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Msn Messenger A Reply to all MSN related queries and posts

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Hello All, I have been reading a lot of posts on MSN messenger recently on forced updates and cant install versions, etc. (Novic i pasted a link to a version 7 for you that didnt auto update) well i have for all that are interested ALL msn version full offline installers, and when i am done, 'cracks' to stop auto updating. I will keep updating and checking this thread, so please past requests and questions on all things mesenger here and i will reply ASAP. Below are links to my megaupload account for all versions


As stated above i will post 'cracks' for want of a better word, to bypass the auto/forced update when i can. I will keep this thread active and check it very frequently to offer all manner of 'cracking' and customisation of MSN Messenger , and will post a link to my 'Aeren Messenger BETA' soon which is Based around MSN Messenger framework Kind Regards joshua EDIT: But if i may offer my advice as a programmer, although i do not believe in choices being made against our will, there are A LOT of flaws in earlier versions of Messenger, so the 'forced' update isnt so bad. but if your reasons are for compatibility, then i fully understand. Version 7 and previous DO NOT require a forced update. anything after that does, if it doesnt, you are lucky. if you are fond of a version post 7, the request i 'crack' it for you, or i can 'make' and AerenMSN Messenger version for you. Josh


Well sadly you post those cracks then the moderators will post you a ban unless they are legal in some way, which I doubt. Although it is a nice list, I would stick with MSN until 9 is done because I am not the only one in which MSN likes to keep on booting me offline after a period of time, which of course I find annoying, even though 9 is all pretty I candy the hassle isn't.


I agree with Michael. Just wait for MSN 9. Don't post cracks here. For all we know those "cracks" could contain a virus or another sort of threat to a computer. Why crack MSN anyway? It's downloadable, free, no limitations etc. Just get it from Microsoft or MSN.com. :D


Lol its kind of silly to crack msn its freeware, The only reason I would edit msn would be to get rid of the adverts. Its freeware man no need to edit :D.


hey you should try pidgin or yahoo messengerwhich are far better than man in yahoo you can also make voip calls for free and also you can have voice conferceningtry yahoo messengeror skype its also not bad


To be fair yahoo is TERRIBLE!!!The webcam part doesnt dock with anything, its a whole new window, so whenever you click the thing to type the webcam goes to back and you have to bring it up again, only to have it go to back when you need to type!It's laggy, slow, expensive on resources and IMHO cheap and tacky!aMSN aint bad, MSN is too laggy for me, i tend not to use it in fairness, i tend to talk to my friends rather than type... in real life....But there you go!