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How do you know when a girl likes you? How To Impress A Girl.

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How do you know when a girl likes you?How To Impress A Girl.

so how do you know when a girl likes you, whats the difference between a casual but usual flirt and something else that says something more. Some girls just flirt with anyone and everyone, so what other signs are there that a girl is interested in you. I'm looking for even the smallest gestures of interest. I just don't know how a girl hints that she's interested. Hopefully a girl will chime in with a nice list. Thanks

-question by irving



well it sounds like you are having problems noticing some really simple fitures of a female. first of all you should be able to tell if a female likes you by the way she acts around you(is she's not hiding her feelings). her body language can tell a lot as in for instance the way she sits ...is she pointing towards you.does she lean towards you.does she smile nonstop when she sees you.does she laugh for anything that you say or does she try to always get close to you.then if even one of these are correct they may be something there...even if none of these are correct then they still might be soemthing there becasue people do know how to hide there feelings and us as men sometimes dont bother looking hard enough

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Everyone is different but some main ones are 1.If they laugh at things that aren't funny when you say them. 2.They smile when they talk to you. 3.Some play with there hair while talking to you. There are tons of other things and if they don't do those things it doesn't mean they don't like you because everyone has a different way of showing someone they like you. Hope this helps.


What you're looking for are known in certain circles as IOI's (Indicators of interest)Here are some:If she plays with her hair, IOI.If she leans into you IOI.If she is holding your hand in a crowd and when you squeese she squeeses back/If she looks at you twice and then brushes up accidently against you while she is pushing / fighting her way to get to the bar (in a crowded venue), it's so on.Playing with hairLooking at your lipsOpen armsOpen PalmsTouching herself.. (brushing her clothes, straightening them etc?)Tilting her head when speakingPosture is facing towards you instead of awaySmile?s a lot while your talkingLaughs at jokes that aren?t that funnyAsk you questions about things you may have said previously in conversation.I know what it's like, if a girl is into you are always the last to know... Heres a fun gambit.IF you are deep in conversation and shes doing the above^ say 'do you want to kiss me?'THIS IS WIN WIN WINIf she says yes: you kiss her.If she says maybe: you say lets find out, and kiss her.If she says no: say "I didn't say you could, it just looked like there was something on your mind"Also if she says no it doesnt mean the game is over, it probably just means you're not quite there yet.


For me it's a good sign if she defends you alot when people tease or pick at you. Often when your in your social groups and such.I think that if she is also very interested in what you have to say and often wants to be around or near you it can be very obvious.Some of the more attractive girls especially the predominantly flirty ones are considerably more standoffish. If you show too much interest in them you could put them off easily. So its more of a fish and bait game with those types. You have to first establish a close friendship then slowly approach them with the idea of dating. Most of the time you really have to get to know the girl and establish a close relationship before they are willing to even consider a date.


how shall i say a girl i love you.How do you know when a girl likes you?

hi I love a girl. She was studing with me in school, now after 10 year we meet. At auto stand she is in hurry to her job. That time I am not able to ask a single word then only hi & how r u? but after 2 month I meet her again & with crough I ask her other details how she is how is her family & take her no also. On next day I call her on her cell flirt with her talk with her over 20 min. I also ask did she has any boy friend she said no I told her think about me she replied sure. & ask me we require to meet any day what should I do to get closer to her first & then propose her letter?

Please help me?

Thank you from my soul in advance!

-question by Rahul


how do I win over this girl?How do you know when a girl likes you?hey people, I'm a first timer at this but I really need help. There's this girl I've know for three months and I've seen her and me together since I met her. Shes shown I think a couple signs of her liking me but shes really shy and hard to read. I've taken her to my schools homecoming dance and me and her had a good time and ever since then I've been losing sleep over her. I'm still not sure she care's but I want to find out, how do I give her some hints without "throwing all my cards on the table" and telling her I love her.-question by Hank Williams Sr.


Can any of the girls try to give me any advice?How do you know when a girl likes you?I'm in 7th grade and 2 girls might like me but I Cant tell but the one girl Dana when I'm not looking she she always goes into sort of a daze and smiles when I turn around or look up she stops smiling then starts sort of biting her lip and twisting her hair around her two fingers and then the other girl Emily I only see her in the hallways but whenever I do she's about 50 feet behind me then she starts running when she see's that I saw her and then stops when she's right next to me and in math class everyday she always stares at me while smiling and then when I look up I see her then I start smiling then after a minute we both start laughing and when they see each other if I say hi or hey to the one or the other the one that I did'nt say hi to they pretend to get mad at me and then 20 seconds later after I sit down the one that was "mad" at me is staring at me and they both know that they both like me WHAT DO I DO?-question by Clayton Rickard 3rd


You will know if a girl is interested in you if she likes being around you, likes to look on you or at times when your eyes meet hers she suddenly smiles or blushes. There are several signs but its totally dependent on the type of girl you are dating. Some girls do prefer for you to approach them first and it becomes a problem when both sides are shy hehe. Nobody knows who should express their feelings first XD.


Usually i think eye contact plays a big part in being able to tell. If you look into each others eyes, i don't think you need to be a talented mind reader to begin getting an idea. Usually i will refrain myself from making any such judgments too quickly because I'm always cautious not to give unwanted attention.


If a girl likes you, she will laugh alot when you talk, she would look straight into your eyes and sometimes nervously look away. She would smile at you and look at you when you are not looking, (although this is hard to tell.) Maybe compliment and tease you a little. Try and seem interested in what you are talking about, ( Even if she's not!) She tries to keep past relationships out of the picture. She should sit next to you in class and whisper to you throughout the block. I should know all these things because I am a girl, and even I will admit sometimes we are very hard to get/read. But don't worry, most girls like it when you make direct contact, sense of humor, talking skills, being yourself. That really is what most kind of girls want. Hope this helps!

-reply by kk4950


she will stare at you when she thinks you are not looking and try to get closer to you or having your attention a very chance she has

-reply by adrian


how do i impress my bfHow do you know when a girl likes you?

I love my bf a lot but do not get an equal reaction so how can I make him mad in my love.Every time he expects my call but never calls me back. Gives more importance to his family and friends than me.He never gives privacy to our relation ship.Gets angry on small issues and always takes my words in wrong way. How can I get him attracted towards me.How can he love me more than me.He dosent give time to our relation ship. So please help me. I will be very greatful if u suggest me an good opinion.

-reply by monika


how to purpose a unknown girl?How do you know when a girl likes you?

I have a question.The question is before some days one girl meet me in city bus.She hold my hand and asked some question I tell her abt me.But when I put down from bus she didnt call me.

whats the reason?can u help me?

my other question is?

when I journey somewhere most of girls looks for me again and again?but I cant do to purpose her.I don't know whats I think?

any girls can help me.

      I m Ravi from Jaipur,Rajasthan.


how do i know if a girl likes me?How do you know when a girl likes you?Hi there.Um I'm in 5th grade in elementary school and thees this girl in 6th grade that I kinda like so we only see eachother in recess so how could I know if she likes.Also ive seen that she sometimes looks at me and when I look back she turns away and shes nervious when I'm close to her-question by carlos444


I knowHow do you know when a girl likes you?

This is how I act.

1. I try to talk to him.

2. I look at him. A lot.

3. I act nervious when I talk, do stuff such as swaying, biting nails, messing with hair, saying um, anything you would do when your nervious.

4. Smile at anything that is a tiny bit funny, it's not that we are laughing at the joke, but that you want to share something funny with us, it makes us happy.

Also, to tell her your interested (signs that I would take) 

1. Try to talk to her, even if you are nervious, it shows us you care.

2. Be NICE! We don't like bad boys as much as we do nice guys.

3. Offer us stuff. Like gum or candy. It's nice.

-reply by Riley


I am a middle school girl and i can tell you some signs that a girl may like you:- she smiles when you talk to her :) - she looks at u in class (i know weird right!) ;) - leaves notes 4 u in ur lockerHope this helped!!!! :angel: ^_^


As being a girl myself, the way you can tell is if she is hanging around you, looking at you or even starring.


You don't need to worry. If she wants you , she would do something like smiling , giving you a gift , message or helping you.However , if she likes you (not *wants* you) , it may be harder to see. If you do like her , just say that you like her and see a response. Nothing scary , you will get a answer face-to-face :D


Ok. So I go to this kind of judgmental middle school where if a girl hugs you, she definitely likes you. If she leaves a note in your locker, there's absolutely no question. Boys and girls don't sit together at lunch unless they're dating, much less put their arm around each other. So any of the signs suggested would be considered "being obvious" at my school. Boys and are a little more secretive, and unless they stare or something, usually only the best friend knows. So my crush has known I like her for a while, and I don't know if she likes me back. She doesn't stare but she's usually smiling when I talk to her, and she brushes up against me in the halls (our lockers are diagonal from each other) and we flirt with each other a lot. Neither of us are really popular, we both have a clique of three to four friends. We're both pretty shy, and I don't have the nerve to tell her I like her. The thing is, today her kind-of friend told her she knows who she likes. So now I know she likes someone, but still, there are around 500 kids in my grade. If any girls here have been to or go to a similar middle school, could I have some signs that a girl likes me? Thanks so much!

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