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my usb flash is dead! is there any way to fix? Formating Usb Flash Drive

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my usb flash is dead! is there any way to fix?Formating Usb Flash Drive

I think it is dead. Maybe I removed it unsafely. Or it damaged by viruses. I tested the manage on right click on "my computer" icon. It shows "no madia" on removeble drive. Also it can not format. It shows "insert the disk". But when I plug it on PC. The XP find it as a new hardware and then ready to use. The icon for a removeble is creat, but I can not open and format because of above. It is a cheapset 2GB drive. Is there any way to repaire it? help me pleas.

Q by amin



If the the USB drive feels hot at all then it is useless, of course it could be the USB ports on your computer and so if you already tied the flash drive on another computer and it doesn't work then you might as well trash it and get a new one. That is pretty much it for solutions on how to fix the USB since there is only two places were there could be problems with a USB flash drive.


Honestly is it worth crying over a cheap 2GB USB? I think that you need to count your losses and buy a new one, they cost US$5 which is nothing. Otherwise it may have been exposed to some water, if this is the issue, put it in a bowl of UNCOOKED rice overnight and see if it works in the morning, this will pull all the water out of the USB, although mine went through the wash and did not suffer even slightly, it is still working perfectly. Seriously though, buy a new one, it will cost next to nothing and all you can cry for then is the lost data...


Dude its just a USB stick its no the end of the world just buy a cheap new one :D.


It happened to me before two times. Basicaly there isn't any way to repair it. Just buy a new one and take better care of it. When you unplug it make sure that you safely remove it.


Well I don't really see making a topic about this, They are so cheap now I mean I can get a 12GB USB stick for ?5.99! I mean come on!

Alex Cicala

Try this program "Acronis Disk Director Free Trial". I used it too edit my partitions and I accidentally wrecked my usb, but fixed it with this: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/


Re: my usb flash is dead! is there any way to fix? - Formating Usb Flash Drivemy usb flash is dead! is there any way to fix?Replying to (G)amin Try "HP Drive Key Boot Utility". It has worked for some people with inaccessible USB drives (even if the drive is not from HP).



but what about data?my usb flash is dead! is there any way to fix?

Sorry for the late reply/question...

I understand that they are cheap but what about data-recovery?  Also, I paid around $30 for a 16GB - I know I might seem like a 'cheap-skate' but I have other questions.

Mine flashes for 10 seconds when inserted but never appears in WindowExplorer making most 'solutions' I've read here impossible (including reformatting).

We were planning on using this as a data-transfer method since out VPN is pretty slow loading blueprints but if the stick can 'die unexpectedly', this would obviously NOT be and option.

However, I still have data on ONE stick with no-one in the vicinity that will even attempt recovery.

Any suggestions?

Thanking you in advance,



exactly the issue. What about the data any way to save it? I highly doubt the chip is bad just a spot on the circuit board. I'm going to take mine to an electronics guy. I could care less about the 16GB drive it's the info I need!


Same here. Its not the cost of the stick at issue. Its the loss of the data. I have one that is completely dead, no light, no response, no recognition from any computer. Is there anyway to recover the data?


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