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Do Aliens Really Exist? Hot Debate! do they really exist?

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I don't follow any religion, apart from Star Trek! Of course aliens exist.... Vulcans, Romulans, Cardassians, Klingons, Deltans, Betazoids, Bill Gates....


Time Lords, Daleks, Raxicoricofallapatorians, Cybermen, Digi-humans, Proto-humans, Humanish humans, Trees, etc.On a more serious note...Seeing as we've yet to fully explore our own solar system, we've still got the rest of our galaxy and umpteen more galaxies in our universe which could harbour life which could possibly more technologically advanced then us.I think there is life out there, somewhere. The universe is too large for there not to be.


We lived in a mysterious and immense Universe. In our galaxy the Milky Route, exists approximately 200 billion stars. The diameter of our galaxy is considered in 100 thousand years light and our Solar System is located in one of the spiral branches to 30,000 years light of the center. In the Universe there are hundreds of thousands of million galaxies and without considering the last discoveries that speak of dark matter, of exotic particles and the theories about the Parallel Universes! These numbers really do not fit in our imagination, we are customary to work with another type of scales. We are travelling of the beautiful well-known blue ship like planet Earth, where by accidental conditions and mechanisms of evolution, in a remote past the life arose. The illustrious astrophisicist Carl Sagan maintained that "a cosmic evolution of fifteen billion years transformed the matter into life and conscience".But the life, appeared solely in the Earth and we are single in the Universe. Or on the contrary, the life is only a particular case of much more complex a dynamic expression of the Cosmos. The answer to this restlessness has looked for from the antiquity and not yet a clear solution is had from the scientific point of view.But to maintain the idea that only there is life in our small planet, an insignificant sand granite in the immense cosmic beach, does not have sense some from the philosophical point of view. Perhaps we could think that the matter is inserted in a denominated totality Energy or First Matter, and that Energy produces put under certain conditions, the matter that we know, but as the conditions have infinite possibilities, it would be possible also to be spoken of the génesis of other Universes, because the First Energy has flat infinites and infinite forms of life. Podriamos to think that the essence of the First matter is the Unit and that presents/displays the plurality like existencial characteristic. The First Energy also has the characteristic of Super-Intelillent and therefore, there will be so many forms of life as desires it has in that Cosmic Center. Perhaps we could think about the existence of so many Universes whichever dimensions can develop our minds. But generally, the human mind is imprisoned by the time and releasing of that tie we will only be able to understand the Cosmic Unit to us that..Y is perhaps pronounced in multiplicity of forms..., exist cosmic interstices that to each other communicate those Universes.....Por another part, the nature is characterized because as it advances in the sutilidad of the matter, the laws that are valid for a level of the Universe, let be it for other levels. herefore, into each level different from the matter-energy the mental model for the theoretical treatment is due to transform. Something similar to which it happens in the atomic world, where the laws of Newton do not have capacity and we cannot speak of electronic orbits or things of the sort, since in that cosmic level, the Principle of Uncertainty of Heisemberg, is the dominant one. Also the theoretical model is due to transform to include/understand better the dynamics of Macrocosmos. Perhaps, as well as the barrier of the light is a limit for our space-time, for other levels of experience exist other limits given by the conditions of those means.If these thoughts are valid or they approach the reality, because we would have it Life is much more common of which we thought. We are not alone, for example I live in a little country called Colombia, and the world is so big... and so many people live here. Before that the america discovery, the spanish think that there is not life in other part in ther world.. and .... one guy .. discovered... why don't will be life in other planet ? Not like humans, a simple bacteria is life. Just think about it


Well, I agree with you in a sense, aliens might very well exist, but I do not think it is very likely, for now, I will stay at the belief they do not exist until it is proven otherwise with some other sort of evidence. Most of the evidence "presented" in the past, has not quite convinced me. :D


This is an interesting topic. :D Anyway, I did an assignment on this topic for an Astronomy class while I was at university (in Australia) - it was an elective. I discovered some interest theories such the "Dogon" (Mali, Africa) who are believed to have obtained knowledge of the stars from extraterrestrials (from Sirius). There are a number of articles and reports about the Dogon tribe and their knowledge of Astronomy. Here's one link: http://www.unmuseum.org/siriusb.htm

Obviously for reason of not failing, I had to conclude with a "maybe". I had almost full marks for that assignment.

Searching for intelligent beings from other planets, as opposed to bacteria/microscopic organisms, has always been a dream of mine since I was very young. I used to look at the stars a lot. The Universe is immense and I don't think that it is possible that we are alone and the current technology is not adequate enough for this project. But this is my opinion, of course.

Of course, I have read stories (in books/magazines) of people claiming to have seen UFOs and some, alien beings.


I am sure that Aliens do exist and we are not alone in this universe.There are many sightings of the aliens ships and nobody can deny this.


I'm not denying that aliens exist, I'm denying that these things have been seen.The technology needed to reach another galaxy is unimaginable nowadays. The speed needed to race the expansion and movement of the universe and it's galaxy is outstanding. I doubt that billion year old humanoid races have the technology to reach us. The people sighting it are mostly under hypnosis or just nutcases. Like I had mentioned earlier, most of these sightings occur at night, when the body is in a state of paralysis, but the mind is still awake. Back to the technology required to race the universe, I seem to recall a NASA spacecraft that was able to go Mach 10. Even then that's only a little over 3.4 kilometres, not much when you're talking about oribiting, revolutions, and expansion.I believe that "aliens" exist, the thought we're alone in this incredibly vast, getting vaster every second universe is absolutely absurd. If we can form on this pea-sized rock called Earth, why can't other life form on other planets?


I also believe that extraterrestials exist. They don't have to be lifeforms like humans and have superior intelligence. They may not have any clear intelligence and they may be like bacteria, but that is life. The goal is to find life in places other than earth not intelligent life. When we find extraterrestial life and confirm it, then we can start looking for intelligent life.There is a wide spectrum of conditons in our universe. A planet with oxygen and water is habitable for humans. But it may be poisonous for another form of life. In earth bacteria had been found in extreme conditons such as hot water springs and cold antarctica. Oxygen is not the only source for metabolic processes. Bacteria using methane, nitogen instead of oxygen have been found living in those extreme conditions. On earth they have not been dominant because the environment of earth favored the oxygen breathing organizms.But in another planet they may have a favorable environment and they may rise to prominence and form intelligent life forms.I don't believe those sightings of aliens and UFOs. They are just imaginations of people and might be done to get attention. All those sightings have some thing in common, the object is like a spinning saucer, and the alien is the typical one on science shows. That shows it.

Kid Saiyan

This is what i told my friend...

Ofcourse they exist...if they didnt, then how would you explain Area 51?

but he sed something confusing back..
can you guys please help me by expaining that to me?
does Area 51 exist at all?
or is it a rhumour? B)

Shadow X

Alien's exist but not in our universe. I believe that there are other forms of life out there but if thy're in our universe then surely we would have picked up some of there trailes. And afterall God couldn't have made us the only life forms.

Kid Saiyan

I understand your point of view...but God didnt make us as the only Life forms in existance.

For example:

--Plants exist as well as us. They are living as they respire, react to changes in the environment, they grow, they meet all the requirements for them to be classified as living.

-- Animals. Animals exist alongside us. I shouldnt need to explain their lifecycle.

-- Well..thats all i can think of aon the spot at the moment.

But does that explain your Hypothesis?


With billions of galexies and universes "out there", surely the odds of us being the only intelligent life is virtually non-existent?


With billions of galexies and universes "out there", surely the odds of us being the only intelligent life is virtually non-existent?

Exactly! And even though several people (I think) have mentioned Drakeâs Equation there are still a lot of people who donât want to believe in extraterrestrial life.
I know that the equation requires that you believe that we are actually placed in a universe â and not in the centre of some dome⌠And I think most people here believe in the universeâŚ
But instead of saying âThere canât be any aliens because God only created us humansâ letâs hear some arguments!
So far I havenât heard any good arguments for us being the only life forms in space.


that is right... nobody has proof of anything... its going to be a long controversial debate that ends up nowhere... ( not that it hasn't become one ) The reality is anything could be possible... and if you believe something is true, all you have to do is prove it with true facts and everybody will follow and believe ya.... but without any proof, it is just a waste of your time to even mention about it for hours after hours trying to convince another person (like how the other person is trying to convince you)... what would be the conclusion of that? everybody is still going to stubbornly believe what they want to believe and that they are not convinced by the other party... just live and let be.... =) Chin chin....


Sorry; I still have to put my input in this... B) The fact of the matter is this - to assume that there is no other life except life here on Earth is an idiotic assumption - simply put. By default, to even assume we are the only lifeforms in the galaxy is ridiculous. What makes on think that Earth is only world with living inhabitants?!From what I see, assuming that life only exists on Earth is nothing more than being illresponsible - to assume such allows you (in your mind) to be "safe" from anything else that may potentially harm you.I noticed someone else posted about this, and he makes perfect sense: the Bible WAS and HAS been written by humans - over AND over again - each time to justify the modern problems of the world as some divine mock-up. I could not say that in the beginning, the Bible was not of factual, actual scripture - and it may have held truth - but you find now that the Bible has been edited and changed so many times it can no longer be held as credentially as it was.In any case, yes, I believe in other life forms in other planets. You have to look at it in such a way: they are only aliens in our eyes; they are only "life forms". Why can't one the capacity to assume that in the eyes of aliens living in other planets see us as the same?!I leave you with that, and if I could, and you (as in whoever reads this) could understand or have a broader view, this might be of some sense...


To think we are the only ones out here seems almost like arrogance. With so much out there why would anyone think were the only ones? I'm not saying UFOs are flying around or anything but there must be some kind of life out there. Maybe even a life form that is unimaginable to us. Something that doesn't even need water to survive. Who knows what's out there?Just to point out, UFOs are complete nonsense. The idea of it seems so out there. Why would aliens with technology that great use some craft to do surveillance? Even we have satellites. The stories of abductions are also out there. With technology that great you probably wouldn’t even know you were abducted if you were. Even I could use some sort of chemical to knock someone out in their sleep and abduct them without them knowing it.That's my take on everything.

Neko Jam!

is, aliens exists.we could not to be alone in this giant universe!


The universe is massive. It's enormous. Think of the earth, pretty big, right? Hundreds of thousands of different kinds of plants and animals live here, and we don't even know what's in some places. To the universe, the earth is nothing. Our galaxy is minute compared to the universe. That's how big it is, and it's constantly expanding. Now, what do you think the chances are, of there being a universe that big, but only one tiny planet that has life on it. It's almost impossible. However, the life would be like nothing we have seen. The planets they lived on would have a different atmosphere, and they'd be a completely different workd, so the life would have evolved completely different to us.


well the universe is probably never-ending? there surely has to be some kind of life in some other solar system, we couldnt possibly actually be alone.somewhere out there is probably a place that is more developed and more intelligent than earth. they might even no about us. i just dont think we are alone.and to them, they would not be aliens. lol, just thought id clear up the aliens bit.


Funny isn't it? Alien simply means life form also means living thing not resembling any human or animal is physiology as we know today. So when you as "Are there aliens in existence?" the answer is a definite yes. If we believe that the Earth is round, and that it revolves around the sun and rotates about an axis, then we already have left Religion behind. (there is no Biblical account of the shape of the earth and of its motion about an axis or around the sun for that matter). If we all believe that there is a solar system, with other planets in it, then without even experimenting, there has to be one planet or two out there that has good enough conditions to support life. Whether they be more advanced than us in technology than us or not is what we will have to leave to our imagination.In my own opinion it is better that they are more advanced in technology so that when we eventually make contact, we will have more to gain than they.