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Addon Or Parked Domain?

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Hi...Sorry, bad memory.Um.... if I want to use a domain that I bought on a site, what should I put it in, in my c panel?Addon Domain or a Parked Domain?Because I'm kinda confused now, and I'm not sure what I'm meant to do.And if possible, can someome tell me the difference between a parked domain or a addon domain?Thanks.:)Nameless_


Hi there don't be silly loads of people forget the difference. With websites its all trial and error. We always get asked this questions here.

Parked Domain

You have two domains mysite.com and my-other-site.com.

mysite.com is the domain of your website and you want to add my-other-site.com.

You want them both to go to the same place. In other words, when someone types either http://www.mysite.com/ or http://my-other-site.com/ they will go to the same page(s) on your website.

Add-On Domains

You have two domains mysite.com and my-other-site.com.

You want the two domains to be totally separate/independent websites.

Hope I helped you out and you understood buddy.


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oh wow. hi nameless!very simply, you will always have a main domain or subdomain attatched to your website. if you buy another domain, then you can park it or use it as an addon. if you park it, when you type in the url, you will be directed to your main domain. if you addon the domain, it means that when you type in the url, you go to the actual site and you are not directed to your main domain.in other words, if you don't plan to do anything with your new domain, park it. if you DO plan on using it and make a new site, don't park it and use it as an addon. when you do this, a seperate folder will be made in your public_html folder. that is the folder you will use to upload your files to your new domain(ie index.html etc....)it will look like a regular directory folder, but it's actually for your newly created domain. glad to see you! i miss your questions! haha


glad to see you! i miss your questions! haha

I was gonna ask whether anyone has seen anwii on the forums lately, but I thought that that would sound a bit too desperate, so I didn't. :P
Nice. :P

Its because the problem is, my site got taken down, because I used a free hosting service, and they had really crappy service, but it was my first time and I didn't really know about it. The company then changed owners, and all the sites got taken down, which meant I lost half of all my philosophical blog posts (I got really sad about that, cause that really took some work - one post every two days), and my email stopped working after that. :/
Now, I just want to get my email working again, and thats the main reason for this, so I found another good host.. (also free, because I don't think I will be able to keep up with the posting at Xisto for the following years as my life would be extremely busy then), and I don't know how to add it on.

:P But yeah.... And if I have time, I might just put some stuff as my site... but it won't be a blog because that takes too much time at the moment. :) Once I have free time again, I'll start being really active and actually do something useful. :)

Oh. And my goal is to learn programming for real this time, instead of bugging inverse_bloom (if you remember him) and stealing coding from drupal's pro members then changing it for my convenience.


I think you're looking for the "Addon Domain" function. This adds the new domain to your current hosting account, but allows you to make it a whole new site by adding a new directory / subdomain where the new domain files will be located