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Air Power Cars We Can Save Oil And The Planet

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I know nothing about how cars work, lol. But I think if your idea were to work, it would be pretty cool.call me stupid, but if we can run out of oil, can we run out of air? xD


I'm sure there are a lot of great ways to end our need for oil.... But you must remember that today's world is built on oil. The economy of the world is based on oil. Everything works with oil (or a derived product of oil). If someone would say: "I've invented something that could totaly replace oil!" I'm sure the next day he will be dead. I've heard about the profits of the companies for the oil industries. Hundreds of billion (!) dollars profit every year. Many of them have a capital far larger them what most of the countries produce every year. In other words this companies have a far greater power then some guverments of the world. They run the world, not the puppets we call presidents and guvermentas. These companies will never let something or someone threaten their profits and power. Just like in the drug industry, where a complete cure is never good for the company. So for as long as there is a drop of oil left we will still use it. Alternative fuels will be used more and more, but the key parts of the world will still use oil.PS: Sorry for going off topic...


yeah. .i read somewhere on bbcnews about a company somewhere in europe designed a car that runs on compressed air. I'm pretty sure it also run on gas because it needs an external energy to recompress the air.Well, to be more realistic, car running on air is kinda a bad idea even though it works because as the pressure in the tank decrease, the power of the car also decrease. An alternative is of course, hydrogen fuel. Honda designed a home electricity/heat/hydrogen generator. The generator connects to your already existed gas pipe and use that gas to generate electricty and heat. And of course, the most efficient way to extract liquid hydrogen is to extract it from gas (you can extract it from water but that would require more energy, unless you could find an effieicent way to generate electricity from solar power but then why not use the energy that is generate from the sun instead). So soon, you would have your own power plant / gas station right in your house.

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