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HI all,

This is what my plan is... We've got hundreds of posts on good graphics and design site links all spread across multiple posts, some of which just age out and fall to the bottom of the list and then there are reposts on the same topic again. My plan is to come up with some such good lists with contributions from all of you.


But instead of having the links spread across multiple posts or replies to this topic, I'll merge your posts into ONE BIG POST with all the links presented serially - making it much easier for our readers to find out...as well as avoid unnecessary repeat posts on the same topic every second day.


FLIP SIDE: Your post with the links won't exist as a separate post in your name - but will get merged with this post I'm making in here...

BUT, I'll make sure that DUE CREDITS are provided beside every contributed link (name of the member, date posted etc).


Besides we'll have someone to check the validity of these links on a regular basis and make sure that the removal all dead links happen on time...


Anyone whos up for this - start posting away here with all your might Those who have posted groups of good links earlier in other posts are also welcome to contribute them in here again, as this is going to be ONE BIG COMBINED & COMPREHENSIVE LIST... Look at it this way - you'll never have to carry out extensive search on all the forums or wade through thousands of posts to find the links that you need the most - imagine the amount of time and trouble it's going to save you up on.


Before you post though, make sure you understand the rules.. Read above.

Looking forward to your contributions...I'm going to PIN this topic, only after I manage to get some good contributions from all of you and have a decent enough list ready... So am counting on all of you... Cheers


I also found this similar post by Noel. He kindly gave me permission to merge his post with mine.


P.S. I'm going to try start maintaining such lists in all the forums where it's applicable.... Help me out here...


Here are the Links...


Link(s) submitted by ndhill

I thought it'd be a good idea to put together a list of some links and online resources for digital artists, as there seems to be a number of us here. If any of you come from a fairly artistically traditional background as I do, it can be tough when trying to figure out how to take full advantage of the internet as a means to get exposure for your own work or just to learn. Believe me, there are tons of avenues out there for each; Some good and some bad. Please feel free to add your own two cents if I miss something.


I'll start of with my favorites. Again, feel free to add your own.


CGChannel is a great site with a huge wealth of articles, artists interviews and even galleries where you can show your own work. They host everything themselves. It's just a matter of selecting your work, sizing it appropriately, and managing your own online gallery. It's sort of like deviant art and GFXartist, but a little more classy.


CGNetworks is another good one. At first glance, it may look a bit like CGChannel but it's more centered around it's forum and direct interactivity between artists. It's standard for quality is a bit higher when it comes to the work that's displayed. The tallent displayed there is truly humbling. It has some great articles as well, including news and behind-the-scenes glances into how digiatal art is applied in various industries.


sijun is an oldy but a goody. Seriously, it's been around longer than I was even aware that people used computers for art. It's pretty casual too. There's a healthy mix between pros and novices.


conceptart.org is definitely worth checking out everyday. (thanks for reminding me overture) I can't believe I forgot this one considering that I've been posting there since the first day it went online. I go by the handle, "Exo" over there. The level of talent and discipline shown here is not only applicable to digital mediums, but traditional as well. These guys make your video games. They make your movies. They all-out rock. Did I mention that they were talented?


GFXArtist is pretty decent as well. They offer gallery space but you have to host everything yourself with all the proper size constraints. I used to maintain a gallery there in it was a bit of a hassle mostly because I'm too lazy to make sure all my hotlinks worked. Again though, you can interact with amazing artists and they can give you feedback for your work.

Link(s) submitted by szupie

    Blender, the open source software for 3D modeling, animation, rendering, post-production, interactive creation and playback (see the features and screenshots). Available for Windows, Linux, Irix, Sun Solaris, FreeBSD or Mac OS X under the GNU Public License.


    I have never tried it, but Blender might be good.

Link(s) submitted by firedoor

i use photobucket to host most of my pictures. It isn't the same as most of these but it's useful to post your work on websites that have limted or no picture attachments.

Link(s) submitted by overture

I found this one recently. It is a great forum with lots of great digital artists who show their work from basic sketches to full coloured versions.



Link(s) submitted by Silent Soul X on 17th February, 2005

Greycobra - everything to do with graphics designing

Project Angel - nice range of php tutorials and bryce

Stealth Designz - Nice range of tutorials

Shiver7 - Very nice website with flash, ps, bryce, cinema, 3d max, php tutorials

Bluesfear - Variety of tutorials and a good graphics design community

PixelFull - nice website, some good tutorials


The obvious tutorial websites: (mainly search ones)

Pixel2Life - The best list of tutorials

Good Tutorials - nice list (only for photshop/imageready)

Photoshop 101 - another good list (mainly for photoshop)

Tutorial Outpost - nice list (not quite as popular as some others) - contains Photoshop/imageready, Flash, 3D max, Illustrator and Design Resources


General Web Site Developement Sites:

Websoup - a good website for Website Developers


Other (free script, templates, shoutboxes, etc):

Shoutmix - free shouboxes

Zymic - it has tutorials and more, but most commonly known for it's awsum templates

Hot Scripts - a massive range of scripts for websites and other uses ranging from php, flash, python, asp, cgi, java, xml, C and C++

Link(s) submitted by Xevian on 17th February, 2005

http://www.hugedomains.com/domain_profile.cfm?d=therisenrealm&e=com(They have lots of tutorials, or at least the links to some others)

Link(s) submitted by SingleDaddyof2 on 17th February, 2005


Thanks to all of you for your great contributions, especially Silent_Soul_X, Xevian & SingleDaddyof2 who hold the credits for the first and foremost submissions to get the list rolling and gave it, it's present shape. Presently I'm in the act of combining all these links together... Drop by sometime soon - it'll be ready and pinned to the top of this section As for the rest, the list is still open for your cool submissions...

Thanks again...


Came back to add in more. ndhill had already started a similar thread in another forum earlier. He kindly gave me permission to merge his post with my and come up with even a bigger list. You'll find lots of other useful links in his post - both by him and others.. Since those posts were made earlier than mine, I've moved them up at the top of the list... This list is getting to be really cool.. It's still open for more such great contributions... Thanks to all of you for making it a big success...




Actually, MS^E, the one you quoted of me is one that I found out from Dyth from the Animation forum. Just wanted to give him his rightful credit.BTW, now I know where your signature about the universe came from!


http://www.gettyimages.ca/landing/unsupported - is an excellent site for images and graphics.. you have to be a registered member to used non-watermarked images... the images are of very good quality and are suitable for magazine printing... Since I do contracted marketing, I tend to require a lot of images and graphics relating to a wide spectrum of verticles, to be used in making presentations and proposals, even while working on customer reach programs.. the quality pictures, most submitted by individuals really have been useful in upgrading my work output.. do check the site out..


I have just discovered this thread today, here the links I bring at the moment:


Site design



Best browser statistics



Web site templates




HTML Tables vs. CSS



CSS Tutorials








PHP & MySQL Tutorials















XHTML Tutorials










Web site submission







Stock photo image links (as a designer they are my work material)

Stock xchange thousands of FREE high quality photos.

Morgue File - More free photos.

Istockphoto Professional stock photos from U$S 1.00 each.

Big Stock Photo More photos from U$S 1.00 - 2.00


MissPato.com Inspiring websites.

Zen Garden The beauty of css design.

Cool homepages Get inspired.


personly i use http://www.leejoo.nl/ this one is quite amazing.
also i use dreamweaver, this program rocs. never used a betterdesigning program before.



// snipped //



Okay, I only have one stock image site to add, but this one is HUGE and has always been a big help to me when I want to find freeware graphics I won't get yelled at for using:



http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ resource of fonts to downloadReplying to bnbrown-reply by Peter