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End Of The World

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Exactly. Everthing ends at somepoint, and there's absaloutly no point in even trying to stop it. It depresses me to even contepmlate when I'm going to die, so I just tyink everyone should focus on living their life in the preesnt, and not concentrating on when it's gonna end, cause that's just gonna make them paranoid. I love life, and I don't want to ruin it by reminding myself that at some point I won't be living anymore *shudders*remember, everyone dies but not everyone lives...


I think that life is coming to a end in the next billion years but not the earth itself. The earth is solid and so hot it is almost impossible to destruct itself. But the life may end. For a few reasons.1. Global Warming - Going to get so hot we can't live2. Oceans - Ocean currents are slowing and ocean life is dieing already3. Wars - Were going to nuke everyone and were all going to be dead. And those who survived will be killed from thr nucular hazards. All these things could happen. Any of the things above besides war are already happening so it is likely sometime in the next 2 centurys life may start. It may be like this and we don't know. Life starts then 50000 years pass it all dies and it starts again. I think that this is how it happens. If anyone else has a comment tell me.


yeah i am sure that the end of the world will happen sometime especially with this increase in global warming all of the time, and a bunch of other factors that are only going to get worse. There has been so many theories though of when the world is going to end and i have yet been able to find one thats correct since we are all still here today. Especially that thing about the year 2000 i never did believe in that and i know that a bunch of people were uneasy about the things that they have heard with the computers. Even so i think that there will be something that will happen and its going to be our fault that it did happen.


Is the world coming to an end? Is there more pandemonium today than ever before in history?
The Iraq war, the Timor Leste insurgency, the Congo civil war, the Thailand political crisis, the Israel-Palestinian conflict, the Japan-NorthKorea-US tension, the Bird Flu, the SARS, the Hurricane Katrina, and, they all seem to point the world in one direction: self-destruction.

Why is there so much more fighting in a modern world that champions globalisation, peace and diplomacy? Why is there so much more diseases and natural disasters? Is it God, or is it us?

Coming to an end? No. Just another day in the world....yes! I dont think its gotten worse. I think that with the information age we are in today we just hear more and more about what is going on in the world. Most of what is going on today was going on in the world back then. The fighting in the middle east has been brewing for thousands of years so its nothing new. The muslim extremist groups today are no different then the christian crusades of the past. Like you hear a thousand times....history repeats itself.


For some reason, I beleive the Mayan's theory the most.2012, December...23rd I think. That's when they predict the world to end. They predicted that, so long ago. The descendants of the Mayan empire are vigourously trying to find a flaw in the equation. But they still have not. I think they are making a movie about it too. Hopefully before 2012 :lol:


off corse the world go to the end!!!!But first the people destroy that first..And the America is the number one... so seeHe are the first in atack the earth..in poluicionin the war and the atomic bombsin the war with another countrysand muths more


Is the world coming to an end? Is there more pandemonium today than ever before in history?...
Is it God, or is it us?

Firstly, thanks beeseven for pointing out that this is not the worst the world has seen. You've saved me some typing. :blink:

Well, if you believe it's God, then you might want to look a little more into eschatology (the end of the world and human life, particularly with respects to biblical scripture). But the pattern remains the same - with this kind of proselytizing the world will always be on the brink of destruction, and new pending dates will continually arise.

Apart from matters of faith:

We may play a role in the end of humanity, but I dont think the planet will be obliterated by human means so that no life will survive. My prediction is that we will (mostly) overcome obstacles to our survival. The world will end one day, far in the future, through natural causes. By that time we will have overcome many of the challenges that face society today so that we will have migrated to other places in space. (cue Star Trek theme :wacko: )


Theory 1The world will end if all the people discovered how to earn money online and all the people become rich and all the money will just flow around the world. Its just a theory but its still possible for all the people to become rich. When every country is rich, they will want to prove who is superior and want to wage war against other countries and if there is war, citizens will be the victims, lots of property losts, hunger, and other stupid guys will take the oppurtunity to earn by being a false prophet and sya to save yourself, join our religion. and poof, thats the end of the world.Theory 2(scientific one)If you will remember your elementary days, Sun is a star right? There are two type or process before a star die. 1. It will explode called a supernova and become a blackhole. If the Sun will explode, earth will be destroyed and all the planets in the solar system. Instant end of the world.2. Giant red to White dwarf. The Sun will become a red giant and the temperature will rise, The polar Ice caps will melt and it will become tidal waves destroying countries. If we managed to survive, the sun will become a white dwarf and the plants will die because they need the heat or light of the sun for potosyntesis and without plants, all the animals that ate plants will die, without those animals, all the flesh eating animal will die, without plants and animal, people will die.Thats my theory about the end of the world.


i sure hope not... these things dont end the world. but they could sure help the world end the way we know it.


Let's just say that the world isn't coming to an end in our life time although our calendar will stop in 2012!


As for the end of the world, I'm a Christian so we believe that the end will come when we least expect it. Along with that note, the bible that we follow also tells us that there will be a period of warring before it comes. (Look! Iraq...) I believe that the end of the world is impending, but we probably won't live to see it. Don't come and stalk me down if the Christians leave Earth tomorrow and many people freak out because of the rapture- it's manly a prediction. RIght now I think that we are predicting it, which means that it wouldn't come true because it wouldn't be when we least expected it... Lots of psycology going on there, huh? Basically, if you believe in God and know about the book of Revelations- it's spelled out pretty clear what will happen when it does, and I don't want to be ANYWHERE close...


For some reason, I beleive the Mayan's theory the most.
2012, December...23rd I think. That's when they predict the world to end.

They predicted that, so long ago. The descendants of the Mayan empire are vigourously trying to find a flaw in the equation. But they still have not.

I think they are making a movie about it too. Hopefully before 2012 :)

I went to the movie theatre last week, and as I was walking out of the theatre on the outside there is a hall and they had a movie poster of this movie you are talking about, I think. I dont remember it fully but since it was on the hall, I suppose it will come out some time next year, so I guess it will definitely come out some time before 2012

Dagoth Nereviar

It's simple. Humans live to destroy, and there's more humans than there were in the past, so there's more destruction(If someone has said something similar, then sorry...I can't be bothered to read 6 pages :) )


WE start wars as humans we all have different beliefs and as the end of the world thing goees i think if it does happen it will be because a nuclear war is started because i heard something like between usa russia and china theres enough nuclear weapons to blow up the world 17x over thats how i think the world would end if it ever does

Yratorm, LightMage

Let's stand back, well back, and take a more cosmic view of things.


I apologize deeply if my words offend anyone's belief here, but the gods of today will probably be dust a few thousand years hence, as the greek and norse and egyptian gods are dust now. And when, thousands of years ago, men bowed knee to those old gods, the gods that were before them were already history; and so we go back, back through the gulfs of time to some caveman cowering in awe and terror before the eclipse, the phoenix, that great bird of fire in the sky, a most ancient of all gods. And it is dust.


Gods come, and gods go. I do not say that there is no god, but I do say that if you stand back and look at things in time-spans of hundreds of thousands of years, the beliefs of any one time and place fade into insignificance.



Now, as to the end of the world.. I could point out countless possible negative outcomes for the human race, such as (on the simplest level) a comet or large meteorite striking the earth. But I will not. Let us instead, out of the millions of possible futures, pick out the strand that shows the greatest survival of the human race. Note that this only one future, one of very many.



In this future we have picked out, the human race does not die. The world of today is the DAWN AGE of humanity, and there are billions of years left for the human race on this world.


Let us now CHOOSE to see a future in which the human race evolves into brilliantly intelligent, brilliantly creative beings (already, even today, in this primitive age, in our fellow humans, we see fore-shadows of the greatness that is to come).


Forget the barbarism of humanity - we are descended from beasts, barbarism is our heritage.


But even today, in this dawn age, we are BEGINNING to GROW BEYOND the beast, to look upon the planet as something to safeguard; and there is so much innovation and creativity and art and science and yes, progress, in the world today. Let us look at and consider what is good.


Now for the future - in the future we have picked out, the human race grows, it survives, it re-fuels it's very sun, it reaches out to the stars, and then, when the final death comes to the universe, it creates a new cosmos and moves to it, leaving this dying remnant behind. In this future, perhaps just one future, the human race does not die at all, but survives the death of the very universe.


And that's a positive point of view. It may be right, and it may just as well be wrong. It's just one man's opinion.


the thread clearly states "End of the World"Extinction of humanity doesn't mean end of the world. It's not just a human world, we share it with other creatures. Global warming, nuclear war, waste, the list goes on. Well, that creates havoc to all organisms, including us. We all die, someone will continue living. Someone more fit to live in a world we call "destroyed". We'll have to look at bigger picture here. Humanity ceases to exist (due to self-destruction), the world will still be there for other organisms. We're just like dinosaurs, they dominate the world once and they're gone. That clearly will be the faith of humanity. How about the World? I believe it act just as a container of life, no not even just life but of things. It's a symbol of discontinuity and inconsistency in the universe. And as long as the sun don't die (estimated is 4.5 Billion years), the world will go on containing life and whatever it is that it can contain.


I believe diseases are good and natural. they control the human population - and they will never wipe out earth.


that is a very well put point. Were trying to save ourselfs and prevent tornados, weather patterns, diseases. These are natural and of course it is natural to try and protect yourself. This I believe in a flow in "god's" creation because to natural things are trying to go against each other. Of course the weather storms, ect, are getting worse because of pollution but thats besides my point right now.

As for the end of the world.. only time can tell and so far time has told us that alot of predictions are wrong.

Final thought: Don't predict the end of the world, enjoy it while you and it are here.


I don't think that the end of the world is going to happen because of God. If it happens then it happens only because of us. In the whole of the Web of Life we are the only ones killing other species for fun and to enhance our wardrobe(fur) and not helping.I mean first we destroy half the world with Wars, pollution, deforestation and then we teach our kids to say that this is all God's doing. I feel really bad for that person called God. I have heard so many people say that what ever that happens in the world is all God's doing. YEAH RIGHT, god never told anyone to have wars it is us who thought/misinterpreted his words.I think we should stop blaming everyone but us for what is happening and what will happen to the world. Besides why are we picking up useless points from our Holy books rather than points like "love thy neighbor" or "Thou shall not kill" I mean we kill drink, dope, abuse and then we believe that if we make a confession or go to church/Holy place then God is going to take us into heaven. I think we have already planned the Earth's destruction and I think like linekill has put a good point i.e we are not the only creatures that exist. Scientists have already predicted that after the "End of the World" a.k.a Ice age there are gonna be birds and reptiles and the only mammals that are gonna be present are apes and marine creatures. I think we should stop being self-centered :D and focus on improving on the present condition rather than worry about some prediction


i think the problem is religion. people need to stop beleiving in god. let me refrase....


i think the problem is humans are relying too much on a higher power (god) to help them through conflicts in life. such as wars. each side thinks that their god is on their side and that their god will hel them through anything right or wrong. things aren't going to fix themselves. if there is a problem in the world humans , in order to survive, need to step in and solve the problem and make a difference.


humans are very intellegent. if we were to all pull together we could make our existance last a long time. we could even stop the world from ending.... at least that is what i think.


I went to the movie theatre last week, and as I was walking out of the theatre on the outside there is a hall and they had a movie poster of this movie you are talking about, I think. I dont remember it fully but since it was on the hall, I suppose it will come out some time next year, so I guess it will definitely come out some time before 2012

after reading your post i researched a little on this new movie poster you saw on 2012. i acually really interested in this theory. i hope the movie that michael bay might be directing is good. i love michael bay films. such as transformers. anyway i found this article read for yourself. the thing with nickelodeon films looks sounds dumb. we need something that shows masive mayham. something to frighten the human race.



Another Movie About the 2012 Apocalypse -- This One is for the Kiddies

Posted May 17th 2007 6:02PM by Christopher Campbell

Filed under: Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Paramount, Family Films, Religious


https://www.moviefone.com/news/ about five-and-a-half years, the world will supposedly end. Don't worry, though, because it will be a lot of fun. That is the impression I get from Nickelodeon Films, anyway. The kid-friendly division of Paramount is making an action-adventure for the whole family that is based on the idea that the apocalypse is coming in December of 2012. Called simply 2012, the movie will be about a family vacation during that fateful month when, according to the Mayan calendar, and some UFO theorists, something devastating is expected to take place. 2012 will be written by Tom Astle and Matt Ember, and it will probably be directed by Tom Dey -- all three of whom were responsible for Failure to Launch.


This is the second movie we've heard about so far that has to do with the Mayan doomsday prediction. The first is an adaptation of Whitley Streiber's upcoming book 2012: The War for Souls, which Michael Bay is making for Warner Bros. Though Nickelodeon's 2012 should be much lighter in tone, I have to assume that the whole premise will still be a bit scary for the intended audience -- unless kids these days just aren't afraid of the end of the world as much as I was (and honestly still am). According to Variety, those involved with 2012 have some time before they'll be able to get started on the movie. Currently, Astle and Ember are writing the direct-to-video spin-off Get Smarter: Bruce and Lloyd Out of Control and reportedly Dey is expected to be committing to other projects ahead of this one. The trio better not take too long, though, because they're running out of time. In only six years, either the movie will lose all relevance, or we won't be around to see it.

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end of the world.....imminent phemenon that all of us need to prepare for.....for everything has its decay period after which it HAS to perish....the end can arrive ANYTIME.....noone can determine whethter its now or then......and frankly...no amount of preparation or repenting can save us because death comes to all..so might as well just let it come that actually prepare forwhat we cannot evade