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Do Aliens Really Exist? Hot Debate! do they really exist?

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Well I remember once somebody told me that we have been sending signals into space for a long time now and we haven't received a signal back. Even though there are aliens, by the time they receive our signals from earth, man kind itself will be extinct.


:( Yeah Maybe The Aliens Using More Advanced Signals..! They too might be sending signals and we not Able to recieve them due to they being so Advanced,


Once in discovery channel they told that Aliens are 20 million years ahead of us in technology,


And Many facts surrounded Which are Tough to guess. Also Scientists Have come to know that Pyramids Were giving out Radioactive signals into the space ! No wtalking about the pyramids As the Ancient people say Pyramid can be built in 20 years !


But taking Even todays Latest technology Into considration we cannot Make it in 100 Years time.! So how come Ancient people built that In 20 years time with Olden Technology !


Scientists Clearly told that Pyramids Might be made by aliens..!


Another aspect they covered was The Bermuda triangle !


Why Would one get Vanished there? And No trace left for Whatever that has vanished! Also Many people saw Ufo's Going into the Sea near bermuda triangle !


They are Taking human as captives to Get to learn About humans..! Else You only can tell me that How can planes and ships Just vanish Near bermuda triangle without Leaving a trace ? This proves that Aliens Exist Sure..!


Click here for the list of lost planes


Click here for list of lost Ships



For more info relating Aliens And ufo do refer /legacy


Hope now all think Abt Aliens..!



no i personally do not believe in such stuffs and who has evidence to show they exist?i wld lik to be convinced too!it wld be fun to know some long distance relatives


I believe in them, i also believe the story of jesus being an alien.I mean who could turn water to wine? could be killed and then come back to life? Be born from a virgin? and heal people too? They say he came from above (the stars) so wjats saying he isnt an alien.Also the whole pyramids story too, i mean who would be able to build something that size just by human power? its just not possible. I think we had alien technology all those thousands of years ago but due to mans ignorance, over the years we just forgot everything we were told.

Hardy Boy

I totally agree. In the bible there is no evidence and god wouldnt let that happon.


okay, I didn't read all the posts, but I'll try to address some concerns.1. The Bible doesn't prove anything at all. It is based on faith.2. I believe in aliens 100%3. If aliens do exist, they may not be as advanced as we are. There could be planets with life, just not intelligent life.4. Rock samples from Mars have been found to have fossilized bacteria on them, therefore scientists are almsot certain Mars had life on it at one point.5. Even if aliens are aware of our presence, there could be several reasons why the would not communicate.A. No advantage to them (if they are more advanced, then we would just sponge of their knowledge.B. We are a very violent race overall. Aliens could fear our violent nature.C. Lack of respect of planet. This sohuld explain itself, but we screw with our habitat way too much. No aliens want us turning their jungle planet into a desert.D. This one is a common videogame one. The almighty "do not interfere with underdeveloped worlds pact". Because we have not found aliens, they will not interact with us.6. Aliens would only want to meet us either to be allies or to conquer us; there would be no point in giving away their existance to us if they don't care about us.7. Obviously I can't back this up, but I have heard that the government actually has an alien corpse preserved. Whether or not they really do, I'm not sure.Okay, I hope that wasn't too much to handle, I just wanted to get my thoughts out. If you want to post some arguement feel free.


I don't think aliens exist. Do we ever found any trace of them? Yes of course we have the Rosswell-accident, but that just appears to be a crash of an experimental US weather-balloon. A boy in my school class (an alienfreak) ever said that it would be just a sign of arrogance and weakness if we would say that aliens don't exist and that we're the only "smart" civilization in the universe, but if that's true why we have never seen them and why they don't wanna share some information with us, if they're so smart and advanced. Are they scared? Or don't they do it because they know we will do wrong things with it and maybe use it against them? I don't think so, if they realy can reset brains, why they let everybody being nice to each other? No, aliens just don't exist, there is maybe life on other planets, but not as advanced as everybody say if they're talking about aliens.


You can't say aliens don't exist because we havn't seen them or they havn't communicated with us...I mean there could be thousands of alien races in the universe...some less, equally, or more advanced then us. However this doesn't mean they are close enough to us to realize we are here or to have randomly stumbled upon earth. I mean if we had the ability to travel at sci-fi speeds and locate all planets, would we explore every last one? I mean earth might not even be hospitable to the ones within travelling distance, so why would they **** with us? I mean seriously, narrow mindedness can damage certain arguments severely...you've gotta see the big picture. If we knew how to travel to other inhabitable worlds, we -might- visit them...but at the same time we might fear contact would spur agrression


I think they are real. I just watched independence day and they so could be. I mean think about it, there are so many other galaxies out there we haven't discovered and there could be other life forms. They may not be aliens that fly space crafts around, but there is definatly other life. :lol:


Come on people aliens are really true! The government won't be hiding hidden information for nothing. The gov. should grant us the rights to talk freely to those who have worked at the heavy secured bases without them getting injured or threatened by the gov. to keep everything under covers. We need the information and should be ruling the gov instead of the gov ruling us. :lol:


Aliens are created by humans and I believe that God was in the beginning and will remain forever, but the aliens are a byproduct of our own creative thinking and wanting more than what God has provided for us. Is it that really important to know whether we have company in this universe? I do not think so, anyhow it is just entertainment that keeps the cash registers ringing and bringing in more money for Hollywood.


I think there must be aliens in the universe. I believe this because I think it highly unlikely that we are the only things that live in the entire universe. I do not believe in a God, I believe in the theory that it was chance that saw us ending up where and how we are; with a planet suitable for sustaining us. It has been demonstrated that it is possible that the things vital to life could just have gathered together by accident and life somehow started.


I doubt there are 'aliens'. By aliens, I mean little green men who came to earth to destroy all humans, like that video game.It's most likely that there are other plants which inhabit other creatures, probably tiny organisms. It seems like a good 'theory' because the universe is never ending, infinante. So the chances are good when you say that SOMEWHERE, they is other lifeforms, maybe intelligent.


infamousflame....if you think it was a random coincidence that life started here how can you believe in aliens...the probability of this occuring ONCE (just...random organisms finding there way to a suitable environment or whatnot) would be so low that the liklihood of it happening elsewhere would be tiny...unless I'm misinterpretting what you are saying lol.Repeater - if you think other planets can have tiny organisms, why not life on our own level? I mean if you ignore religious views for the time being then we simply became into existence through other natural occurances. This would imply that IF there were any organisms on another planet, they could indeed someday evolve from single celled organisms into what we are today, or even more advanced beings.


i believe that there are other lifeforms out there. if you think about it, the human mind is extremely primative. it took us thousands of years to get to this point of advancement and to figure out that there are other galaxies out there. our planet being the lone one with lifeforms on it is pretty unlikely in the scheme of things. i don't think we're going to encounter them anywhere in the near future, but if we continue to advance, perhaps in a couple of thousand years. if we don't blow ourselves up first of course.


I dont mean to offend anyone here but for all those people who say that aliens cannot exist because the Bible says so, this very Bible once said that the Earth was flat and that it was the center of the Universe. Apart from that, let us take our understandings of aliens beyond ET and Independence Day please, and beyond religion more importantly. In this regard it is also essential to differentiate between aliens and UFOs. UFOs a exaggerated stories fueled by the US intelligence itself to direct attention away from its fast advancing technology.Before i say whether i believe in aliens or not, let me bring the famous Drake's Equation to attention, developed by Frank Drake in 1961 to detemine the amount of alien civilisations in the milky way galaxy:N = M * Fp * n * F1 * Fi * Fc * FlN: number of communicating civilisations in this galaxyM: number of stars in the galaxy (100 billion..)Fp: fraction of stars with planets around them (20% - 50%)Ne: Number of planets per star capable of having life (1-5)F1: fraction of Ne where life could evolve (0% - 100%)Fi: fraction of F1 where intelligent life evolves (0 - 100%)Fc: fraction of Fi where communicating life evolves (10% - 20%)Fl: fraction of the planet's life during which the communicating civilisation lives (highly variable and uncalculable)using values from the above ranges and 10000 years for Fl we find that 1000 civilisations is the answer.No, the Drake's Equation is not perfect, nor is it an equation in the real sense. Apart from Earth we know of no other planet to satisfy his criteria but this equation is revealing because it was the first to attempt an age old question scientifically without conspiracies or Biblical references. It is the start to what might one day be a formula that would give us the conclusive evidence. For more information on Drake's Equation simply type the same in google. I am a Hindu and that too one who believes in the old Hinduism which existed before Christ and was a culture, not a religion. According to it we are taught first and foremost never to assume anything superior or unique about the human race. What is happening to us here, today; is happening to other somewhere else too in an endless chain of infinite universes. Those souls there are aliens to us and we are the same to them.It is absurd and ridiculous to believe that in a universe to unimaginably huge Earth is the only planet to hold life, that just cannot be my friends.


Seriously this is one of those questions that you really can't answer since there are no good 100% evidence that they exist. To see is to believe, that's how i feel about these things.


i think aliens exist because we did not check all the galaxies and all the planets or all the stars for all we know aliens could be living among us right now think they alays denie area61 but we know it reall exist so i think aliens do exist^^


I believe that they exist, there are so much possabilities that a planet like earth formed etc. but aliens does not really need to be smarter than us or something, they might be only smart like monkeys etc. maybe a little more advanced, but anyway what I don't believe is in UFos that they are flying here in earth, imagine one thing if we would be so advanced and would have a space ship and would have found a planet, we would land in public not to the goverment of somekind ? etc. so yeah i believe in aliens, but i don't believe that they already are here among humans.


...I could be an alien....I'm not...but I could be...But yea all the conspiracy type stuff about aliens is kind of rediculous. Do they exist? I believe so. Did Farmer Joe get taken aboard a ship and anal probed? Not so much, he just ate a few too many paint chips as a kid


:P actualy there is a big chance that aliens realy existimagine there are millions of galaxies, each containing millions of stars.!and most star might have a planetary systemsso there may be somwhere in this infinit universe life( it can be microscapic) realy exists!