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Hi all,I was wondering is there a way I could make a field in a form that will take you to the address you enter in it?(in other words)Site: Xisto.com (go)and clicking go takes you to Xisto. I will explain why. What I have done is set up a page with frames, I've got all my most visited sites on the left, and I browse in the right, I want to make a frame up the top of the browsing window that will be like the address bar, Just to retain this framed setup. (I will put a google box in it too).Alot of you are probably wondering why, its for purely aesthetic reasons.Thanks all.


I am thinking that what you want to do could also be arranged by using your Bookmarks and the Browser address bar.Click on a Bookmark for your regular favourites and type into the address bar when you want to go to a different site.Not certain about using the Frame set-up. You know what they say about them... yuckies...


well I did find a script that does that with the exception of doing it in a frame


<script type="text/javascript"><!--function gotoURL() {var newURL = document.url2go.go.valuedocument.location.href=newURL}//--></script>

<form action="java script:gotoURL()" method="get" name="url2go"><input type="text" name="go" value="http://" size="50"><input type="submit" value="go!!!"></form>

However I did find an example of what your asking from this website https://www.irt.org/script/3.htm, but they don't provide a working example of it and so try them both out and see what happens.


html search by zip codeHtml Code Question

I am very new to building websites and have recently purchased hosting and website from go daddy.  I want my clients to be able to enter a zip code to locate my employee name, email, and telephone number.  I am using one of their templates and they said I must "code" it.  I am very confused.

Can anyone help me? I don't want to list every employee on my website but have their information pop up.  For example:

If I live in 61615 zip code and I am searching for a representative in that area I want to be able to put my zipcode in a search box and the representative information will pop up but not on the website.  How do I do this.

Until I can do this I cannot go further with building my information.  I am totally lost.


-reply by julie



Here's some some more simple code that accomplishes the same thing:

<input type="text" id="myID" /><input type="button" value="Go" onclick="document.location.href=document.getElementById('myID').value;" />


Hi!@iGuest (Julie)You cannot implement the search functionality that you are looking for with HTML alone because HTML is simply a markup language. What you should be using is a server-side scripting or programming language that can process the form input and can access information from a database. You could use either ASP.NET, Java, PHP, Python, or a wide range of other technologies so you would have to pick the one with that you think you can learn quickly and work with. There are tutorials available for all of the abovementioned programming/scripting languages and you can most definitely find a couple of videos on YouTube too.An alternative that you could use is to put all of the information that you have on the page and to show/hide the information based on the ZIP code that the user enters into a text box. Alternatively, you could use a dropdown list for the user to select from if there is a relatively small range of values that the user can enter.