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Site Not Showing Up On All Pc's Read Title ^^ :P

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Well, basicly my site isnt showing on all computers that try to vieuw it. Not http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ and any folder on the domain.The problem has occured on different computers, Mac's and PC's. Different OS's too... While other sites work fine on their pc's... Im a little frustrated cause of it. Is this a problem of the computers of those guys/gals or is it my website or is Xisto not compatible a full 100% with them?


looks like ur uni.cc subdomain has not been set up properly yet.... is it a new one? or was it already working before?


Lol it has been working since I joined Xisto and that was about 6 months ago :D So I dont think its that :\Btw your 1 member later then me :D


lolz didn't notice you were as old as me in here :D but that's a weird problem you got. i also have a uni.cc and it's working perfectly up to this time.


I got a uni.cc domain name too and it has been working fine for me too. Your problem is kinda weird as serverph said, but i think you should give it some time to know whether it will resolve itself.


Mine wouldn't work yesterday if that is any help ? I couldn't access the website...it was NOT the website's problem because my other domain on it worked...it was just the domain....Dont know what happened but mines back...maybe you like accidently deleted it...well it appears that it is not your domain any more so when you sign up for this domain again you wont get DNS because uni.cc is not doing it for a time .... :D