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Microsoft Confirmed IE7 Compatible with XP and newer Internet Explorer 7 only for XP

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Microsoft's intention is clear. But why would everyone want to move to Vista so quickly? Everyone knows Microsoft is likely, (sure) to screw Vista up just like they did with XP in the beginning, so many problems and Vista isn't going to be any different. If anyone is considering changing to Vista for whatever reason, they should at least wait when the reviews are positive. But thankfully this isn't going to affect me because I am going to stick to Firefox because it is the best browser available on the internet.


I personally prefer Opera over Firefox, but I must admit that I will have to try the new IE when it is official.


IE 7? Firefox is still better :).Although I can't wait to see which is better...

Zero Ziat

I stay with Firefox whatsoever, I love it, and it is the rockster, will anyone FOR REAL try IE7?I won't. >_>;*Raises sign "FIREFOX!"*


I have no faith in microsoft anymore. they say that IE7 will be a better browser. a more secure browser. i'd say that within 6 months it will be plagued by the same sort of security problems the current versions have. I personally won't use it, and won't reccomend it to anyone. although i'm not one of those people who goes around and tries to install firefox on everyone elses computer.


I try it ones but i works aufull in my pc, it crashes, it was slow and i doent have nothing expectacular, only the gap system like the one of firefox


I think this is going to work awfully even in XP. Probably it will need a really fast machine to run properly. They should make a dinamic browser, like Firefox or Opera, but a lot of people uses Explorer just because it comes with Windows so Microsoft doesn?t need to worry. They can release an awful browser and people will use it anyway just because don?t know others or whatever. I only expect another mix of features of other browsers with a worse interface and slower running.

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