume there is no other form of intelligent life out there, assuming the universe is as big as we currently estimate...the chances of there being another planet even remotely similar to ours with lifeforms even remotely similar to us is almost zeroFinaly i belive that alien exist...but we will never make contact. it takes light 150.000 years to travel from one side of our galaxy to the otherthx and sorry about my english...


Odd direction for an aliens topic. There may or not mat not be forms of extraterrestrial life. I do not believe it is possible that any "aliens" to have ever visited Earth. Lets face it Earth is a rather insignificant rock circling a rather insignificant star on the out skirts or a rather ordinary galaxy. I do believe in the "Rare Earth" theory that basically Earth has a very rare set of circumstances that allow it to maintain life. For Aliens to have ever visited Earth they would have to stumble across it accidentally or be looking for life. Both would be very unlikely to ever happen. Earths footprint, if you will, in the universe is comparable to a single molecule on the entirety of earth. This finding Earth is is nigh impossible. Let us factor in that nothing larger that a particle can travel faster than light. Allow me add that there is NO biblical precedent on way or the other. The Bible is all about Gods love for mankind and mans fall and redemption through Jesus. That is the purpose of the book. I believe the 66 books of protestant cannon to be the inspired inerrant Word of God. But I understand it is written for the aforementioned purpose. It says nothing about extraterrestrial life in the same wayt it says nothing about particle physics or hamster care because it has no bearing on salvation.


I believe 2 things:1. Scientists always say that in other planets there can be no life, just because the conditions are not like earth's. Now, we are what we are just because how earth is. We have oxygen, so we breath it. We have water, so we drink it. Now, are you telling me that scientists don't believe that there can be another form of life than the one we know? I mean, there should be aliens out there, OK let's be honest, there aren't other humans in our galaxy, but how can you think so inside the box when saying that there can't be no life anywhere because there is no oxygen or water?? They always look for water in mars, but what if Martians can't stand water? just because how they are, like, here on earth there are some elements that if we consume, we'd die instantly. I mean, maybe the same happens with aliens. There are aliens out there, they just don't live as we do, they use other elements to survive, whatever it is it doesn't matter.2. With that being said, I have to point out the fact that there are TONS of space around the universe, we are part of just one galaxy, while there are a lot of other galaxies, where there is a super star (sun) and is surrounded by planets, just like the milky way. Now, are you saying to me that it can't be possible that there's a planet with the same distance the earth shares with the sun, so that there could be oxygen, water and good temperature for life as we know it? I think that is possible, in fact, I think there are other humans out there, maybe way ahead of us or maybe behind us (technologically speaking), but the thing is, we can't just say that there aren't aliens, because we don't know that for sure, but yes we can say they exist because it's logical to think that way. Now, even if there aren't humans in other galaxies, at least there should be aliens who breath another element other than oxygen, and I hope you know what I mean.Remember that we exist the way we do because that's how earth is. It has oxygen, so humans breath oxygen. If alien planet had another element like xenon, radon, whatever, they would breath that to live, just think outside the box and you'll know what I mean. The thing is, we don't know a kind of life that needed something else than oxygen, that's why we haven't found aliens.



Do Aliens Really Exist? Hot Debate!


Replying to mikesoft

Think about this who created God,don't know

If theres no God who created humans

Who created animals

Reasons and reasons tell you a good one stick to your life and lived

The best out of it...


-reply by ivan


In addition, just because earth is a small as a molecule in all the earth and it is impossible to find it, well I can add that: When we were at stone age, yeah I really think that it's hard to find something, but Today and for the future, we send different signals, we use different frequencies, which in fact can be caught and etc. even though they travel with the speed of light, it still takes lots of years to get somewhere, so the radius for someone to find us is getting bigger, but do you really want to be found?About aliens who can live on different climate, I agree, they can adopt to anything, for example just take an example, how some organisms are living on earth in the deep sea, in 10 000 meters deep, they have adopted to this kind of environment and are happily living, but for most of whom this would be a suicide, so why don't you believe that some other organism could have adopted to quite different climate in a billion years..


I don't think there's aliens in the sense people imagine them... That is, I don't think there are little green men floating around our planet abducting people to perform examinations on them or whatever the nutjob down the block says happened to him last night.But I think life exists on other planets... It's really amazing, actually, there's a good quote from Jurassic Park of all places that says "Life will find a way". There's alot of theories (biological, faith aside) about how life could have originated on Earth. And the possibilities and ways in which some of the basic compounds of life, like nucleic acids, amino acids, and simple sugars and fatty acids can form naturally makes you think "this could happen somewhere else" and with the breadth and scope of the universe I think it could and would happen other places too, the only question then is will things make the jump from simple compounds to living. And judging on the size of everything I think so.For those interested look up some stuff on theories of the origin of life. There's all sorts of interesting tidbits on its origin.


For ur info, aliens do exist! There r evidences n proves that they do! Sightings of aliens n UFOs hv been reported all over the world, bt they r still nowhere 2 b found...mayb they're still too shy 2 reveal themselves?Trust me,im a foolish guy,bt i believe they do exist!!


Yes, aliens do exist! Here in Philippines, theres is so many sightings of them. I believe that, when the revelation come, thats the time aliens will reveal themselves to us.


I believe 2 things:
1. Scientists always say that in other planets there can be no life, just because the conditions are not like earth's.

This is untrue, I'm sorry but maybe scientists can say that there can't be any life in our solar system. There is no way that scientist can tell if there are no other planets that aren't the same or similar to our own. I believe scientist infact believe the chances of there being other civilisations out there to be high.

I don't even think it's necisary to have earth like conditions to support life, the life doesn't have to be carbon based.


It may be possible that they don't require conditions to support biological Life. Read on Artical in "Ask An Astrobiological Philosopher" from Popular Science.

The existence of a race of sentient alien robots might be not just possible, but inevitable. In fact, we might be living in a "postbiological" universe right now, in which intelligent extraterrestrials somewhere have exchanged organic brains for artificial ones.
The driving factor is a pragmatic desire to improve mental capacity. Alien beings may have already reach a point in their evolution where, having exhausted the potential of their biological brains, they have taken the next logical step and opted for robotic brains equipped with artificial intelligence.

This brain swap may not be as far off for humans as one might think. In only a few decades, the computer revolution here on Earth has produced supercomputers capable of performing more than a quadrillion calculations per second. (According to research by Hans Moravec, an artificial intelligence expert at Carnegie Mellon University, that trumps the human brain's estimated top speed of 100 trillion calculations per second.) Some scientists speculate that in a few decades, an event called the technological singularity will occur, and machines armed with computer brains will become sentient and surpass human intelligence. Civilizations equipped with technology light-years ahead of our own could have already experienced the singularity thousands, or even millions of years ago.

How likely is it that such a robotic race exists? Given the limitations of biology as we know it, the force of cultural evolution, and the imperative to improve intelligence, I'd say the chances are greater than 50/50. That said, if postbiological beings do exist, they might not be interested in us at all. The gulf between their minds and ours might be so great that communication is impossible, or they might consider meatheads like us too primitive to warrant their attention.
(as told to Ker Than)

Steven ****, NASA Chief Historian and an astrophysicist specializing in astrobiology and the postbiological universe.
Popular Science Sept 2008

I think it is possible but not probable that other being even came close to the same technology that we have developed. Just think about how different everything would be if we simply started by making vehicles with electricity instead of steam and gas. What problems we would have that we don't have now? How much more or less would we know about electricity and other forces as a result of everyone being around the technology?

Just a few questions, what is your opinion?

Running With Scissors1405241561

Yes I do think there are aliens out there. The chance of there not being any other life out there is pretty slim. The universe is never ending so to say that out of all the planets and stars out there that there isn't life is a dumb statement. Now comes the part about intelligent life. Thats a difficult question. The way I see it is that yes there could be but the chances of that happening are slim. If it did happen they could live so far away we would never see them or contact them. As for aliens already visting earth I say eirther the government is doing a great job covering everything up or they have never been here.