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Humanity Should Be Destroyed!

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There was a time, when the world was PERFECT. However, sin entered the world and one day you will get your wish, humanity will have to face judgment for its wrong doing. But that day could be a million years from now so You must make your LIFE COUNT! You cannot sit on your computer complaining. You must put your words into action and fight for your cause. For what good is a gaurd dog if all it does is bark?


I don't believe that mankind should be destroyed but I am sure it (we) will finally have the fate it (we) deserve(s). We have become something like a teenager on drugs doing bad things because he has time and resources... the drug of mankind is oil and all the free power it represents makes us think we can do everything and get away with it. Eventually it may kill us, may it be global warming or the final lack of oil and the depression it will mean, or we may stop using it long before that - which I highly doubt will ever happen until the last drop is extracted from the ground it was stored for the last few millions of years. Our own greed is the main enemy not an unknown meteor or the final act of an omnipotent God. Just like a teenager we are playing with fire and we may eventually get burned, but we may also learn a valuable lesson from it.I am a strong supporter of Darwin's natural selection. I believe that it applies even to huge cosmic scales. If one specie cannot adapt to its planet, to its finite resource, it will get naturally selected, by starving, by overpopulation, by war, or by a passing meteor (that we are incapable of destroying). But the conclusion of course depends on ability to do our best with what we have and not put all our eggs in one basket. Although we had the huge resource I was speaking about mankind hasn't taken a real interest in space - only while it had something to prove to its self. Once that was done space was forgotten - only the occasional rover or telescope peers its eyes to the universe. And I think space should be the final destination of mankind. Or who knows... maybe even time may prove to be no limit.To come back to the metaphor... that drug addict teenager might also survive, might get thought its addiction and learn its lesson. He might just reach to be an adult. We may get to see what is at the end of the rainbow. And I think wonderful things are there, just waiting to be discovered. But first we have to prove we are worthy of them.


you do know you are one of those humans don't you, i have nothing against humanity but i think we need to clean up our act but not the total distruction of humanity.

but some time in the future {hopefully trillions of years} humanity will die out and a new species will dominate earth just hope they are white and talk english and have two legs and two arms and not some subhuman species like another lizard or a Mammals that eats their young, humans make mistakes but so does all other animals on earth we just believe we are the only species of animal on earth which is the bad part of humanity.


Actually i don't think so too ! you know i always thinking about people destroying the world around them but i always ask myself one thing : isn't this world built for humans ?I think the goal of such a world built is to have humans living on it, so if humanity should be destroyed completely then i will say this world should be destroyed completely because without humans there is no goal left for this world and there is no need for such place to exist. so now the question is that when the world belong to us why shouldn't we destroy it ? the answer is clear, the world belongs to humans but humans are not just us, our childs, grand childs, ... are human too so if we start destroying this world we will start to destroy the place our kids will live in it and before doing anything wrong we should clearly think about this.I have done some research about why people are destroying the world without caring about their childs and i found some interesting information. if we go back to years ago we will find out parents were a lot more responsible about their kids compared to now, in these days most of the parents don't care about what their kids do after a certain age like 16 or so , some of them support their children up to college but nearly none of them continue their support for university and graduated stages, but if we go back many years ago we will find out that the responsibility of parents were a lot more and a lot better. this thing is going worse and worse and how can you expect people to care about the future of their childs 50 or 100 years later when they don't even care about it for a lot less period.Another thing that i find out is that people now are even destroying themselves, so how you want them to care about other peoples in future ? people now don't even care about themselves , they eat anything, do any job and don't care about their health. with technology improving and this speed of progress people in 50 years ago were expecting that human will live a lot longer 50 years later but now we see there is no improvement in average life expectancy and even it is going down in some places, so these progress and these technology have side effects which caused people to don't care about themselves anymore. if you search life expectancy in google you will find the popular chart showing the life expectancy of US during recent 50 years and it shows a grow of ten for this duration but if you think a little you will find out that the speed of progress in these 50 years were a lot more than the speed of life expectancy grow so this shows that there is a problem and needs to be solved ASAP before it is too late for next generations.So in this decade i shall say humanity should be rescued instead of destroyed. we need help and we should help each other to get a better life for ourselves and make a better life for future. for doing this we don't need to do a lot just start to care about little things we don't and start to see the things from different views. we should increase our responsibility against everybody and everything and the best place to start is to increase our responsibility first against ourselves and the against our childs. we should do care more and never say humanity should be destroyed and i hope someday we can see a world that is just a lot more beautiful than today.


Whoever says... "Humanity" must be destroyed... must "meditate" and spend some time alone. Give yourself some time to forget everything you know. Look at the little kids which are soo innocent and have nothing in mind about humanity. Your life was once like that.... remember. "think back... go back in time.." Try to remember your 1st grade... The time where you were still learning words so that you could express yourself..Now .. you can Express yourself. But ... I see you stuck at just one emotion. i do not say.. wat you feel is wrong... its valid. But give other feelings a try. It will help you to not give a **** about anyone ... n wat they think. :)You know... what you feeling is something.. that you do not want to feel days n days on.. There is a LOT out there in Nature that needs your attention and apprecition... more importanty, you - the biggest marvelous wonder that you can actually feel. Have you ever thanked your heart for beating day n night .. w/o rest and your brain thats keeping trillions of processes in order to give you that perfect sense of Human Consciousness - which you & me know is the most latest & advanced thing there is ... right now.. on Planet Earth! The best part is... Only We humans can read and understand the stuff I have written here.If you forget all the other humans on earth - You are your Own true God. I do not know if some God can make u clap for me for writing this post for you.. but you can.. If I request you to. whether your hands will clap or not.... its entirely your Decision... & then God's will.... :) so, please do not be serious about destroying life... unless we can truly create it. (the way it was .. before :P)i suggest.. you simply visualize and dream about the destruction - have fun with the power of dreaming - continue dreaming watever you want to.... and continue sharing it with us (thanks).


Not only have you failed to answer two simple questions, you have shown how selfish you are.

Dude, WHY WOULD WE WANT TO DIE???? Some people say "oh I totally agree" or "I just want people to die", and thats just weird. Imagine if those people that would die to "save the earth" were important figures, leaders, pacifists, hope-inspirers, or even you or your parents. We are not selfish, we just want to live our life in peace and harmony, and to the good guys who said no to killing humanity, good job! The rest of you psychopaths should really see someone for anger-managment counseling.


There are still other primitive societies and cultures that don’t kill each other, primitive societies who appreciate the environment and regard it as the source of their existence. They believe that their value is measured by how far they improve the surroundings and hence leave it in a better shape than they got it from their ancestors.People in such societies focus on their own their interests without overlooking the welfare of others. To hold a high status in those societies means to help and protect others.If humanity should be destroyed those people should survive.