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Depends on the Girl... if she expects you to text more or always texts or something, then you should text alot everyday but if she doesn't... keep the same track of what you have now.


:P....if she is your friend u can text her more..but a lot depends on the girl...what she thinks about u..what is her answer to the question why are u texting her?whatever...u keep texting :D :D


I rarely text my friends be it girl or boy. Because i seriously hate the idea of keeping in touch to be a good friend. I'm of opinion that you should let your friends be free instead of constantly chasing them on web, text message or in real life. result of my this way of life is that i have plenty of friends but no girl around as girlfriend. So you need to understand what to do to win a girl. winning friends and girlfriend is entirely different.


Texting a girl once every 4 days isn't much, so I don't see what cold possibly be wrong with that, unless it's someone really wierd, like Obamas wife or something. Whether its a girlfriend or just a normal friend, the rate of texting that you mention sounded alright. And seriously, if it was your girlfriend, should you text her more?I don't know. If you want me to answer your question in greater depth, perhaps tell me who the girl is? (like... your relationship with that girl). But so far, I dont see any reason why you should be freaking out. :)So relax.


I never like the idea of texting and even calling someone. I usually visit that person and talk with her even if it is out of pure nonsense. Most of the time, I just visit her with no idea on topics that we need to talk and then just tell her about my "great adventures" going to her home which sometimes included giant ants, killer spiders and mutant insects which was being told seriously. The catch was, all my friends know that I will tell random nonsense while smiling but not when I am serious. If she believe some part of the story, that is where I will laugh.I was building open conversation with her, teasing her at time when I think she was serious or a little down with emotions. I make her smile. This build more interaction and you will be an integral part of her life that she will soon expect a visit from you. Just don't overdo that visits, girls do want time being alone.The only time I don't visit is if she live more than 50kilometers away. :D


well it depends who buys your phone credit. If you are friends or are a wierdo. Is it like You text then you reset the clock with the aim of not texting before the 4 day limit. I mean i think that texting a girl is like a phone call. If you call each other every friday and chat thats cool but when you say every four days it makes me ask what happens every forth day have you a count down time is that when her husband leaves for the four days supplies and it the only time you can sneak a text. I dont know really what answer you wanted but then you have asked a strange question although I see a lot of people have given valid answers and it alright but why would even friendship have a 4 day in between counter if you said we just text a san when we can be it daily weekly or year just when we can I would understand but it seems like maybe you wanna text more but because your counter hasnt expired you cant.


Every four days is not that much, so you don?t have to worry, if the girl likes it, go ahead and continue with it if she does not then you are lost man, It basically depends if she is responding to those messages or just ignoring them, I usually don?t text that much I rather call to say hi or meet the person personally, but I see my younger brother texting 24/7, so four days is nothing.I do have a problem with the way social culture is moving, like everything has become so impersonal, you use facebook or the cellphone, and sometimes you even see people in a social meting chatting with their cellphones oh goshhh that is annoying is like go and lock yourself in a dark room it is horrible.