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Browser War! Ideal Browser for Web Designing

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Hi all web Designers,As we know a site Designed may have different look in different browsers, so which browser you consider as a standard for webdesigning. Caste Your Votes Keeping javascript, Flash, CSS, Transparent support in mind.CheersArunkumar.H.G


Because most of people use Windows And Default IE as webbrowser.


You appear to have forgotten my favorite browser, Safari. It is the browser packaged with Mac OS 10. It is the Apple company's first foray into the world of browser and in my opinion it is very well done. It is simple to use and very useful. There are still a few bugs being worked out, but that is only to be expected. Unfortunately you can only use it if you have a Mac.


Sorry Buddy,I Included The Most Used Browsers and " Safari" is in still Primary Condition, Once we have a full matured version of safari with most of scripting support we will consider it. Sorry for Not including Your Fav Browser " Safari". Once Again we will Conduct a new Poll when Goole Releases its "Gbrowser" then we will compare all browsers. CheersArunkumar.H.G


my website is designed for firefox, after I adapt for IE because IE use many thing witch don't be the standard. Moreover, firefox exist on windows, linux, ... so my website is compatible with many os!!!


I use Maxthon T-T but nowhere to vote...


Let's try http://www.maxthon.com/


excuse me. What's Ice? I haven't heard this before...


I would have to go for firefox, If you get it right on firefox just about everyone on the net can view your web pages. I have come across many sites that have been built on made up code using IE and I dont even bother to switch browsers its just one less visit for them and I can find what I want elsewhere.


FireFox R0x(Rocks ^_^)it's Open Souce, the extenstions are many and useful, the handling of the page, with Html errors is better than IE, and pop-up, activex are controlled..Then, On Linux..IE,...LOL


well, being that the original question is what browser do you web design for...i'd have to say IE. Majority of the population of online users still use Internet Explorer. I think web designers should always base a layout on the browser that is being used the most...the browser i prefer, however, is mozilla firefox.


Im afraid I cannot vote any of those browsers because I use Netcaptor. It is a widely used browser. I have used firefox, but you cannot seem to get plugins for the websites as they dont have a site with plugins set up yet. Netcaptor has almost all of the things you have used, so far I have not seen transparency. The thing I truely like about netcaptor, is that the tabs are on the bottom of the browser, wheras all the others have it on the top. I think you can move your tabs to the top altho I prefer it at the bottom. They have both free, and paid versions of netcaptor.. http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ if you wish for more information ^_^


I use firefox because of it's wonderful CSS capabilities (especially over IE).Such as rounded borders, correct box model handling and the ability to handle fixed containers.


Firefox. Definately. IE leaks ridiculously. I used to use Opera, a few years back, but never really liked it.


I use Opera for it's speed and tabbing, so naturally I create all my websites for this. I then adapt them so they still look good in IE, FF and Mozilla (whcih is as close as I can get to testing it on a mac browser). If anyone creates pages and tests them only in IE, please don't. It is:a) very amatuerishb) damaging to the web standards projectand c) really anoying to the countless people like me who do not use the popular however sh!t browser IE.and for those selfish people who don't care about any of that and need yet another reason to adapt their pages for more browsers,d) it discourages alot of potential veiwers of your site like me!


I think Mozilla or Firefox is the best bet for browser compatibility tests. You can test for IE, and i suggest doing so(because it breaks stuff due to its crappy design and lack of updates for a while). That being said, Firefox or Mozilla both use the same codebase for mutliple platforms. Building a site that looks good on them should look good to most people on most OS's. If people still DEMAND to use IE then just load a page saying go get firefox and make em download it.


ok, first I want to say: do not use Internet explorer! The IE is really bad when you compare it to the others! I used opera for a long while...its the best browser you can have, except that some site are not displayed very well...and for example you cant use opera for gmail!So I changed to firefox which is just great! Its the easiest and simplest browser! It so good, you have to try it. why using the IE when you can get a free firefox??


I would have to vote for IE. Its compatable with most websites, in fact I have yet to find one its not. But its fairly secure and well made. Though I have only used Netscape other then IE so i can not say anything about the rest of them. Though I have heard about Firefox from a few freinds but I won't test it until I get my personal computer back.


Although I use IE and Firefox side by side, I prefer Firefox because it is standards compliant. I look forward to the day when exclusive Firefox users will outnumber IE users.


Hi all,Any one tried to Design a Resolution FREE Web site (means Website Remain same in all Type of Monitor Resolutions)?, IE and FireFox Gives Totaly different Response to this approach.Any solutions...?Arunkumar.H.G


Hey, i use firefox but designing pages for one browser type, and then adjusting them for others doesn't seem like a professional approach to me. Basicly i found that pages validated with validator.w3.org have a 90% chance of showing up correctly on all browsers. I think it's better if you start with a generic desing, and after some time, take a look at the visitor stats of your site and see what are the most used browsers, and optimize the site for them. You can also try a scripting approach(i.e. php script that returns output according to user agent, but that's time consuming and few will appreciate it)


Anything but IE.It can't render pages correctly.Do an internet search for "box model" and I'm sure you'll find lots of debates relating to IE.I personally use Firefox becuase it's uncluttered to gives me a lot of page viewing area.

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