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Usb Cup Warmer! Computer will cook too :-D

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thats really cool! i would have never thought something like that existed. but anything that can be done in this world has already been done by some crazy nerd in his bedroom!


USB Warmer is a good idea, but there are several risks:1. Can it short-circuit your system? :) 2. What if you accidently spill coffee on the warmer? Not replaceable, isn't it? :D 3. What if you spill it on your USB plug? Not usable, isn't it? :P 4. Could it be easily flammable? What if you forget to plug it out? Will it catch on fire? :D 5. What if you burn your hand on it somehow? :)


Haha that's totally ingenious. A cool addition to the desk AND practical.I think I might get one of those for my mate for Christmas, would make a very unique gift.


I don't think I'd want such a thing.I don't want to get fat.That's why I'd rather get up and get a cup of coffee.The way I see it,you don't want to use the computer for all tasks.Variety is the spice of life,after all.


I've got a usb blower, I don't think I need cup warmer, if I want to warm up my coffee I'll just place it on my laptop hahaha :PNow that they've solved the problem of keeping coffee warm, they can start concentrating in making a usb device that makes the coffee itself, and maybe an additional hydraulic arm that adds milk to it and sugar then places it on the cup warmer hehee :P :P :P


haha random, interesting idea, would be useful for some but not me... don't drink hot drinks, now if it was a usb drink cooler, that would be perfect for meAll these new 'usb' tools are coming out, the USB is practically the new 'power point' :P


Wow, reading these posts is bringing up a lot of things I didn't know existed.I guess it should be obvious that a lot of this could be made, and therefore would be, such as the rechargeable batteries via USB. I just never really thought about it on my own.I think my biggest issue is my lack of knowledge about USB and how it actually powers things. Some things plugged in can be powered, yet others emit power when plugged in instead.

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