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What Will Really Happen When We Run Out Of Oil A take from someone who has waste a lot of time reading on this

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Technology is making its advances at a consistant pace, and all the developments which we see around us can be majorly attributed to oil reserves which we have in earth's surface. The importance of oil in this age can be understood on two basice periods which we have gone through:Industrial Age: Oil was the greatest discovery for this period and it accelerated the development of the form which we see today. Alternate uses of oil fueled the growth and most of the foundation of today's so urban world lies in this age only.Post Industrial Age: The dynamics of new age depend on electricity for its energy requirements in usable forms. The increasing focus on the renewable sources of energy unlike the ones which are depleting such as oil is a major area of study, and this area is being focused duly with regards to our future needs of energy. Having developments in the energy segment, there are pretty chances that before we run out of oil, we will already establish proper alternatives to our energy requirement.