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Game Consoles Why?

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Yeah I hear that consolos are to some extent problematic you buy one and soon there is next one on the market and they stop programing games for the previous one.Solution here might be that games would run also on the new consol and on the previous one however with lower graphics and less modeling things. But you must also consider that they are financing themselves from the sales of those consols so as long market is buying one they will produce it as soon it becomes old fashioned and or competion puts out new product they will start working on new consol. Basicly all those things aren't that different one from each other. But I would suggest buying computer as you can change components as and how you like. You can change one component each six months or so and still have state of the art computer working that is playing all available games on the market.


The life of the game cube,x box, and ps2 has been lived long enough. If they made hardware upgrades for them then you would not have to upgrade as often but then the games would have system requirements just like a computer. So if you want to buy something that you will be sure that every time you see a game in a store and it says it is for your system then get a console and you will know that you will be able to play it.


Yes, I agree with above. And why do you need any game consoles when you have your trusty computer. And there should be patches for particular games that need them if they have a serious bug or something. Consoles need to be more flexible like computers or else they'll always be less popular than the computer


Game consoles are always coming out to stay ahead of the competition. If Company A released a totally awesome console,

Company B needs to get a better console on the market really fast or they will lose money. Companies need to keep

on innovating almost constantly to keep up with the competition. Now that companies are selling consoles at a loss and raising

the prices of games to make up for it, it's important that lots of people buy consoles and lots of games. Since some games

are made for more than one console, it's important that Company A has a better system so the game looks and plays better.


If competition was less, then companies would release consoles later than they would. They would also be sloppier as they

would be at a lesser disadvantage because there would be lesser competition.


You should be thankful that there is competition, as that provides a better product.


I've stopped buying most game consoles. Its ridiculous how fast they release new ones. I wont buy a PS3, and I may or may not buy a Nintendo DS lite. It does have its benefits. I can now buy games that are a few years old for $10! Old supernintendo games are now cheap and I can get another one for $20 or less. If these game companies keep this up, they wont make money from the poor, and they'll be messed up. Just wait when their stocks fall, then they'll listen.

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