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Which Do You Prefer Amd Or Intel?

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I've basically stuck to Intel throughout the years as AMD hasn't been as popular as Intel over here, making it rather unavailable. guess it has to do with marketing...microsoft.i have heard from my friends though that AMD has faster processors and it's prices are obviously more competitive!i know that a lot of people have problems with their AMD's overheating, especially people who custom build them. this has to do with the cooling system needed for an AMD processors. i read that generally they should have at least 3 fans in the box, providing ample cooling for the unit. now they've come up with the super coolent fan which only requires one and you give it a coolent injectant once evry 6 months or so to keep it in tip top shape.i'd have to say in my personal opinion that both are pretty comprable--just depends on what you do with them and how you load them.


Definately Intel. Purely because I have an Intel Centrino based laptop and it is so cool, no regrets and apparently the AMD laptop technolody isn't nearly as efficient as the intel. I could be wrong, it's just what I've heard.


My first computer was an IBM with a Intel 286 processor, then i had a Pentium 133MHZ, later a AMD k6 -3 450MHZ because AMD cost 50% less than Intel, and since this time i saw that the technology of AMD beats INTEL so I bought the AMD thinderbird of 1ghz, and then Athlon XP 1.8GHZ, but today's i want to buy low price laptop and INTEL have better options than AMD, for example in the Pentium M is a very good mobile processor, I know that the AMD Turion is better but it is more expensive too.kservice


Intel does seem to have better laptop technology, not only that but generally better mobile cpus which include the PDA cpus. They are completely dominating the mobile market with and I think they have close to 90% market share.Their better power management is also why Apple chose to switch to Intel CPUs from the IBM PowerPC CPUs.On desktop systems however, AMD's Althon series are more efficient. AMD can basically keep up with Intel CPUs that run at nearly twice the speed! That alone shows how advanced the Athlon architecture is. I find it odd that they don't do so good in the mobile market which has grown just as big as the desktop market.


Hi dudesd,ok i perfer AMD from a power perspective. Intel they are rippys, in teh news latley AMD sused Intel for briobing asian markets basically, because Intel hasn't had any new breakthroughs in teh personall PC procsssor indeustry, for god sakes they are still with Pentium 4, when they hooped from 1 to 2 to 3 in like 3 years.AMD on teh other had has made teh first 64 bit procssocr, even thought the computing world was NOT ready for it as, software wheren 't 64bit, after that Microsoft came out with an 64 bit version of windows whern they can do better but....Intel is ok for most but don't get AMD unless you are going to teh top of teh AMD line other wiswe stick with IBNTEL.yeap,jerryjmna


my choice: AMD


I prefer Intel. All my family's computers have had Intel processors and at least 2 of them are still working fine and they're 7 and 5 years old. We had an older one than that but we sold it so I don't know how it's still going, but the 2 we still have are great. However, I have a friend who has just recently been having trouble with his computer running on an AMD processor and it's only about 1 year old. So, yeah...I will say Intel because just from that, I think they are more reliable.I also hear that AMD give off more heat than Intel processors, and so require more fans or something to cool them. So, that's another reason why I choose Intel...they're more efficient.


I well prefer Intel. I have have not had many problems with it.


The reputation that Intel presents is amazing...Their Pentium Line-up is the most powerful ever...having recently purchased a new computer, my computer comes with an Intel Pentium D Processor with 3.2 Gigahertz Processor and 1.5 Gigabytes of memory and 300 Gigabytes of storage...but of course, this computer wasn't cheap! AMD is of a cheaper, more family-friendly group, allowing people with poor income to purchase. Not to say that AMD is worse than Intel, they get just as much money as Intel, but they sell more chips. Their chips are less quality, so it doesn't cost so much to make, reproduce and manufacture them.

But, that's just my view on Intel and AMD...



I prefer Intel, even thought they limit you on overclocking.........I have an intel mobo, and an intel CPU........for my custom built gaming rig (although at only 6 months old it's already outdated lol....which is why im buying some new parts over the next few weeks)


anyway tell me what you think!!!


Cerebral Stasis

I have to agree with the gamers here. Intel, from what I've been told (never used AMD, myself), is better for gaming, whether it be due to their processor builds themselves, or due to game optimization for certain Intel chips. Since I don't run servers or anything like that, I've never had a reason to try anything besides Intel, and I don't plan to, either, since it's walys worked very well for me (although the Intel CPU fans are weak and loud).

Cerebral Stasis

I have to agree with the gamers here. Intel, from what I've been told (never used AMD, myself), is better for gaming, whether it be due to their processor builds themselves, or due to game optimization for certain Intel chips. Since I don't run servers or anything like that, I've never had a reason to try anything besides Intel, and I don't plan to, either, since it's walys worked very well for me (although the Intel CPU fans are weak and loud).


I well prefer INTEL for workstations and gamestations.

Why AMD-MHz don't equal Intel-MHz?


Ever make this off-the-cuff comment? "AMD is only clocked at 2.8GHz, while Intel is at 4.0GHz! Intel is much faster." Learn why it's not such a good idea to say that in the company of those who know.


Full article about this MHz (AMD) with that MHz (Intel) on Geek.ChipGeek.


Some facts for gamestations on Intel components (from ExtremeTech)

Many of us are familiar with standard gaming benchmarks. Whether you're testing Doom 3, Half-Life 2, or Far Cry, most gaming benchmarks are made from the "Quake Timedemo" mold. They run through a sequence of recorded gameplay or simply walk the player through parts of the game, counting frames and time to give you an average frame rate.

This is good for benchmarking graphics cards because it provides repeatable and predictable results. Every time you run the benchmark, the same thing is displayed on screen. Eliminating variables introduced by normal gameplay is a very useful part of performance evaluation. Ideally, you want to eliminate every variable except the one you're trying to test (a graphics card or CPU, for instance), right?


The problem with these gaming benchmarks is that they don't test the true gaming experience during gameplay. When playing back a standard "timedemo" style recorded benchmark, many of the game's systems either don't operate, or function in a controlled, pre-determined fashion. AI, physics, and much of the core game logic are often disabled when playing back recorded benchmark demos. These are CPU-intensive tasks, and removing them from the picture can be useful in graphics benchmarking, but what if you want to see which CPUs perform best in real-world gaming scenarios?



In this feature, we'll be using a popular program called Fraps to measure performance during real gameplay in six different games across multiple genres. We'll look at how the games run faster and slower over time, and get into a bit of a discussion about "how many frames-per-second is enough." The point is to figure out whether Pentium 4 or Athlon 64 processors make for a better gaming platform, and to this end, we'll compare two CPUs that are easy on the checkbook

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never used AMD but still i prefer it over Intel. Intel got so many probes.


AMD all the way!/...man you can overclock the heck out of this. I dont like intel cause they're already got the corner on the market. What a monolopy!!. GO AMD!!!

Cerebral Stasis

I'd just like to point out that Intel is hardly a monopoly, and if they would become one, it would not be a result of unfair business practices, but instead by simply driving their competitor out of business due to the quality of their products/services.


Well I'm just about to recieve my nice new computer with a nice AMD 4400+ X2 core :ph34r: I hope it runs as good and they say it does :) I do lots of image and video editing and I find my current computer being so damn slow and buggy while running so many applications that are power crazy, so the 2x cores and the 2gig ram should help :P If you can't tell I really am looking forward to this computer and also, a little more on topic, AMD are the way to go for gaming aswel, another hobby of mine :blink:


Sorry AMD for the win. Fast processors at cheaper prices. Only reason intel is so highly priced is because of the marketing. You will never see a AMD on a dell commercial. The greatest way to compare a AMD and a intel is this. Intel - Covertte, fast car and it can deliver a person to the destination at a amazing speed.AMD - Bus, slwoer mode of transporation but in the end who will deliver more people? The corvette or the bus. By the way that analogie is the way intel and amd work. This is why a amd 3200 is acually only 2.8 ghz the 3200 is its intel equivalent. Higher numbers dont always mean better hardware.


AMD for sure. They can't be beat for gaming and my Opteron overclocks like made! I have essentially an FX-60 for only $240 that runs at 60C load on stock cooling. You just can't beat that! CAN'T!


I prefer AMD because AMD is cheeper and faster. I have AMD 64 3000+ and of course cpu is overclocked. I cannot image having INtel CPU in my PC. mY amd is cooler and quieter.Intel should bring Pentium M arhitecture to detskop PCs immediately.


I prefer Intel. I never have really worked with AMD. I have only used Intel. How is it faster? Is AMD really better than Intel is? How do you guys know this? DonSadarini, how does it manage to keep your PC cooler and quieter? I know, I sound like a total newbie, but I really do not no much about AMD.