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Is Human Evolution Stopping? Im not kidding dudes...

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Human evolution is a never ending process & it is not something which we are to decide, rather we all are a part of this. Have you noticed that we are continuing the evolution form in a very structured manner- various discoveries we have made have helped us change our ways of living. From stone age to metal age, industrial age to information age- evolution is happening. Who knows the mistakes we will make in the future will decide the future course of the humanity. Physically too- we are adopting to the environment we are living in. Unutilized or underused parts of the body are disappearing, such as nails, hairs, long feet, palms all are getting proportional. Our mindset has evolved from pray hunters to man of wisdom.Even when we will make grave mistake, will lose balance with the environment or come to the edge of disaster, evolution will be there to give a new form to current human life.


Evolution cannot possibly stop. It is chaos theory being played out in real time, and everything evolves and adapts to it's inner and outer environment.Evolution branches off into different directions all the time.As far as the theory goes, humans and chimpanzees have a common ancestor. At one point the genetic line split and humans evovled into humans, chimpanzees into chimpanzees.The ones that became human may have done so because their environment changed and it was beneficial to walk on two legs, lose body hair, think their way through problems.Whereas the chimpanzees were thriving being stronger, more agile, covered in body hair and with very good short term memory (actually better than humans). Their needs were matched and they didn't have to think as much so never evolved higher brain function. Chimps don't write books, sing songs, design pentium processors, fly aircraft etc.We humans have a huge mental advantage.The problem is now as organisms, will we self destruct? As we reach a critical mass, unless we clean up after ourselves, we will end up like bacteria in a petri dish. We succeed and multiply rapidly, then poison ourselves with the pollution we produce and everybody gets wiped out.Perhaps that is just the way nature goes.The difference between the bacteria and us is that we are aware of what is happening and can observe , communicate and present possible solutions to the problem at hand.We actually have a conscious input in the direction of human evolution.


well in my opinion there's no evolution, but only some kind of adoption to improving technology, which will make our head bigger and our body smaller. :P


Human evaliton is not over by now. It is happening in little by little in comming generations.The evalution is based on 'surviaval of the fittest' in age old days evolution was happening inlarge scale and each species has adapted to the existing enviornment(nature). Now the natureitself is changing(due to polutions) so we and all other species need to be get adapted to it geta new balanced life. In future there may be evolution of species which can survive in an enviornment with less 0xigen and more polution :P Evolution can never end, since it isa try of existance with the sourrounding nature and life


Evolution (all organisms) will never cease. It's a constant process. Everything will constantly change towards perfection. Of course perfection is never achievable so it will always change. And evolution is not limited to the organism, it may also be applied to the tools that organism uses. For those who are old enough to have tried using the typewriter, how different was it then compared to using the computer? And with globalization, interracial marriage is now ever so active. So we expect more diversity of the human species. Useful Asian traits added to Caucasians and all. So I believe Evolution will never stop. It might slow down for some time, but there will always be outside stimulus that will pressure a species (human or not) to change for the better. (What better means will depend on how you look at things.)


evolution isn't change for the better, it's change to ADAPT. evolution has nothing to do with perfection. i don't think evolution can ever "slow down". it is nature's process. i am also not worried as sheepdog is. part of darwins theory states the weakest wont last as long as the strong. i believe in it. a also believe that darwin's theory doesn't explains evolution to it's fullest meaning. just because one isn't "fit" doesn't mean one should not be born.


Alright, people. Why don't you actually read the WHOLE TOPIC AND ALL THE POSTS before replying. You're just repeating what has been said. I didn't say the actual evolution is 'stopping', I said - you know what, why should I freaking repeat what I said? Read yourself...Okay I said that we aren't becoming smarter as a specie anymore as we used to, and the individuals that wouldn't survive 'naturally', as much as I hate that word being used like this, survive because we provide them with care. And so the survival of the fittest to be able to bread is no longer in action in that part.That is what I said and if some new dude to the thread starts the same stuff over again I'm going to be reporting that as a useless post. Read the thread and don't repeat the statements that have already been stated.


This is actually a pretty sweet topic. A lot of it has to do us living in an artificial environment. We change the environment much faster than it changes us, thus drastically slowing down evolution. And when it comes to selecting mates, well it is pretty much true that there is someone for everyone. This contributes to what may be an undesirable physical makeup retaining its prevalence in society. What it boils down to is that as a race, we have little to no need to evolve. Maybe slight variations will occur, but not much in the way of physical attributes.


We're not evolving at all because we're using all of this new technology to "adapt and evolve for us".In case people haven't noticed, nature has been evolving since modern technology. We've gone way too far, folks.


when genes come together two form new combination there is a percentage of products that can occur from that set of genes. the offspring will then have a certain set of the charactoristics obtained from its parents. for example:in colors of plant, a white plant can be demonstrated as ww(white allelomorphs) while a red plant can be represented as rr(red allelomorphs). there is a 100% chance of the offspring being pink because the genes are "incomplete demenance"(meaning: the genes blend forming the medium of the two). this will hold true for most of the plants offspring but there will always be a mutation. something that connot be explained. there will probably be a small percentage of blue plants or something to that effect. these are called mutation. the environment determines what mutation occur and if they are viable for survival. if they are not viable they will eventually die out. these random mutation eventually build over millions of years which is then called an evolution of the organism. hence if the enviroment suddently requires for us to become super smart then we will; but over willions of years.


Is human evolution stopping? I wanted to first ask myself whether the theory of evolution was true. I don't know much detail about the theory, but it seems that it has to be true. So I agree that we can assume the theory of evolution is true.If that is the case, then it seems to me that human evolution is not stopping; actually, nothing is stopping its evolution. Because if evolution did begin, it must have begun from the very beginning, it must have been going on all the time albeit very slowly, and it must continue in the future. Everything changes in the world. The enviroment changes. Animals change over time from one generation to the next. Humans have to adjust themselves to the changing world. That is why human evolution is not stopping.As humans invent more and more new products and improve productivity, we live in better and more sophisticated lodgings, use better and more sophisticated transportation equipment, eat better and more sophisticated food, and so on ... We have the tendency to rely more on certain capabilities and less on some other capabilities. That is why human evolution is going to continue.


I wouldn't really say evolution is stopping, If anything it is speeding up generation after generation. The bigger our gene pool becomes, and the more we adapt to our changing environment, slight changes in our genealogy over time helps us adapt to what ever has been thrown upon us. So therefore, The more the world around us changes, the more we humans evolve to adapt and overcome any obstacles.

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