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Messages Not Displayed On Search Results

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When i use search to search forum (even when i click "view new posts"), the list shows up but the links are wrong. As a result the link leads to the 404 Xisto page.

the links are of the format

if i take the parameter "&hl=" off the url. it works fine.


Take away the &hl= and then it will be fine...


fixed. :( thanks admins/mods. :(


Thank God! I know php :(


Keep the good work going admin. What will we do without you in T17? I am grateful to you for all your help and support to oall of us T17 members.


admins/mods, the "&hl=" problem is back again.... it returned when the last topic/last post mod was moved to the bottom of the page. i know it can be manually deleted,but it's just a waste of precious online time every time a post is viewed. hope it gets fixed again soon. :(


I also PMed Admin at YMs early this Afternoon (+8GMT), because I acn't Read the new post at the "Today's Active Post" Link.


fixed again. :D thanks admin! :D