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Nintendo Remote

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Yes, the mtoion Wii Controller looks like an excellent idea. However, I like the PS3 idea better, they are having a regular controller, and it is motion controlled. So the Wii controller is good, but the PS3 is like that plus more

Gondero Werkus

If the PS3 is keeping with the same DualShock design then no it's not better, sometimes thing just have to change. After 10 years you need a new design in technology the same old same old gets old.The Wii controller is definitly a huge step in getting the game industry out of it's stagnant state of old games being replayed over and over again with new characters with the same goals. With Nintendo pushing for a more interactive game system I feel they aren't winning the console war now, but come the next systems (After the 360 and PS3) I feel that Microsoft and Sony are going to wish they had followed Nintendo's example. Because eventually people are going o get tired of the current stuff.

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