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i use LinuxMint and the latest version was just released and is based on Latest Ubuntu 11.04... has anyone here tried Ubuntu 11.04?


I have ubuntu linux running on my machine. I have VMware running on windows and under that i'm using ubuntu linux. I don't have the recent version because that way i have to use the net on vmware which i can't do. So for that reason i have disabled the vmware. Going to use it from virtualbox as it has less space than vmware. I have tried mint only once and after that didn';t tried to use it on vmware. I think ubuntu is good not sure why they decided to make mint fork. Is there any special about mint and has better things than ubuntu ? Debian is the root of ubuntu and mint is fork of ubuntu so it looks like there are two layers before mint. I don't know who uses such customized distros like mint. but looking at the stats of mint and the donations of mint, i think they're doing fine.


I have used Mint for a while and I must say that it works pretty well, I was even surprised that it's actualy quite popular (it you look at distrowatch). Then I switched back to Windows for a while (I have several computers, so Mint was installed on another one) and forgot about Mint.Lately I wanted to revive the old machine and decided to test some linux distributions, one of them being the latests Ubuntu. I must say I was disappointed like hell. It was the worst linux experience I ever had, it was impossible to install a decent nVidia driver (v96) on Ubuntu, instead it kept pushing the crappy nouveau drivers.Anyway, I installed openSuse now and I'm happilly using linux again


Linux Mint is the new Ubuntu! Up until release 9.10, Ubuntu was going strong. But after that somewhere along the way, Canonical lost their way and began to make things more complicated for users, while they were supposedly trying to make things easier! The mp3 codec problem has always haunted Ubuntu, and their new Unity interface which was forced upon users in 11.04 didn't help things. Now I hear that starting from version 11.10 there won't be any option for GNOME at all Of course users can still install and use GNOME, but think about the beginner users who do not know how to install GNOME on their own. The only saving grace in 11.04 was the fact that users could still boot into GNOME if they didn't like Unity. The lack of such an option in 11.10 is going to make things very hard for a lot of users to switch to the newer Ubuntu. In such a scenario, Linux Mint does come as a fresh whiff of air, although it is not actually offering something phenomenal!


as both previous posters mentioned, Linux Mint is more focused on ELEGANCE really... it's also quite easy to use with most codecs included which makes using it alot easier... what i love about Linux Mint is it's ELEGANCE... it's just well layed out and default themes are just plain simple and elegantwhen i first tried Linux Mint last year i fell inlove with it and decided to stick with it... it still is reliant on Ubuntu which is the main drawback but it has it's positive because Ubuntu is a well maintained and growing Distribution


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