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Alternative To Ms Paint lol a really good Alternative To Ms Paint

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thanks for sharing dude!! looking nice,will download it later.also tell me do you make user bars yourself or downloaded those from somewhere?


Call me odd, but as far as I'm concerned nothing can replace MS Paint. Paint is fast, on all Windows computers and is great for little things.I have Photoshop, but I still like to use paint for some basic things.


thanxxx man


It seems that none of you use paint. I'll have to be a bit different here and confess that i'm one of the people in the small minority that still does use it. I use it for the simple reason being that I don't really do a lot of imaging, I only ever take a screenshot or two or want to load something up really quick. The other programs seem to take quite a while before they load up. I find that Microsoft Paint seems to load straight away.Also, Paint must be the simplest program to use. I can't really see why you would want an alternative. I know Paint isn't the best, but I find that once you get used to it, it's great and you don't really need anything better. However, I suppose that if you're an imager and that's what you do professionally, I'd guess you'd want to go for a program like Photoshop that allows you to add effects to your images.I haven't tried the alternative Paint program and don't really have a need to, but if I ever do need an alternative to Paint, then I will come back to this thread and download that program :)

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