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Mice With Only One Botton At Apple, Finished. Compatibility with: MacOS X windows.

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I dont like windows, buut as it is compatible with most software, it is what i use.I dont mind macs, and frequently use them, but, i do miss right-click.infact, sometimes, i find myself trying to right click on them.However, i like macs, and although, if you dont use them much, the prospect of loosing the right click, may seem like it would make your computer un-usable. It does seem ok, and the way the top menus change to accomodate the functions of the current programme, makes it nice to use.one large dis-advantage for me, is that i like to design my websites to include right lick menus, and make thing work with right click, however, there is always a way round these problems.Im sure, if macs worked with as much software as windows, many many more people (including myself) would use them as their main computer.

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